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  • 14 Feb 2017

    One study: These men aren’t gay

    ...after that he recommended I see a friend of his, another counselor. This person tried to convince me to own the “fact” that I was homosexual...

  • 01 Feb 2017

    The pleasure that is Sarah McBride

    We talked with Sarah about intimacy, love, romance, what it’s like living one’s dreams and how others can actualize their dreams into their reality. But what was most interesting was our ...

  • 31 Jan 2017

    A cheat sheet for the men

    If I wasn’t meeting these kinds of women now, I would focus on the idea of them. I would keep focusing on the idea of them and, listening to my inner voice, follow the impulses and explore where ...


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  • WallMart: on the right side of history

    WallMart has joined the list of over 500 companies supporting LGBT rights.

  •  Tomorrow night on Facebook Live we’ll explore how to make everything you want to be in your life be in your life and why focusing intellectually on “how” makes getting those things a sucky experience. You can be in love, accepted for who you are and happy. That’s what we’re talking about on The...

  • Talking about your deepest desires

    It’s IN YOUR FACE. Join us for a conversation about you, your deepest desires and our transgender community. We'll be taking your questions and answering them live.

  • Hollywood is stepping up

    GLAAD recently published a report showing that television is featuring more black and transwomen than ever before.

  • United colors of trans

    According to UCLA the transgender community as a total population is Quite a bit more diverse as the general populace. Don't know why I Think this is "No shit Sherlock" information.