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  • 17 Apr 2018

    Men: you gotta understand your love stories

    Your love story is creating your reality in relationships. What is your love story? And is it causing you to look for love in all the wrong places?

  • 10 Apr 2018

    Death is no punishment or deterrence

    Killing someone for killing someone is stupid.

  • 13 Mar 2018

    Men: How to love yourself

    Some guys reading this may say “I already love myself”. So far, I’ve seen even the most confident, open people have deep, negative stories about self-worth and self-value, indicating that, while ...


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  • DeVos becomes latest unlikely Trans ally

    WTF you say?

  • When trans exploitation isn’t

    There is no doubt in my mind transgender people are being exploited. The question is, is that exploitation harmful or not?

  • Why the recent trans murder is not relevant

    Sadly, women are murdered by men in similar contexts far too often. Transwomen are women. So it shouldn’t be a surprise something like this happened.

  • They died to galvanize progress

    Death is not the worst thing that can happen to a person. Nor is dying at the hands of a murderer. But it’s a powerful act nonetheless.

  • Eight election victories….

    We have and will always contend the world is getting better for transgender people.