Proof is here!

Several weeks ago I mentioned – kind of as a funny prognostication – that there would be more transgender actors gracing all the stages: big screen, tv, online, etc.

Well, holy-moly, I’ve been proven right! Lol.

It seems more and more trans and other LGBT people are actually getting acting roles as media increasingly recognizes not only these people as real, valid members of the human race, but also as talented actors.

It’s so cool to see Laverne Cox rocking her own show, but there’s even a gender fluid person on one of my favorite shows Billions. 

So cool. <drops mike>

16 – Girl You’re A Girl!

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Like many transwomen, Abby believes in unicorns. You know, that rare, fantasy of a man who is attracted to you not as a sex object, but for who you are. Do you believe men like this are impossible to find or don’t exist at all? In this episode, we call bull shit on all that. There are tons of men out there who are wanting to be with you. So how do you find them? We talk with Abby about that and more.

This guy loves transwomen

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Micah has no shame loving transwomen. He is out and happy. Just like you can be men. In this episode, we introduce our first transamorous male guest and talk about what it’s like being transamorous, what differentiates the transamorous male from the tranny chaser, and why society should just get over its judgement of a real and precious love.



Video: How to find your ideal partner

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Men, listen up. If you’re having difficulty finding the transpartner of your dreams, it’s not because you can’t find her. It’s because of the stories you have about who you are, and who you think transwomen are. We can help you go from being a seeker, admirer, chaser, to finding the transwoman of your dreams. Seriously.