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Blog 2 photoWelcome to the Transamorous Network. I’m Perry Gruber your host. Yes, that’s my real name. I have nothing to hide. I am a transamorous male. I was born cis-gender and find myself irresistibly attracted to transwomen.

Welcome especially if you’re a guy reading this. This network is primarily for you, however, I guarantee transpeople are going to find this network uplifting, enjoyable and informative too. I’ll be posting stuff here for you as well.

Guys, I know there are a shit-ton of men like us out there secretly discovering their natural attraction to transgender women. I created specifically to shake the shame off the NATURAL, NORMAL  attraction to these new people, people who really could use our genuine love.

I write “new” not because transgender people are new. They actually have been around a very long time. But as far as public consciousness is concerned, the mainstream, including entertainment, dinner conversation and the legislative arena, they are emerging as a “new” “protected” class. I think that’s a fantastic development happening exactly at the right time.

I also believe YOU discovering your natural attraction to transwomen is EQUALLY new and NO LESS FANTASTIC. Men like us are slowly coming out more and more. I created the Trans Amorous Network for men like us to connect, communicate, gain reassurance about our natural inclination, and support the people we love by loving and accepting ourselves so we can turn that love toward those we desire romantically.

The Trans Amorous Network of course is also open to transwomen, transmen, gender queer and all the rest as well, as a source of inspiration and upliftment. I bring a unique perspective I will be sharing in these pages, in the podcast, in the Network’s YouTube Videos and in the products, services and events I’ll be offering our community. What I have to offer undoubtedly will serve to create more healthy, positive relationships between Cis-and-trans, primarily, but also more love within the entire human family.

This is The Transamorous Network.

3 Replies to “This is the Transamorous Network”

  1. I keep running into “transamorous” discussions, videos, articles, and posts where it doesn’t seem like many of you guys, cis men, know that trans women are not the only part of the trans demographic. So instead of saying “trans people”, “transgender community”, “trans person”, etc (which would include both trans men and trans women) just say trans women since they are who you’re actually talking about, exclusively. As in this article, we, trans men, get thrown in but, and I think it’s very clear from what I have seen, these conversations aren’t really about us or include us, which is fine as long as you don’t define the trans demographic as solely being composed of trans women or trans feminine people.

    1. Hi Let’s Chat,
      We find it perplexing when people make assumptions about what we’re doing, then from there, attempt to tell us how to do what we’re doing.

      If you look at The Transamorous Network’s tagline, it includes the phrase “…starting with the men.” The key word here is “starting”.

      We use the words you suggest we don’t use because, contrary to your assumptions, we are speaking to the entire transgender community, which includes trans-attracted men. Since trans attracted men have largely been responsible for nearly half of the murders of trans women at the time we did our research before starting what we’re doing, we decided to start with them and who they find themselves attracted to. That seems quite reasonable since that selection of the community, from our perspective, is most in need. Again, our approach strategy is inclusive. But we had to start somewhere.

      Since starting, individuals on a sporadic basis approach us expressing interest in trans men. We knew that eventually would happen, which is why we include everyone in the “trans community” including those you might not consider part of that community. We do though. And we know what we offer benefits all people. So we stand ready to share what we know with everyone who feels ready to receive what we offer.

      Our sister site Positively Focused offers similar life approaches to cis people. So as I said at the top, we are maximally inclusive as Positively Focused together with The Transamorous Network makes what we offer accessible to anyone who is ready to hear it.

      Once we deem a sufficient number of people other than trans women and trans-attracted men approach us and become clients, we’ll move into the next phase of our approach which looks like broadening topics of our content to include others. But until then we will remain focused where we know we’re doing the most good for the community.

      That said, the material as offered is effective no matter the practitioner’s gender. The only question is, is the potential practitioner ready to receive.

      Unlike what you’ve done, we make no assumptions about that. Instead we wait until they decide.

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