Ready To Meet Your Match?

If you’ve read our blog post about our match-making service, or if you heard about it from us or someone else, here’s where to get started. That blog post pretty much summed up how the process works. So if you haven’t read it, go back and read it.

If you’re ready to become a member, here are the steps. It’s real easy:

  1. Become a member. Click the button below to subscribe securely through PayPal.  Membership is $150 a month for transpeople, $200 for non-transpeople. This amount will be billed to you every month thereafter until you cancel your subscription.
  2. After you finish becoming a member, you’ll be directed to the page where you can register for the session of your choice. Sessions are available most days.
  3. Then simply follow the instructions in the sessions and watch your life transform!