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  • 14 Nov 2017

    When racism and transphobia look the same

    Being scared of a person because they are trans is an interesting thing.

  • 07 Nov 2017

    More people are liking our content

    Not everyone is ready for this approach. By that, I mean some folks are just too deeply wedded to their stories, stories which convince them that life (as Remy has put it) “happens TO them”.

  • 24 Oct 2017

    We are all doing great

    Yes, there are probably a thousand other things I could put down that would describe the fears, aspirations, desires, concerns, hopes and dreams you have.


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  • I knew the day was coming….

    Prepare for a massive backlash of ethical and moral arguments, particularly from those trapped in perspectives which see only “man” and “woman”.

  • When a playmate means something

    History does repeat itself it seems. But there is always ALWAYS progress. 

  • This should be no surprise

    What this tells me is, the future is bright. Very bright. That’s cause to celebrate.

  • DOD weighs in on Trump’s trans-ban-tweet

    This would be a great test of this new policy: if a person already has had their GCS and can show he or she or they do not suffer from gender dysphoria, can they then serve?

  • Yes, Christians love you too.

    According to many news outlets, including HuffPost, FaithfullyLGBT is running, for the month of September their new campaign called #TitheTrans. Their goal is to raise at least $10,000...