This Trans-Attracted Man Proves How Easy It Works

We say stories create reality. And when you get the right stories in place, around love and the partner you want, your ideal partner will show up…with no effort on your part. This is the The Transamorous Network guarantee.

Case in point: a former client texted us with great news. He came to us years ago, but didn’t stick around because he felt, as some trans-attracted men do, that his trans-attraction wasn’t that big a priority.

We don’t know what happened between then and now. Presumably he pursued his music interests. So his text was a surprise…but also not a surprise.

It wasn’t a surprise because clients these days all report remarkable things happening in their lives. Only they’re not remarkable from a Transamorous Network perspective. They’re only remarkable when seen from and compared to an ordinary life. A life where the liver doesn’t understand they create their reality though stories they tell.

But those who do know they create their reality, become powerful creators. Like this Transamorous Network client, who also happens to be trans:

Your reality springs from stories you tell. So tell better stories and watch life get way better. Like this trans woman’s experience shows.

Dating sucks

But in ordinary lives, dating sucks. It sucks, as we’ve talked about here, because stories people tell while dating always create realities consistent with them. Which is why the majority of dating people, including those dating online, fail in their objective. Or they compromise. Compromise is what results in divorce.

Our former client texted us because what happened didn’t happen while he was dating. In fact, he wasn’t even looking for a girlfriend, which is when we suggest the best dating results will happen.

The trans woman above isn’t the only client feeling this way. Other trans woman clients are too. Like this one:

Another trans woman client expresses her joy emanating from her client session.

And this trans woman, who, after only two sessions rediscovered how powerful she really is:

Another trans woman finds power in her choices and in her desire to have it all.

That’s why the week in which the text came wasn’t a surprise. Instead, it was icing on an already well made cake.

It’s best when it happens out of the blue…or rather…out of the obliviousness.

Out of the obliviousness

When something happens “out of the blue” another way of saying that is “out of not being aware of how the Universe works.” The Universe always gives you more of what you’re asking for. This is why more trans women are finding their power through what we offer at The Transamorous Network.

We tell the story that trans women are powerful beings. Then, such women show up in our experience.

You ask for what you want through stories you tell about what you’re looking at. So it’s important to ask only for what you want, meaning, look at only what you want.

“Looking at” doesn’t only happen with your eyeballs though. In fact, it rarely ever happens that way because eyeballs are just projectors. They have no creative power. But your thoughts (stories) do. So how you think and what you think about determines what the universe is and is going to send you.

When something happens “out of the blue” the person it happens to has become the final part of an already assembled event in time and space they didn’t know was assembling. That assembled event in time and space can be what the person wants, or doesn’t want.

Which it is, depends on what kind of momentum the person created prior to the event taking shape in physical reality. That explains why so many trans women are killed in the US and elsewhere. These things seem to happen “out of the blue”. But what’s really happening is the trans woman becomes the final component in the unfolding event she created showing her where she predominantly focuses her attention.

You’re blaming the victim

I know that’s hard to hear. Insecure people will say “Perry, you’re blaming the victim for their death.” The problem with that statement is, there is no blame because there is no victim. Nothing went wrong because someone gets killed. Dying happens to everything and everyone.

Circumstances around how that happens though needn’t be tragic. But they will be when a person holds onto consistently negative-emotion-producing thoughts and beliefs.

A being I greatly respect once said “you can’t have a happy ending to an unhappy story.”

Unless a person moves from “oblivious” and into “knowing”, which is what we help people with all day every day at The Transamorous Network, that person rides a downward path. The future will bring more of what they’re creating. No exceptions.

That’s why the guy who texted us got what he got. He found himself matching what he wanted: having an attractive trans woman connect with him with no effort.

At The Transamorous Network we don’t support people finding their match through online dating sites. Again, we explain why here. The texter said he met this trans woman online, but notice what happened back when they did:

What happened?

Why didn’t they follow through, the way they are now, back then?

Because back then, both had stories standing between what they wanted and who they were at the time. This is obvious reading the text. Neither felt “connection”. “Connection” is an emotional reaction to stories that match.

No one ever stands still. One’s stories constantly change. It could be that these two people coming together represent a stepping-stone process, where this connection offers both people growth potential. Growth potential that will prepare both parties for the next relationship on the way.

In other words, it could be the trans woman might be compromising out of her fear of being alone, or results she’s gotten from stories she’s telling. This happens a lot in relationships.

The match up could also represent a match that carries on for a while. Again, we don’t know where the guy was story-wise when the trans woman reached [back] out. But no matter where either party stands, the rendezvous obviously created and continues creating enthusiasm and eagerness for the guy. Likely for the girl too.

Those are great signs. What happens next depends on each party’s willingness to see the best in the other party.

It’s exciting seeing these kinds of results happen. Easy, effortless match-making. Just the way we promise.

Are you finding finding your ideal partner fun? If not, we can help make fun…and easy.

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