Why I must match my ideal transgender partner

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I have high standards. Some standards I hold even I don’t meet…yet.

I’m heading in that direction though.

These standards I also call my ideal stories. I have ideal stories about me, about life, about partners, that create my reality. I know, for example, that I am moving into greater financial abundance. I know abundance is more than financial or material, and so I already see evidence of “abundance” surrounding me already.

I am surrounded by beauty. That’s another story. I see beauty everywhere. Every morning I’m astounded by the beauty that is where I live. When the sun shines through my windows, it plays beautifully with shadows creating visual feasts for my eyes.

I know there are successful, independent, smart and beautiful trans women coming my way. This are my ideal stories too. These women (and yes, there are more than one) are all interested I me for what I represent to them. And so they find me as I find them: a perfect match.

I know I have created a life in beautiful California, my birth state. That’s another ideal story. I know I’m returning there with ease, grace and with so much financial abundance I can live in that state anywhere I choose.

And I know my days are filled with fun and play, with my clients, with my companies and with people working with me to influence better into the world.

These are some of my ideal stories.

Evidence abounds if you know how to see it

Some would say, “well where’s the evidence your stories are creating the reality you claim?”

My answer is, evidence abounds. But unless the person knows where to look and how to look, they can’t see the evidence. It also takes a while because, physical reality isn’t a magical reality. Things take time to turn from one thing to another. So evidence of my ideal stories “coming true” includes seeing old stories fading away.

Evidence combines old story evidence fading and ideal story evidence showing up.

For example, though I haven’t sought them out, I now am social media friends with quite successful trans women. I wrote before about transgender women I’ve met recently who are military company commanders, business owners and radio personalities. Recently, I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with financially successful, smart, witty trans women entrepreneurs from Europe and the United States too.

I know these conversations, these acquaintances evidence me moving towards high standards I have about life, my own prosperity and what I want in a partner. I also know  tipping point is coming. I both feel it and see it.

I know soon my life experience will 100 percent match my ideal stories. The more my current life transforms to that, the more high-quality, beautiful, smart and successful trans women will show up.

In other words, I’m seeing results showing what I’m doing pays off. And I’m eager for more evidence. I’m not addicted to the final outcome though. Nor am I concerned about proving anything to anyone. I know, in time, evidence will be so great others will know it too.

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Everyone deserves love in their life. Ideal love shows up when individuals match what they think is ideal. (Photo by JOSHUA COLEMAN on Unsplash)

Everyone deserves lives they love

Humans are supposed to have lives they love. I know this. I also know the trouble plaguing most humans is, they aren’t willing to allow the Universe to deliver lives they love. Instead, they try making that life happen through action, especially in romance.

Dating sites make tons of money off people trying to do what the Universe is doing for them, so they get in the way, blocking a natural process. I encourage my clients away from dating sites for several reasons. The biggest reason is, it’s more fun meeting one’s ideal match by first becoming a match to one’s ideal stories.

Every relationship someone gets into is a match to that person at the time. Knowing this, I prefer waiting until I become a match to my ideal partner so that my relationships are relationships with that kind of person instead of, say, someone who matches where I am right now.

Where I am right now isn’t bad. But I know where I’m going is going to be way better. So I’m willing to wait. In the meantime, trans women I meet are getting better and better in both quality and quantity, matching all the other changes indicating progress toward my high standards.

In the meantime, I’m happy being with myself, improving my stories, then watching as the world I create transforms to match my ideal stories, stories which will unequivocally create the life of my dreams.

Being happy, I don’t need patience. I don’t need proof because I see it everywhere. That’s why I’m not impatient. It’s a great place to be, seeing the world of my dreams emerge from my world right now, even while some people struggle against the world of what is.

The trans women I’m meeting are evidence, yes. But so is everything else. My life is great. I love what I’m becoming. I love who I am. I love what I have. I’m becoming a match to my ideal partner and so my ideal partner is coming to me.

2 Replies to “Why I must match my ideal transgender partner”

  1. Settling for who we are in the moment can be dangerous. It is also a great source of joy. The stories we tell are who we are and who we become, but we should not focus entirely on stories to define our existence.

    The moment we are in should not be diluted by stories to come.

    We are always in a state of evolution, even when we don’t realize it. We don’t need to prove this to ourselves. To your point, it becomes evident in abundance over time.

    Dissatisfaction with where we currently are inspires change. But appreciation for where we are in our journey creates joy. Comparing who you meet now to who you WILL meet destroys the joy you will get from your current moment.

    Animals don’t think about the future, only humans do. In that way, animals are conditioned for joy but resistant to change. Humans are the opposite. We are conditioned to adapt, whereas we must be disciplined to obtain joy.

    You may one day have great stories to tell, but those stories are inspired by the joy of today. Living life fully now will not change the stories of your future… they will in fact bring them to fruition.

    <3 CC

    1. We like some of what you’re saying here. We also have different understandings. Perhaps this will be provocative.

      Because we know all is eternal, there’s no “danger” in anything, unless a person believes that.

      We don’t know what you mean by “settling”. We would never settle (as in acquiesce or accept through resignation) for anything, including stories, that cause us unwanted emotion.

      We would say “appreciating who we are in every moment always brings joy because one’s Inner Being always appreciates wherever we are, no matter what stories we’re using to interpret the experience and “joy” indicates we are seeing life through our Inner Being awareness and that is crucial to getting everything we want.”

      So when we appreciate the moment, no matter the experience, we connect with our Inner Being and usher in future moments consistent with appreciation. We also transform the moment we may have been settling for, or feeling disappointed or judgmental about, into a beneficial moment.

      Ones stories are all that defines existence because that’s what “existence” is: an interpretation of “eternal essence” or “essential energy” into manifested form through a focus chosen by the focuser. Why should a person not focus entirely on that which creates their existence (their stories), especially when deliberately doing so not only brings joy, but also everything they want?

      Evolution is all there is. It is the purpose of the Universe. Yes, it happens whether one is aware of it or not. But it does require being able to see this is the case if one is to settle into (get comfortable with) the process and thus experience joy. Especially when one first starts cleaning up their sloppy storytelling.

      People usually experience negative events when someone doesn’t understand this because in their ignorance they resist this basic Universal function by telling stories inconsistent with it. So yes, while it’s not needed, proof or evidence can bring comfort and then joy.

      Does dissatisfaction inspire change? If one can pivot their focus from stories creating that emotion onto stories creating what they want, then yes. But usually, a person feeling dissatisfaction activates other stories associated with that emotion, which then creates more to be dissatisfied about. Many trans people (and trans-attracted people) struggle with this.

      Yes, appreciation of where one is eventually leads to joy. Staying there is the best place to real-ize POSITIVE change. Most people aren’t well-practiced at that practice though…

      We don’t suggest comparison of any kind. We always suggest focusing on what’s becoming instead of what is. Even with regard to a person someone might be meeting, we suggest focusing on what that person is becoming from an Inner Being standpoint rather than who they might be being in the moment. Again, most people aren’t skilled in that…

      As you said, everything constantly evolves, even the person you might be with now. But more broadly, because of that expansion, and the fact that YOU are expanding or evolving, you are creating new relationships always. They might include who you’re with. They might not…so when a person leaves someone, it’s important to know that signals more and better on its way. Most don’t think that way about relationships ending.

      Animals are not aware of time as humans are. That’s why they don’t think about the future. Such an idea doesn’t exist for them. They are only in the spacious present. Humans would do well learning that from animals. We believe you’re slightly off in your comparison here. We would say animals are naturally UNconditioned, they ARE joy because they don’t have free will to create like humans do. Thus they have no resistance to what is and so what they want always comes easily to them, unless a human conditions them out of that. Humans on the other hand NATURALLY adapt and are NATURALLY in joy, which is what you see children doing most of the time. But usually, as children become adults, they learn to resist their natural flow. After being on the planet a while they learn to resist because they give more weight to other humans (Parents, peers, society) ideas of how to live over their natural predisposition, which creates incipient patterns of thoughts and beliefs (stories) in them that are inconsistent with their natural joy and adaptive nature. Adaptive to what? The ever-changing nature of their desires, which then gives rise to more, which then causes evolution. That is why humans don’t usually live in joy. They forget what is described in this paragraph.

      There is no reason to wait until “one day” to tell great stories. Great stories can be concocted from nothing and be just as real as any based on “facts” or “reality”. The point of stories is experiencing joy, which indicates one is on their path to everything they want. THAT is what brings their desires to fruition. For you can be “living fully now” in the moment, feel negative emotion from one’s negative stories, and create everything OTHER THAN what you want. Stories change when people choose to change them. Realities become joy rides when one tells positive stories because stories are the Source from which reality emerges.

      We’re curious what experiences or readings brought you to conclusions you shared here?

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