Welcome To The Transamorous Network

Your best life is a happy one.

You’re perfect just the way you are. So is your life experience.

The key to having all you want (including that wonderful relationship you’re wanting) is creating for yourself a happy life.

The Transamorous Network helps trans-attracted men and women, and transgender people easily and effortlessly create satisfying, happy relationships with their perfect partners. Guaranteed.

The key to our work: we lead you on an exploration of what you really are, then show you how to use that to create the unlimited life you came into the world to have. From there everything is possible. Including love.

What’s in it for you: 100 percent goodness: You’ll become fearless.  You’ll realize every desire. Just like your life was meant to be.

Get The Love You Want…And Everything Else

Whether you’re trans-attracted and struggling to embrace this part of you, or you’re transgender your self, the key to finding the love you’re looking for (and everything else you want) is to see and experience your world as your creation. Seems simple and it is. But that simplicity hides tremendous power.

We show you how to get back in the driver’s seat of your life. Then we show you how to create the best circumstances to realize your relationship dreams (and every other dream you have). Go as fast as you want. We’ll help you along the way.

We know you can accomplish anything. This is what we help you remember. It doesn’t matter if you’re trans, trans-attracted, suffering from dysphoria, or shame thinking you’re gay. You can have the life you want and then some.

Gradually Lose All Anxiety, Worry, Fear

All your fears will gradually be replaced by joyful fascination with life. Even your fear of death will disappear clearing the path to all kinds of fascinations.

You’ll gain freedom and power with people: understanding people are your creation so there is nothing to fear.  Anxiety, dysphoria, shame about your trans-attraction and more are easily and quickly transformed into happiness.

Finally, you get a life you create deliberately, where nothing negative happens ever.

In short: you gain everything. Guaranteed. (<———click that)