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  • 24 Aug 2016
    The Pope is a Dope

    In this episode we’re literally aghast at The Pope’s ignorance. Really? Can he be that brainwashed. Of course. He leads the movement. Thank goodness for Rabbis. And transgender people who we ...

  • 21 Aug 2016
    60 companies that think you rock

    There are good reasons a company might want to support The Equality Act. Their support is a good reason for you to support them. Do it. Then be happy.

  • 17 Aug 2016
    13 – Devin, living out of a car and loving it

    Devin and her sister live out of their choice. Their Roma ancestry runs high in their blood, making them quite at home in situations that will give most people the heebeegeebees. An ...


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  • God: Transgender or something more?

    If God – or All That Is, which is the term I prefer – was transgender it would mean he was originally one gender and “born” into a different one. Or some other aspect along the gender spectrum. All That Is has no gender and simultaneously is every possible gender imaginable. This may be too complex for “believers” to comprehend. But I find it interesting that the Hebrew Bible, at least according to this Rabbi, alludes to this reality.

  • Sarah McBride, Mental Illness and Love

    Who is Sarah McBride? Transgender: no longer a mental illness? And how much better the world is becoming for transpeople all in our newest video episode of The Transamorous Network Podcast brought to you by The Velvet Rope, our newest sponsor!

  • This from conservatives?

    This wonderful article by a conservative-owned online news publication taught me a few things. One: not all conservative organizations suck. Two: I need to check my story about the Right. Maybe you do too.

  • We are all connected

    connections which span decades, are happening in your life every day. They happen every day. Some are decades old. Some open the moment you need them. Why don’t you see them? Why is your life not charmed like Cox or some other person you know? What’s important is the nature of your stories.

  • Next up: Lilly

    We are calling from the future to ourselves in the present to have faith and courage as we guide humanity along a course where gender diversity, sexuality diversity, DIVERSITY OF ALL KINDS is beyond de riguer. It is commonplace, the norm and accepted as such.