Transgender equality: The civil rights issue of our time – Joe Biden

Live your life in joy

The Transamorous Network helps trans-attracted people who find themselves romantically and sexually attracted to transgender people to find their freedom and joy. We also do the same for transgender people of all persuasians.

Your desires and interests are natural and normal. And they’re special, because you are special.

The Transamorous Network guarantees the more you turn towards your desire, own it and live it out loud, the more you will find everything else you are looking for.

You are here to live a purpose. Part of the purpose is to express honest, authentic romantic love and in that expression you take you and humanity to the next level.

Transgender women: you’re unique in the historical context of humankind. Your existence is pulling humanity into a new and thrilling future. You’re meant have a joyful life. We offer opportunities for you to recover the joy that is naturally yours. When you do that, your search for love, belonging and everything else you’re looking for is over. You will have found all that and more.

Trans-attracted people: transgender people are worthy of your life and affection. Each of you agreed to having this experience before you got here. There is no shame or embarrassment in loving these wonderful people. Being attracted to transgender women doesn’t mean you’re gay. When you come to a deeper understanding of you and your attraction, you will effortlessly and easily meet the transgender person of your dreams.

This Network showcases a unique perspective on transrelationships with a focus primarily on relationships between cis-gender men and transgender women, and the transamorous male, but our perspective works for everyone.

There are many perspectives out there. The content here will not agree with a lot about what you read about the transcommunity, transgender people and the people who romantically love them. It will also not agree with many interpretations of traditional religious organizations.

Our information may intrique transgender people or it may turn them off. Thank goodness for diversity of opinion!

We are providing this information for those who resonate with it.

Many of us (all of us?) come into the world loving ourselves (self-love is our natural state). Along the way though, we lose that focus.

When that happens, our reality gets all out of whack. Then we begin seeking validation (love) in the external world, through others’ opinions of us or trying to please others. Overemphasizing their love for us over our love for ourselves, we make a mess of our lives.  Find love where it is most enduring – in our selves – and our lives return to the blessed state they were in the beginning. From there, finding romantic connections with others is easy.


About me:

My name is Perry Gruber. I could use many labels to describe me. That would make it easier for you, dear reader, to put me in a box.

I don’t mind being in your boxes, but I’m done helping you put me there. So, as a subtle service to you, and in honor of me, I’m going to put “me” differently.

I reflect who you are being. I stand here (although I’m sitting now) in your corner because I love All That Is. You are a part of that. And so I love you.

While here, on this beautiful planet, I’ve chosen to make the world a better place. I am doing that by creating a new global reality for humankind, by walking my talk through my own personal practice of self-exploration, and by focusing my energy – my gifts – to create content for the people for whom I created this Network.

Yes, transamory is something I bring into the world. But my transamory doesn’t define me as your transamory or your trans status, or your family’s acceptance or non-acceptance doesn’t define you.

As with all strong relationships, you’ll get to know more about me over time. I like the idea of having a LTR with you :-). But if you can’t wait, there is a lot of information about me on the Internet. Feel free to do your homework.

Your boxes are yours to do with what you wish.

Feel free to read all about my personal journey here. Read more about the approach I share with clients at my sister site Positively Focused.

Be sure to check out the terms and conditions of this site.