I See Greatness Every Time I Poop

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Mirrors are amazing things.  We take their symbolic awesomeness for granted.  Every day, we stand in front of our bathroom mirrors and miss the greatness they’re showing us.

In some cultures, mirrors are spiritual icons.  They’re featured prominently in legends of all kinds.  In Japan, for example, the mirror holds a prominent place in many household shrines.  A mirror was one of three sacred objects given to Japan’s first emperor by the Sun Goddess Amaterasu’s grandson.  Mirrors in ancient Japan represented truth because they reflected only what stood before them.  They were a source of much mystique and reverence (being uncommon items) in that time.  Today in Japan they symbolize wisdom.

I used to not make that connection when I visit my bathroom mirror. Not any more. After doing my business and washing my hands, I look in the mirror and see the center of the universe, the creator, looking back at me. I know through my stories I create the world I want to live in.

When you look in your mirror, what does it tell you?  Does it remind you of your flaws, things about you that must be covered up or altered before you can comfortably greet the day?

Or does it remind you that you are the only one creating your life experience day-by-day, week-by-week, month-by-month, year-by-year into your glorious life experience?  Is your mirror encounter positive or negative? What stories does it reflect back at you?

Mirrors can inspire your best. Or they can evoke stories about yourself that trigger shame, embarrassment, fear, insecurity.  I wonder how many tell stories while standing in front of their bathroom sink which conjure the latter.

Telling stories that have us feel small and insignificant and fearful about ourselves is what makes us look outside ourselves, expecting others to come up with answers we need to feel good about ourselves, when all along, the answers lie in our stories, not theirs.

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