[VIDEO] When The Famous Slay Trans And Trans-Attracted Truth

Photo by Michael Carruth on Unsplash

Viola Davis is a diva. Her performances across a host of movies and television dramas make her one of the most under appreciated actresses of our time.

Which is why she shocked me on an episode of Hot Ones I recently came across. It was not because she appeared on the show. It was because of what she said at the end. What she said added more authority to what we assert at The Transamorous Network.

In case you, like me, didn’t know, Hot Ones is a YouTube phenomena. The show features the typical celebrity interview format, but with a twist. During the interview, celebrities feast on some of the hottest chicken wings in the world. That makes Hot Ones interviews internet sensations. Most celebrities can’t keep to their PR scripts when their lips and assholes are burning off. I write “most” because Davis bucked that trend.

While watching Davis devour her wings, I noticed a common refrain in the comment section. Little did I know this foretold of a delightful outcome for me. A lot comments made mention of something Davis said at the end of the interview. Rather than jump to the end, I watched the whole thing. It was inspiring, of course. Obviously, others thought so too:

Above: Commenters raving about what Davis said at the end.

Clarity begets success

What’s interesting is what she did share applies specifically to transgender people and the trans-attracted. She lays it out with such grace and power, making it hard to ignore. Perhaps that’s why so many were touched by it.

And this is the thing. Davis’ success isn’t attributable to talent alone. Primarily, like all success, Davis enjoys her’s as a result of knowing who she really is. Then living from that place. Watching the interview, it’s clear she lives authentically, which I deeply appreciate. It’s the exact same lesson I’m learning through my own practice of what we share here at The Transamorous Network. And, Davis’ example can be a powerful one for transgender women and trans-attracted men.

What she says at the end of the interview though is pure gold. In a few sentences, she sums up exactly what we assert at The Transamorous Network. So, dear reader, if you’re having trouble accepting what we talk about here, maybe you’ll take it from this diva. Here it is, direct from her mouth. We set the video up to start right where she begins sharing her wisdom.

Davis the diva laying down truth.

Clarity is a powerful thing. When a person understands what they really are, they can create anything they want in life. That includes fame as an actress. But first, one must let go of our penchant to compromise who we are in favor of others’ expectations. She calls that “becoming our ideal selves”.

Listen close trans and trans-attracted readers

We agree. And perhaps that’s why her closing statement impacted so many people in the comments. It applies DIRECTLY to transgender and trans-attracted people: “We are born into a world where we don’t fit in,” She says. “Then you answer the call to adventure.” There is a “deep voice” within us, she says. It tells us EXACTLY who we are. “You just have to have the courage to [be] that.”

I love the power and intensity with which she says all this. It’s definitely worth listening to many times. Some commenters agreed:

We say every week exactly what Davis is saying here. We don’t use the word “courage” however. That implies risk and threat. But there is no risk or threat in living authentically. It’s all upside.

I encourage all my clients to live that way. And guess what? As they do, they discover exactly what you just read. That’s because life IS all upside when lived authentically.

Maybe you’re ready to do that, but don’t know where to start. Of course, I can help. Contact me and let’s get started.

Transphobias: Better Left In The Great White North

Photo by Denis Linine on Unsplash

If you’re transgender or trans-attracted, it’s better to think about all the great things about being trans and the great things about being trans-attracted, than thinking about other people’s transphobic opinions about who or what you are. At The Transamorous Network we encourage becoming oblivious to why people say and do things.

Unless you can tell positive stories about them.

That’s why we ignore when a trans woman thinks she knows better about where we’re coming from than we do, and criticizes or demeans what we share. What others think is none of our business 🤣.

A recent client experience shows why doing what we do acts in your best interest.

Coming to grips with her likes

She visited a local drive up coffee kiosk for a java infusion. It’s something she loves doing. Icing on that coffee cake is the beefcake who works there. My client crushes on him every time she sees his hunkiness.

He’s not her only crush. She talks with several men at a time. Her fortune meeting men shows her she’s getting everything she wants. It’s a case in point for trans women: tell the right stories and everything you want – including men – appear.

I think she’s having a great time with all the guy she’s talking with. The most recent guy she spoke with, however, told her dating transgender women scares him. Hearing this, my client expressed feeling two ways about it.

In the first way, she wants to console the guy and his insecurity. But in the second way, she wants nothing to do with it.

Give the finger to other’s opinion. They don’t matter, so you shouldn’t mind.

“I don’t want to have to help a guy come to grips with what he likes,” she said.

Match what you want

That’s when I explained how what he said reflected back to her what she’s thinking about the same topic.

“Huh?” she asked.

“The reason you’re meeting guys who are afraid of dating you is because you still aren’t sure you’re datable,” I told her. “That’s what the Universe is showing you by matching you with this guy. Your dates always match your stories.”

My client has enough of The Transamorous Network’s approach under her belt to get the truth of those words. Every trans woman meets people who match what she’s putting out. If she doesn’t like who she’s meeting, complaining about who’s she’s meeting is the worst thing she can do.

Instead, we recommend becoming a match to the kinds of men you want to date. How? Tell stories about everything that match what you want. Everything. That includes those guys you meet you’d rather not meet.

Doing so requires serious, honest assessment of stories you tell. Especially stories about men…and stories about yourself. Some trans women think they’ve got their thoughts in the right place. Usually, that’s not the case. It’s easy thinking you’re clear, when, really, you’re not. Like this client explains:

A trans woman acknowledges something nearly all trans women (and everyone else) won’t: she really didn’t understand what was going on in her head, until she got a real good look.

Same goes for you trans-attracted men. Figure out your stories, change them and the trans girl you want is yours.

Let’s return to my client’s story.

Back to the coffee kiosk

The hunky dude walking up and down line of cars had what my client interpreted as a “transphobic reaction” to her. She said when he saw her, he looked at her “strange” and kept looking back at her while taking others’ orders.

We talked about this from the perspective of “other people’s opinions aren’t my business“, and why that is. Most people move through the world from places of insecurity, fear, pessimism and negativity. Why on earth would my client want a piece of that????

Instead I asked my client if she could think of alternative stories which would make the hunk’s reaction less personal, or even personally favorable.

It took her a while. But after a little cajoling, she came to some good ones:

  • His behavior has nothing to do with me
  • He’s never seen a trans woman before and is curious, not negative
  • Maybe he’s trans-attracted and didn’t know it until now!
  • Maybe he finds me attractive!

It doesn’t matter whether these stories are true or not. How they made my client feel meant everything.


Because how she feels tells her something important. So these stories were very good for her. I knew this because her countenance totally changed after telling them. That meant she was headed in a totally different direction than before.

Stories create the world. And everyone’s telling stories all the time, including you. So why not create the best worlds? How? Tell the best feeling stories.

Leave them in the cold

How this guy reacted to seeing my client had nothing to do with her and everything to do about him. But in that moment, my client observed that reaction on purpose. Even though she didn’t realize it at the time, her current beliefs showed themselves in this guy’s behavior. That was a good thing, even if she didn’t believe it at the time.

Seeing what she saw was great evidence of The Transamorous Network’s approach working. Now she knows what her stories contain. That allowed her to do something about them: create better-feeling stories.

So what started as a negative situation turned out to be a really positive one. This is why nothing ever goes wrong in the world. Everything always goes right.

Leave other people’s opinion’s alone. Especially ones inconsistent with yours. They don’t matter. The only place they belong is where they belong…in the Great White North. In other words, out in the cold. Not in your awareness.

Keep them out there and watch how much your love life improves.

A Trans Woman’s Worst Nightmare

Photo by Hailey Kean on Unsplash

The Transamorous Network offers free 1:1s for trans-attracted men or trans women to chat with us and learn whether what we offer can help them live more fulfilling, happy lives.

Most times those conversations offer insight and satisfaction for everyone involved. In rare instances though, something else happens.

That’s what happened this morning. This conversation offered insight into what many trans women experience in their attempts to fulfill their relationship dreams. It also sheds light on why trans women degrade men who naturally find them attractive.

A classic connection

Not many schedule a Free 1:1. Especially since we implemented a $25 refundable fee to dissuade men who schedule a free session (perhaps while drunk or high) then don’t show up.

We know what we offer the trans community benefits that community. Over time we’ve spoken to many, many trans-attracted men, trans women and people who don’t fit in those categories, yet express trans-attraction. Many such people thank us for what we do. But seeing our clients transform their lives prove what we offer helps.

Then there’s “Josh”.

Josh got on his free 1:1 this morning. Hispanic and in his 60s, Josh has been single for 18 years. Before that he was married to a cis woman, who divorced him after she discovered him cheating with another cis woman.

Like many trans-attracted men, Josh’s past includes experiences where he learned about and enjoyed sex with men at an early age. He also enjoyed and still enjoys wearing clothing seen by society as “Women’s clothes”. He wears nylons and garters under his male clothes and loves wearing negliges at night.

Josh married a cis-woman because, in his words, he was “battling what he really wanted” which included expressing submissive characteristics in bed.

And also, like many trans-attracted men, Josh first encountered trans women through porn. This happened in the last year, and since that discovery, Josh found himself irresistibly trans-attracted.

Marriage often, but not always, can smoke screen what’s really going on for both parties. Which is why they often end in divorce.

Stereotypes prove the rule

Many trans women encounter men like Josh. Josh is in his very early stage of the chaser to transamorous journey. This was clear from the first few seconds. He referred to trans women as “shemales” and “transexuals”. He fixated on the idea that they had penises and expected a trans woman would be happy being with a man who dresses in women’s clothes.

Josh expressed fantasies of him “doing” the trans woman and then her “doing” him. When I asked what else he liked about trans women beyond his ideas of what sex would be like, he offered very little.

“I like that I could take her out, wine and dine her,” he answered. “Then we’d come home and cuddle on the couch, with me in my lingerie.”

He mentioned nothing about what this trans woman might think, whether she might be intelligent, thoughtful, generous, kind, interested in world events, or interested in having children. Josh didn’t consider the amazingly admirable fortitude needed to go through what trans women do to align with what they know they are. In other words, he didn’t see his future partner as a person.

Still in the closet

When I gently explained more dimensions to trans women exist beyond where he focused, I felt him almost immediately become defensive. I explained how “shemale” and “transexual” were not the best terms, which he accepted. Then, changing the subject deliberately, I asked him what his friends and family thought about him wearing women’s clothes.

“Oh they don’t know,” he said. “They’d be devastated.”

“Why does that stop you from being who you authentically are and sharing that with them?” I asked.

He said he didn’t think he was being inauthentic by not sharing all of who he is. So I explained to him that so long as he wasn’t out and about about who and what he really is, and what he really likes, finding a match to what he wants will present challenges. I also suggested the way he talks about trans women indicates he isn’t quite ready to meet someone. Trying to do so, I suggested, would produce unhappy outcomes.

That’s when the conversation shifted for Josh.

Being on the down low (DL) indicates for the down low person that he harbors stories creating a reality he’d rather not have. But the DL person doesn’t know that, which is why he’s getting the results he gets, including feeling of shame and insecurity. (Photo by Kristina Flour on Unsplash)

Why women meet men like Josh

“Who do you think you are?” he responded. “You don’t know me.”

“I’m going off of what you’ve told me,” I said. “And what hundreds of men and trans women have told me.”

Josh didn’t like that. I suggested he had a lot of preconceived ideas about trans women. Those ideas, I tried to explain, would cause him more difficulty than satisfaction because he’s not a match to what he thinks he really wants, which is a loving relationship with someone who happens to be trans.

Josh told me I was not making sense, that I was not listening. Moments later he hung up.

Clearly these kinds of men exist. They are the kinds of trans-attracted men trans women meet a lot of the time. They aren’t ready to meet anyone seriously because they’re still trying to figure themselves out.

Experience often presents the best “figuring out” opportunity. Often that means meeting trans women via sex worker venues, or through dating sites. And, usually, that means men like Josh meet women who match who Josh is being.

That means a trans woman on equal story footing. Such trans women, like Josh, are unclear about what they want, insecure in their own self-acceptance, and harbor inaccurate stories about dating, what’s possible and what they want. In many ways, they’re transgender versions of Josh. So they’re perfect matches.

The best way, believe it or not, to meet your ideal match is becoming that which you’re wanting. That means seeing the best in everything you experience. That’s what telling the best stories is all about. (Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash)

Trans women don’t need Josh

Just because men like Josh exist doesn’t mean such men need be part of a trans woman’s experience. But they will when a trans woman harbors stories which make them a match to such men. If you’re trans and you think Josh is a “tranny chaser”, for example, that story tells me you’re on track to meet your Josh.

And yet, such men and the women they match with benefit each other. Through experiences with each other, a trans woman and such a man learns what stories need attention. It’s good knowing that because, if they don’t know what stories need attention, neither person fulfills their dreams. Particularly when it comes to relationships. Which is why many compromise.

So while men like this comprise many a trans woman’s nightmare, they can also be the best thing that happens to a trans woman. For in the experience the woman and the man stand in opportunity. Seizing that opportunity guarantees a new experience with better matches offering better opportunity.

Better matches don’t come guaranteed. People sometimes never get over their negative stories. That doesn’t mean you can’t be the exception because they’re always are. The question is: are you?

Trans Women: You Always Meet The Best Men Out There

Transgender women: guys you’re meeting are the best ones you’re going to meet. Until you change your stories about the men you’re meeting.

A client got this clearly recently after we talked about guys she’s meeting. She lives in Michigan. Most of the men she meets are drug dealers, down low men, men who just want her for sex, men with no steady employment, and men who have nothing really interesting going on.

“They’re just not interesting to talk to,” She said.

So while talking about these men, I asked her what was something all these men had in common. Of course, she repeated the list above. What she didn’t realize was the biggest common denominator these men shared….was her.

Well over four million men live in Michigan. Why is this trans woman only meeting the men she’s meeting? Are you, dear reader, going to tell me it’s because those kinds of men are the only one’s interested in trans women?

Come on now…

You just need one

Nearly every man will find an attractive, powerful, intelligent trans woman attractive. But when they discover that woman is trans, their attraction doesn’t go away. For most men, that attraction transforms. It turns into self-doubt, shame and fear.

But for the few secure in their self-awareness, the attraction compels action. It may not be action leading to them wanting a relationship with you, but nothing ever happens in the one split-second you connect eyes with some guy. In other words, most men need time to figure their shit out, understand what trans-attraction and then transamory is. That’s why we defined the journey all men attracted to trans women go through. If you understand that journey is much like your own transition, loneliness, desperation, fear and compromise needn’t be part of your dating regimen.

But you don’t need all these men getting their attraction to trans women is healthy and extraordinarily good. You only need one (assuming your monogamous).

So now, no matter where you live, likely there are millions of men. And if you have attractive qualities, men will find you attractive. You only want/need one of them as your partner. Why are you making finding your match so hard?

Maybe it’s because you’re unwilling to accept that you’re not a match yet to that guy who will love you. 🤔 Think about that.

Your match is there. He’s looking for you. But if your attention is on all the guys you think won’t accept you, you literally can’t find him.

The perfect match always

In the meantime, you’re getting perfect matches. Think about the logic: if you think all men are chasers and such, how on earth are you going to meet one who isn’t? Those who aren’t you’re not even going to see! You’ll dismiss them as not attractive, or uninteresting. You’ll get uncomfortable around them. Why? Because standing in your stories about men, a man who accepts you will make you feel uncomfortable because he reflects back to you stories inconsistent with those dominant in you.

In other words, so long as you stand in stories about men being uninterested in you because you’re trans, you’ll only meet those kinds of men. Same goes with stories about men who want you to top them, or that see you as a fetish.

You must change your beliefs before you’re able to see the world full of men who would love you happily.

Or, you can settle for a lesbian relationship.

Once this client realized the connection between guys she meets and stories she has about those guys, a light bulb went off in her. To her it was obvious. She’ll meet better guys when her stories are better.

Meanwhile the men she meets are perfect. They keep showing her the point from which she’s creating her dating reality. They include guys asking her for dick pics, guys texting her when drunk talking about how horny they are, as well as men who tell her they are afraid of dating trans women.

If you want to be with a man, and you end up with a woman, you compromised on your dreams. There’s no need to do that. But you will, if you don’t know how to get what you really want.

You get what you create

I’m not surprised so many trans women turn to women. They don’t understand why they’re getting the results with men they do. They think they have to compromise what they want in order to be happy. But my clients know stories are powerful and totally within the storyteller’s control. Which is why they keep coming back to their sessions.

Face it. Most men see trans women as men in dresses. But that doesn’t mean you must meet such men while dating. Unless, of course you keep bitching about such men! Same goes with the early trans-attracted variety, those still trying to get their shit together.

Again: the only reason trans women meet such men is: they still have to get their own shit together. Which means talking about, thinking about and focusing ONLY on what they want. Not what they don’t want.

Look around at your friends. Notice beliefs your trans woman friends have about men. Then look at how their dating goes. It’s as plain as the nose on your face that stories create reality. Everyone telling stories about what they don’t want get that. Tell stories about what you want consistently and you get that.

You only need one (if you’re monogamous). So why are you thinking about all the men you don’t want? Think instead about the one you do want. Then watch how easy having him becomes.

The best available at the time

I know, many trans women think what I talk about here is hooey. The thing is, like most profound wisdom, this stuff I talk about verifies and confirms the 100 percent subjective nature of reality. Meaning, in order to prove it works, you must put what I share into practice in your life. When you do, results are 100 percent guaranteed.

My clients get it. They’ve proven it to themselves. So they get great results and live as powerful women. Like this client.

Meanwhile, every man you meet perfectly matches what you believe. As my client in this video accurately says, you might think you know what your beliefs are. But if you’re frustrated in dating, you don’t. Every trans woman meets their perfect match(es). If they don’t match what you want, then what you believe and what you want are at cross purposes.

The reason trans women don’t like who they meet is they don’t realize why they’re meeting such men.

You meet the cream of the crop in terms of men you’re meeting. They serve a purpose. And they’ll keep serving that powerful, valuable purpose until you learn from them. All relationships are stepping stones.

That one guy trans women want is not as elusive as he seems. He can come as easily as your next breath. That is, if you’re not so proud that you’re willing to accept the way you’re trying to find him is your problem. Not that he doesn’t exist.

A documentary worth watching

449ec9f1-a031-43d1-8d8d-4ca2ec98f506_c0-7-1200-560_r1300x600Katie Couric and producers at National Geographic nailed probably the best presentation on the transgender “movement” and the broader gender awakening in the United States while blending in salient perspectives from around the world.

Gender Revolution is a National Geographic documentary which explores how the gender binary is falling way in the wake of generations of human beings who defy this “norm”.

If you’re trans-attracted or transamorous – even if you are aware or think you are aware of the issues and subtle nuances of what’s happening around you – this documentary is definitely worth watching.

The show examines multiple perspectives of the movement: the nomenclature, characters, political changes underway, their impact on human lives and more. It personalizes what it means to be queer, making it clear to those who don’t understand what is happening that what is happening is real, is serious and needs their attention. If anyone you know is struggling to understand what is happening in the field of gender expression. This documentary does a good job as a general overview.

Some salient points:

  • There are distinct differences between the brains of heterosexual, homosexual and transgender people, so arguing that genitals are determinate of gender (anyone with a penis is a boy) is proven false. This is not the only evidence the documentary offers that refutes such arguments.
  • More than anything, the best measure of one’s gender is how a person feels. Consistently through the show, including in several scientific studies, it is shown that the majority of people who feel they are trans (or anything else other than the binary “norm”) rarely change their view, even after quite invasive medical procedures.
  • Many of these people are willing to die for how they feel. Indeed, one transwoman, who also happens to be an orthopedic surgeon, is 80 years old and still intends to have her “bottom surgery.” Another transwoman, also senior in years, is also a surgeon and known as one of the foremost experts in the surgery, performing nearly 130 each year. Clearly, something more than “mental illness” is at work here.
  • Gender is who you go to bed as. Orientation is who you go to be with.
  • It is possible for a man to have a vagina and a woman to have a penis. Again, anatomy does not determine gender, sex, or orientation. Intersex individuals are the best example of how sexual organs do not determine the sex of an individual.
  • There are nations, cultures and peoples who have not only accepted, but fully honor people outside the gender binary as not only something distinct from “male” or “female” but also worthy of appreciation. These nations, cultures and peoples have held these cultural norms for very long time periods. This must mean therefore that people falling into these categories also have always been around and also must be normal.

Another seemingly obvious conclusion to draw from all this is that men who are attracted to these people – particularly transpeople for our purposes – are as normal as the people they are attracted to. It’s also a safe conclusion to make that these men (men like you and me) have been around for as long as our objects of affection have been.

So what is there to be shamed about? There is so much evidence in the world that you are normal and healthy. But that evidence is invisible to you if you are steeped in stories of shame and embarrassment. Change your beliefs and discover an entire world that supports you as you are. You’ll be glad you did.

National Geographic’s Gender Revolution can be seen on Netflix.