Men: Your attraction is normal

Blog 1 photo(Warning: There may be triggering words in this post for some people)

So I’m sitting here thinking about all the directions I can take this blog. Yesterday, out with my wife, I was thinking about it too. Seems to me the area that may be best is focusing on facilitating positive relationships between transpeople and cis-people, primarily cis-men and transwomen, but including other combinations.

I’m liking that approach. As a cis-guy who has had extensive experience dating transwomen, I have a thing or two to share with transamorous men that I learned listening to these women bitch about us. And, I have some ideas on how men like me can easily and quickly find happiness – joy even – in our search for the perfect transgender partner.

I also know from sharing my thoughts with transgender people I know that what I have to offer can also HUGELY benefit transwomen. One transwoman who reviewed what I will be offering on this site said she benefitted tremendously from reading it. Her life has transformed. Great things are happening for her all the time now. I’ll write more about that later.

I intend The Transamorous Network to offer something for families with transgender members in them and transgender women and men as well. I consider this my contribution to the community. You may not agree with my feeling on this, but the transcommunity, broadly speaking, includes people who aren’t trans.

I can’t provide everything to everyone immediately. I gotta start somewhere. Sooner than later though, I’ll include information for more than just guys who are romantically attracted to transwomen, and transwomen who know guys like that.

For now, I’m just glad to have gotten this thing started. I’ll continue to ponder the approach for this blog and for the Network. And I’ll encourage all of you who are visiting early on to come back as I chart this journey.

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