How Getting What You Want Works

Editors note: we’re borrowing this story from our sister organization Positively Focused because it is so good.

My 1:1 clients show how easy getting what they want is. After just five sessions, the Universe demonstrated to KJ here how he creates his own reality, thereby getting what he wanted – a table saw – in the most delightful way.

I know, and my clients are increasingly knowing, when I tell stories about things the way I want to see them, my life shapes itself to those better story versions.

But it’s not magic. There’s a process. Once mastered, it makes living fun. KJ here is on the way to mastery.

I know everyone can live life happy. Everyone can have all they want. By telling the right stories, one realizes life is supposed to be not only fun, but also include desire after desire being fulfilled. I show my clients how to have this kind of life.

Doing this is fun for me because I have this life. I love seeing the Universe, acting to confirm my stories, as it coordinates events so that everything I want, large and small, comes into my reality.

“Everything” includes clients who love this way of living, like KJ here, coming into my life so we can play together as we both get what we want.

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