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  • 08 Dec 2016

    The latest trans survey is out

    Only you can change your circumstances. Stories about struggle, pain and fear, disadvantage, poverty and violence DOES NOT serve you. It doesn’t matter what other transpeople are doing. It ...

  • 29 Nov 2016

    From the mail bag

    We’re even starting to get mail. Nice. Like this one, which we really, liked so much, we did a show on it.

  • 08 Nov 2016

    They’re coming out in droves!

    What’s interesting about each of these guys is every one of them are desperately looking for a transwoman of their dreams. The usual methods aren’t working for them though. So they’re looking for ...


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  • Hollywood is stepping up

    GLAAD recently published a report showing that television is featuring more black and transwomen than ever before.

  • United colors of trans

    According to UCLA the transgender community as a total population is Quite a bit more diverse as the general populace. Don't know why I Think this is "No shit Sherlock" information.

  • Trans-Blackface!

    Trans-blackface: Hollywood is at it again. This time it’s trans-exploitation. The new blackface. Don’t fret. Time’s a changing!

  • God: Transgender or something more?

    If God – or All That Is, which is the term I prefer – was transgender it would mean he was originally one gender and “born” into a different one. Or some other aspect along the gender spectrum. All That Is has no gender and simultaneously is every possible gender imaginable. This may be too complex for “believers” to comprehend. But I find it interesting that the Hebrew Bible, at least according to this Rabbi, alludes to this reality.

  • Sarah McBride, Mental Illness and Love

    Who is Sarah McBride? Transgender: no longer a mental illness? And how much better the world is becoming for transpeople all in our newest video episode of The Transamorous Network Podcast brought to you by The Velvet Rope, our newest sponsor!