Trans Women: You Always Meet The Best Men Out There

Transgender women: guys you’re meeting are the best ones you’re going to meet. Until you change your stories about the men you’re meeting.

A client got this clearly recently after we talked about guys she’s meeting. She lives in Michigan. Most of the men she meets are drug dealers, down low men, men who just want her for sex, men with no steady employment, and men who have nothing really interesting going on.

“They’re just not interesting to talk to,” She said.

So while talking about these men, I asked her what was something all these men had in common. Of course, she repeated the list above. What she didn’t realize was the biggest common denominator these men shared….was her.

Well over four million men live in Michigan. Why is this trans woman only meeting the men she’s meeting? Are you, dear reader, going to tell me it’s because those kinds of men are the only one’s interested in trans women?

Come on now…

You just need one

Nearly every man will find an attractive, powerful, intelligent trans woman attractive. But when they discover that woman is trans, their attraction doesn’t go away. For most men, that attraction transforms. It turns into self-doubt, shame and fear.

But for the few secure in their self-awareness, the attraction compels action. It may not be action leading to them wanting a relationship with you, but nothing ever happens in the one split-second you connect eyes with some guy. In other words, most men need time to figure their shit out, understand what trans-attraction and then transamory is. That’s why we defined the journey all men attracted to trans women go through. If you understand that journey is much like your own transition, loneliness, desperation, fear and compromise needn’t be part of your dating regimen.

But you don’t need all these men getting their attraction to trans women is healthy and extraordinarily good. You only need one (assuming your monogamous).

So now, no matter where you live, likely there are millions of men. And if you have attractive qualities, men will find you attractive. You only want/need one of them as your partner. Why are you making finding your match so hard?

Maybe it’s because you’re unwilling to accept that you’re not a match yet to that guy who will love you. 🤔 Think about that.

Your match is there. He’s looking for you. But if your attention is on all the guys you think won’t accept you, you literally can’t find him.

The perfect match always

In the meantime, you’re getting perfect matches. Think about the logic: if you think all men are chasers and such, how on earth are you going to meet one who isn’t? Those who aren’t you’re not even going to see! You’ll dismiss them as not attractive, or uninteresting. You’ll get uncomfortable around them. Why? Because standing in your stories about men, a man who accepts you will make you feel uncomfortable because he reflects back to you stories inconsistent with those dominant in you.

In other words, so long as you stand in stories about men being uninterested in you because you’re trans, you’ll only meet those kinds of men. Same goes with stories about men who want you to top them, or that see you as a fetish.

You must change your beliefs before you’re able to see the world full of men who would love you happily.

Or, you can settle for a lesbian relationship.

Once this client realized the connection between guys she meets and stories she has about those guys, a light bulb went off in her. To her it was obvious. She’ll meet better guys when her stories are better.

Meanwhile the men she meets are perfect. They keep showing her the point from which she’s creating her dating reality. They include guys asking her for dick pics, guys texting her when drunk talking about how horny they are, as well as men who tell her they are afraid of dating trans women.

If you want to be with a man, and you end up with a woman, you compromised on your dreams. There’s no need to do that. But you will, if you don’t know how to get what you really want.

You get what you create

I’m not surprised so many trans women turn to women. They don’t understand why they’re getting the results with men they do. They think they have to compromise what they want in order to be happy. But my clients know stories are powerful and totally within the storyteller’s control. Which is why they keep coming back to their sessions.

Face it. Most men see trans women as men in dresses. But that doesn’t mean you must meet such men while dating. Unless, of course you keep bitching about such men! Same goes with the early trans-attracted variety, those still trying to get their shit together.

Again: the only reason trans women meet such men is: they still have to get their own shit together. Which means talking about, thinking about and focusing ONLY on what they want. Not what they don’t want.

Look around at your friends. Notice beliefs your trans woman friends have about men. Then look at how their dating goes. It’s as plain as the nose on your face that stories create reality. Everyone telling stories about what they don’t want get that. Tell stories about what you want consistently and you get that.

You only need one (if you’re monogamous). So why are you thinking about all the men you don’t want? Think instead about the one you do want. Then watch how easy having him becomes.

The best available at the time

I know, many trans women think what I talk about here is hooey. The thing is, like most profound wisdom, this stuff I talk about verifies and confirms the 100 percent subjective nature of reality. Meaning, in order to prove it works, you must put what I share into practice in your life. When you do, results are 100 percent guaranteed.

My clients get it. They’ve proven it to themselves. So they get great results and live as powerful women. Like this client.

Meanwhile, every man you meet perfectly matches what you believe. As my client in this video accurately says, you might think you know what your beliefs are. But if you’re frustrated in dating, you don’t. Every trans woman meets their perfect match(es). If they don’t match what you want, then what you believe and what you want are at cross purposes.

The reason trans women don’t like who they meet is they don’t realize why they’re meeting such men.

You meet the cream of the crop in terms of men you’re meeting. They serve a purpose. And they’ll keep serving that powerful, valuable purpose until you learn from them. All relationships are stepping stones.

That one guy trans women want is not as elusive as he seems. He can come as easily as your next breath. That is, if you’re not so proud that you’re willing to accept the way you’re trying to find him is your problem. Not that he doesn’t exist.

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