How I EASILY Met My Perfect Transgender Girlfriend

I usually write posts about extraordinary results my Transamorous Network clients get. Today, I’m writing about my results. They’re pretty freaking cool. And they show how easy it is to meet our matches, whether we’re trans or trans-attracted.

That’s right, much like Hair Club For Men founder Sy Sperling, I’m not only the founder of The Transamorous Network, I’m also a client. In other words, I practice what I preach. The same things I tell clients to do in their lives, I do in mine.

Sometimes someone will ask me “if your approach works so well, how come you’re not in a relationship?”

The answer is complicated.

I’m in the process of my own self-discovery. That’s my priority. I am exploring my own gender expression among other things. A lot of “me” is under construction therefore. Yes, I’m 100 percent exclusive about being with a transgender woman. But I wasn’t clear what specifics I wanted in a partner yet. Because I’m not clear about me.

But then, Muriel happened (I’ve changed her name and some details to protect her privacy). That’s right. She came into my life unexpectedly. And, over time, I’ve developed a fascinating attraction to her. More on that later.

What’s important now is how this happened. I didn’t do ANY of the things others do to find their partner. I didn’t go to bars. Nor did I join a dating site. She literally came to me. That’s exactly how I promise my clients their partners will show up: with no effort on their part. I just kept telling positive stories. And then Muriel showed up.

She wasn’t the only one

I wasn’t out looking for transgender girlfriend. Still, I would regularly come across them in town. Every so often, transgender women would hit on me too. That’s because I’m open and authentic about who I am. I embrace all of me, especially my transamory. Which is why the Universe brings me trans women all the time. That tells me I have my stories right.

Over the years, several transgender women have been so bold as to call my cell. Out of the blue, I’d get a call. I love it when transgender women are bold like that. I know when they are like that, there must be something about them that resonates with who I’m being. So when that has happened, I’ve reveled in the rendezvous no matter what happens after that call.

Not every transgender woman who reaches out is my type. But instead of focusing on that, I always reveled in those who were matches. So it isn’t a surprise to me that I eventually came across someone like Muriel. Someone who is, for the moment, a perfect match to my constantly refining desire.

Chasing is the hard way guys and gals

How many of you men have tried to get a trans girl’s attention, in a bar or online, and been ignored or ghosted? I know you’ve had that experience. I’ve had it too, when I was doing what some of you do. That experience sucks. Especially when some transgender women hold preconceived notions that all of us are fetishizers out for lustful satisfaction only.

When you’re out in a bar or online somewhere, it’s not easy to weed out those kinds of transgender women from the ones you want. You want trans women who want to be with you because they appreciate who you are. That’s why I tell my clients stop doing what every other guy (or trans girl) does. Instead, do something different: let the Universe bring the girl/guy to you!

Many guys think that’s crazy talk. They think it won’t work. Even some trans girls think that way. Maybe you think that way. Not my clients though. It takes convincing at first. But in time, life shows them how easy finding love can be.

Think I’m bullshitting? How do you explain these high quality girls, both of whom reached out to me recently. Both did so on their own initiative, with me not having any idea they were out there:

A high quality transgender woman expressing her affection…
And here’s another!

These are just two of the many transgender women who have reached out to me recently. Since starting The Transamorous Network, I’ve been approached my many more, through my blog and in person. But enough of that. Now, I want to lavish thoughts about Muriel, the girl I find myself fascinatingly attracted to.

An wonderful connection

She responded to a blog post I wrote earlier this year. Muriel and I see the world similarly. So I appreciated her perspective. I sent her an admiring reply. She replied with thanks. I don’t think either one of us had romantic intentions.

But the more I read some of her posts, including those on Facebook, the more I realized Muriel was really, really smart. I don’t remember who initiated, but we became Facebook friends. From there, getting to know one another accelerated.

Now, besides being super, wicked smart, Muriel also looks great. At least I think so. I especially like that she proudly owns being a “woman with a dick”, as she puts it, which I think is the epitome of what it means to be trans. She doesn’t try to be a cis-woman. She’s proud that she’s trans. And I love that about her. I also like that she’s close to my age. And that she recognizes me as a staunch ally of transgender women, which I am, of course!

When Muriel first sent me racy pictures, I was surprised. I didn’t ask for them, but I did welcome them. Muriel responded with more, increasingly revealing photos. Along with them, we had wonderfully intimate and revealing conversations around sexuality, gender expression, what we like to do in bed and more. I love her self-assuredness. And I’m happy she trusts me.

Muriel also is married and has a child. Her relationship is open, though, which is perfect for me because at the moment, I prefer focusing on my self development. Still, I look forward to seeing Muriel in person. In the meantime, I love who she is. And I enjoy time with her.

The Transamorous Network approach works

My life shows me in so many ways that what I show my clients works. I’m producing the same results they get on the subject of relationship. But that’s not all. I also see other parts of my life proving this stuff I share works.

I’ve said this before: The best place to meet our match is in our daily life. Not at a bar. Not online. It’s more fun too. I always ask my clients this question early on: If you had your choice, which would you prefer: Meeting your ideal match spontaneously – doing what you love – or through an online dating site or in a bar?

Every client, transgender or trans-attracted gives the same answer: it’s just more fun meeting your match in that lovely, spontaneous way. The same way the Universe will give us everything else we want. But to have those experiences, we gotta tell the right stories so we become matches to what we want.

Then we won’t have to go out looking for our partner. She (or he, or they) will come to us. In the same way my clients experience it. And now, in the same way I have.

Want your perfect match to come to you? I’m here, ready to help.

The WAY To Cis-Trans Love Is The Prize, Not The Love Itself.

Photo by Fun J on Unsplash

Here’s the best way to love transgender women and trans-attracted men want: when we enjoy our journey to it. Then, we’re not so focused on the end result.

Not focused on the end result is critical. That’s because while we think we’re focusing on the end, we’re usually focused on not having it. We’re focused on how long it’s taking, for example. Or we’re focused on how sad, or impatient we are. Then we feel yucky.

Yukiness, impatience and sadness tells us something. Something we need to know to get what we want. Without knowing this, the journey is rough. And in some cases, we may never get the end result.

It’s trite…for a reason

The idiomatic expression is both trite and spot on: it’s the journey, not the destination. The more we focus on the end, the more difficult the journey gets. The longer it takes to get to the end too. But focused on pleasure we’re having in the moment, and not thinking at all about the end, the journey gets sweeter. And then, when we get to the end, we are surprised at how quickly it happened.

We can focus on the end, but we must do so in a way that generates good feelings. Any time we’re feeling bad, that emotion tells us something important.

Again, the funny thing about idiomatic expressions such as “it’s the journey, not the destination” is that they are idiomatic expressions for a reason. The reason is, they are often true.

“Time flies when we’re having fun“ is another accurate, idiomatic expression. And it applies right alongside “it’s about the journey not the destination”. When we are enjoying the journey, we are enjoying the journey. We’re not focused on the ends. So, repeating myself: when the ends come, we are delighted. And how fast it all happened surprises us too.

The journey doesn’t have to be drudgery. And when it’s not, everything we want happens faster. (Photo by Fun J on Unsplash )

It’s never about the end anyway

This is hard to accept: notice that, often, when people finally end up in a relationship, the relationship becomes a drama-filled torture chamber. It isn’t very long before stories both people have about relationships, people, themselves, etc., start creating unpleasant experiences.

And the more focused on that displeasure – by thinking about it, complaining to their partner, or their friends, about it – the more of those experiences the relationship offers. Before long, both parties are wondering why the hell they got into the relationship in the first place! And at least one of them, if not both of them, is happy when it’s over!

So, can you see how focusing on the outcome often brings about an unpleasant version of that? If, instead, we focuses on the journey, we’re already is pleased. In that pleasurable feeling, we can only match up with people who feel similarly. That is, if we’ve done the work of cultivating positive stories, and culling negative ones.

This is why it seems like it takes longer for Transamorous Network clients to find partners. They are busy culling old stories as they enjoy the journey to their dream relationships. Not drama-filled torture chambers! And along the way, they’re enjoying the journey.

Someone who influenced me telling it as I know it.

Doing what everyone else is doing

Most people are doing what other people are doing in order to find their partners. They are suffering through online dating. They go to dating meet ups or hang out in bars. In other words, they’re trying to find love they want through their action.

Meanwhile, their stories are creating experiences they’re having well before any of their action can influence what’s happening. Sure, they may have dates. They may even have fun on those dates. But as I have written above, those dates typically don’t last very long. And many of them end up drama-filled torture chambers.

So, to get what we want, and enjoy getting it, we must do what others aren’t doing. It’s not easy at first. It takes practice. But like everything worthwhile, that practice develops into habit. Then it’s just second nature. It’s just who we are. Then, not only do we get love we want, we also get everything else. Life becomes the Charmed Life I write about on my other blog.

Think of that: if we’re joyful, loving life, pleased with our lives and having fun, what kind of person are we more likely to meet? Aren’t we more likely to meet someone who is equally in that space?

I’m making the argument here for a different way of creating relationship. By enjoying the journey, and taking our minds off the result, the journey becomes more fun, and by default, so must the relationship that results.

Getting love we want can be fun and easy. (Photo by Jeremy Bishop)

It’s worth it

My clients attest to how practical and satisfying this approach is. They come to enjoy the journey. And in enjoying the journey, they discover things about themselves they also enjoy. Besides, the best relationship to enjoy is the relationship with ourselves. And when we love ourselves, we can’t help but meet people who express that kind of love also.

Repeating myself again: it takes practice getting there. But on the way “there” we’re having fun. We’re finding joy in ourselves. We’re discovering we don’t need a partner.

Then we discover something really miraculous: when we realize we don’t need a partner, the partner shows up. That’s because, “need“ sends out repulsive energy. Neediness is a repellent. Everyone knows this instinctively. Neediness is not a strong foundation for relationship either.

So if we’re needy, and if we’re impatient, or not enjoying our journey to our relationship, then we’re emanating something working against our desire to have one. At least one we’ll like.

Let’s do something about that neediness. Then let’s get that relationship you want, by first, discovering the joy of the journey. Contact me. Let’s talk.

How To Be Safe And Date As A Trans Woman

Dear TTN,

I am a trans woman who recently found your service through an online search. I love the idea of what you are trying to accomplish. It seems like you have had a lot of success with helping individuals find each other and then find love. There is something that worries me though. With everything going on in our country right now it can be dangerous to be openly trans and looking for a partner. Not all people are as open and accepting as you. So here’s my questions: When connecting men to trans women how do you know it’s genuine? How do you know the man doesn’t have ulterior motives? Is there a vetting process? 

 I just want to be safe.

 Thank You,


Hey Safe-T,

Thanks for reaching out. I appreciate your concerns. How The Transamorous Network process works is much different than the way, it seems, you’re thinking it works.

By the end of this description, I think you’ll see there is no risk at all wrt meeting someone who would pose a danger to you. It will also show why I have “a lot of success” with helping people find the love they are looking for.

I help the people I work with, both transgender women and trans-attracted/transamorous men, move through various stages of becoming a match to the person they want to meet. So none of them are ready to be “matched” with a potential partner in real life at first.

Trying to match them in person with potential partners would be very challenging because of this. They can only find and resonate with what they’re putting out (i.e. their match). And most of my clients start off as NOT being a match to who they ultimately want as partners. So trying to put together an in-person match would fail way more than it succeeds. This explains why online dating has such dismal success. People only meet people they’re a match to. And most people aren’t ready to meet that perfect person. Including clients.

So that’s the first point.

The second point supports the first. Because of what I just described above, I don’t “literally” match people with potential partners in person. That would be far too difficult. I would need a HUGE stable of potential matches. But even if I did have such a stable, the chances of such “matches” working out would be very, very slim.

What I do instead is help people on both sides of the trans-community dating dynamic change how they think about the people on the other side of the dynamic. In other words, I help the men better understand the woman they want to meet, mostly by first understanding themselves. I do the same with transgender women. In doing that, gradually, both the men and the women find themselves increasingly meeting better matches “spontaneously” or “coincidentally”. However, the approach I use doesn’t acknowledge “coincidence” in the way society generally means when using that word.

What happens is, as clients change their stories, they become better matches to the kinds of people they want to meet. As they do that, the physical world, which is a reflection of one’s internal, psychic or mental state, includes potential partners that are, again, increasingly better and better matches. This naturally results when one improves their internal, psychic or mental state. Because the external world is a reflection of that inner world.

This process usually takes a while, as all things usually do in physical reality. That’s mainly because it takes people a while to acknowledge stories (beliefs, thoughts, ideas) about themselves, about being trans, being trans-attracted, about relationships, about potential partners, etc. are creating their reality. They also must contend with the momentum of whatever current disempowering stories they have about these subjects, which are being reflected back to them in their now-reality and must therefore be contended with before improvement shows up.

But through the process, this improvement and progress becomes obvious. Evidence proving its working quickly piles up until it becomes undeniable. In time, then, people begin relaxing with the process instead of resisting it. Then they ease beliefs that are contrary to what they want.

As they do this, one of the pieces of evidence that shows up is, prospective partners – their quality, character, etc. – start improving. As that happens, clients relax more (give up more resistance). Eventually, physical reality MUST present the client with an ideal partner, or partners, if that’s what they want, since physical reality is a reflection of one’s internal, psychic or mental state.

This is why I have so much success with both sides of the trans-community dating dynamic. I help clients address the source from which their dating experience emerges, rather than trying to figure out whether this person or that person will be their ideal match. Their ideal match shows up automatically, once the client gets their stories to match what it is they want.

Ultimately, every date represents a perfect match. They always reflect back to us who we’re dominantly being. So if a person is meeting people they don’t like, the problem isn’t in the people they’re meeting. The person is the problem.

They’re also the solution.

So, presuming you’re still reading 🙂 you can see how the risk of meeting someone posing a danger to you would be impossible with my approach. It simply can’t happen, because the client is predisposed, mentally, psychically to not meet such people as a result of the process we use. Then physical reality only brings people who are a match to that predisposition.

The Post-Op Dilemma

Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

This post is not easy to write. I know many transgender women will dislike what’s written here. Even though some of what’s here comes directly from a transgender woman. So, reader, if you’re easily triggered, please skip this story. If you’re not, and you’re post-op and struggling to find a man, this story can help.

A lot of transgender women complain about men expressing their natural attraction to them. Yes, many of those men speak from their initial self-discovery. They’re just finding out about their trans attraction. So, like an adolescent, they communicate in hyper-sexualized ways. They behave like adolescents too.

Further, many of these guys’ interests often focus on pre-op transgender women. Now, that means nothing about a post-op woman’s ability to find a male partner. Plenty of men exist out there who will accept post-op transgender women. But such women must believe they exist. Otherwise, they can’t find the man who will love them. Even though such men exist.

Beliefs create reality

Everyone’s experience springs from one’s inner state. Our subjective worlds spring from and reflect our inner consciousness. Beliefs, conclusions, complaints…whatever word we call it…that inner reality gets reflected in our outer reality.

That’s why we at The Transamorous Network call the inner content of one’s consciousness “stories”. Changing one’s stories will eventually create reality matching the change. So when transgender women tell stories about trans-attracted men fixating on “female bodies with penises”, they create a reality consistent with that. One where they can’t find men who aren’t so-fixated.

Then, the women will double down on their beliefs. Their beliefs get proven “true”. Then they can’t see evidence to the contrary. Like this girl:

She’s doubling down on disempowering beliefs creating her reality. No wonder she can’t find any men who aren’t driven by porn to focus on penises.

Beliefs and their respective reality become so true, such women will challenge everyone to “prove them wrong”. But when someone does, they won’t accept it.

And this is where the dilemma of being post-op arises.

They’re not the same

No transgender woman’s happiness need depend on a man. Nor need it depend on any kind of partner. Not even a pet! Happiness also doesn’t require changing one’s body.

But many transgender women do change their bodies in ways that ease dysphoria such women feel. That’s a good thing. It’s great that medical technology exists to help with that. I support women who go “post-op”. But many of these women face the “post-op dilemma” when it comes to finding a male partner.

Usually such women want society to acknowledge them as women. I support their desire. Yet, such women aren’t willing to fully accept consequences which come with that desire. This is the “post-op dilemma”. For in getting what they want, they become, in the eyes of men, an option alongside cis-women. But only for men willing to consider that option.

The dilemma is, most men won’t. They won’t for many reasons, some justifiable, some not. Men who know a trans woman is post op, will always compare the woman to cis-women. Cis-women with naturally-occurring vaginas. In my opinion, a naturally-occurring vagina will always outperform a non-naturally-occurring one. I know this because I’ve experienced sex with a post-op transgender woman. But don’t take my word for it, check out this transgender woman’s perspective:

A transgender woman and her male partner both expressing their views on being post-op. They guy, btw, doesn’t fixate on her genitalia. He doesn’t care what’s down there.

I’m not saying trans women shouldn’t go post op. If that’s what y’all want, go for it, girls. But they should check their stories as they do! If they think men won’t want them because they don’t have a penis, they’re setting themselves up for trouble!

Get your head of your crotch!

There are a LOT of reasons why men are trans attracted. Sexual exoticism is an early aspect of trans-attraction. It will always fade though as a man understands his attraction. As they move into transamory, they lose that fixation. So if post-op women really want men, then they must first take their attention off of their crotches!

Here they are, complaining about men focusing on what they have or don’t have down there. Meanwhile, THE WOMEN ARE AS FIXATED ON IT AS THE MEN! In other words, the women are a match to men focusing on their crotch. Is it any wonder those are the only men they meet?

Getting out of the post-op dilemma is easy. It starts with stop paying attention so much to one’s crotch. Instead accentuate positive aspects of what such women bring to the table. Those aspects can overcome the functional disadvantage of one’s non-naturally-occuring vagina. And when post-op women stop focusing on their crotch so much, they’ll become a match to men who similarly aren’t bunged up about what’s between the women’s legs.

Again, transgender women’s focus on their crotches makes them a match to men equally focused there. I understand that may be a big part of their dysphoria. But again, dysphoria is a condition perpetuated by stories. Just like every life condition.

Do what you must to ease your dysphoria. Just don’t stay bunged up on what you’re doing.

What else you can do

Besides, realize the vast majority of time spent with a partner happens outside the bedroom. Post-op transgender women can do a lot to discover men who’ll want them by focusing on other areas.

Like what?

How about developing one’s intellect, compassion, transparency and vulnerability? They can cultivate interests worth sharing with a partner. How about becoming a brilliant partner! That’s what I encourage clients do. In other words, become a great match to that great man you want! A man who is focused on things he’s interested in. Things having nothing to do with your crotch.

While they’re at it, how about developing a better appreciation of trans-attracted men? That way such women can understand where they’re coming from instead of hating them. Then they can help them overcome their myopic focus, rather than being triggered by it.

Doing that will make such women better, brilliant partners. After all, transgender woman have issues. There’s no human who doesn’t. Real partners, not fantasies, help their partners become better. Real partnerships are two-way streets in that regard.

Taking these suggestions to heart will cause a post-op transgender women to become a match to the compassionate, transparent, vulnerable trans-attracted men out there; men who will find them attractive. No matter what’s between their legs.

These men exist! I KNOW because I’ve spoken to many of them! I even know some in relationships with transgender women!

A hyper-focus on the post-op condition makes such men inaccessible though. I say this to post-op transgender women claiming no men want them: Take your head out from between your legs. Make your post-op status a non-issue. Then see what happens.

Need help doing that? I can help.

Why Trans And Trans-Attracted People Are So Scary

Photo by Alexandra Gorn on Unsplash

It’s not about us. It’s about them.

The world is a scary place for most people. Even those who think they’re not scared, are. If they’re not scared of life, they’re scared of their own death. Which makes them afraid to take what they perceive are big risks. Like following their passions or living authentically.

This also explains why people express conservative views. There’s a fear underlying trying to keep things the way they are. Or keeping things the same or stable. Or the way things used to be.

So when a transgender person or a trans-attracted person shows up, that person threatens stability conservative people create in order to feel safe. Furthermore even transgender people can express conservatism. Especially in relationships. Many are unwilling to expand their understanding of trans-attracted men beyond what they think they know about us.

A person who feels they’re progressive can also slip into conservative thinking if presented with something too progressive, for example. Especially if that thing presented has an impact on the person’s view of themselves. Especially if their self-view depends on how others view them. Particularly when “others” means one’s own peer group. This especially holds true for “oppressed” groups and their members.

Black power masking weakness

I once attended a Clubhouse conversation on racism, hosted by a prominent black activist. This prominent person enjoyed notoriety among black people. Especially so on this social platform. Not long into the conversation, another person of color spoke. He said he didn’t think racism was a real thing. He described how, instead, racist views represented a moral injury. “Racists” in his view were morally-injured people. Their injuries sustained from within their families of origin.

When I agreed aloud, the momentum was too much for the prominent activist. She signed off of the conversation. Before doing so she expressed discomfort over the conversation’s direction.

The activist went “conservative” on matters of race and blackness. For her, shibboleths had been violated. She couldn’t bear hearing our perspective. One held by people who looked like her.

Often power masks insecurity, weakness and intolerance. It doesn’t matter if that power is borne from experiencing oppression. It’s a shaky power that crumbles in the face of a divergent opinion. Especially if that power can’t welcome and embrace new ideas. Particularly ideas that may be disagreeable.

Nearly everyone is susceptible to expressing conservative thinking. Especially when it comes to their opinions about life. No one is immune. Not even transgender people. Or trans-attracted people.

We represent possibility

Meanwhile, transgender and trans-attracted people exemplify an expansion of human consciousness. That expansion sometimes even threatens transgender and trans-attracted people! Yes, the same people expressing the expansion!

That’s the divine paradox of human expansion. In all cases, those exemplifying the expansion do it, primarily, for themselves. Which explains why so many trans-attracted men AND TRANSGENDER WOMEN struggle accepting they are trans-attracted or transgender. The story is the same for both groups. Both are learning self-acceptance while offering the same lessons to those around them.

The possibility of expansion is a gift we give ourselves…if we’re willing to accept it.

For non-binary people it’s the same.

We all came to the world to choose freely. We came to create our world and the world around us in our image. Meaning, according to our unique perspective. We came to live our way. Not to regurgitate ways others already explored and express. We are All That Is seeing new and diverse freedoms that push outward our self-imposed boundaries.

And in doing that we help All That Is become more and human expression to evolve in line with that.

Radical self-acceptance is divinity expressed

And in doing THAT we confront those who struggle with their own, personal expansionism. More so for those stuck in lack-of-self-acceptance. Or worse, those trying to create the past out of fear and insecurity of a future that threatens a rigid belief system.

The glorious thing about being WHO we are is the inherent glory of WHAT we are: expression of creativity, moving, living examples of what’s possible for ourselves and for others. It can be hard accepting that others resist what we are. It doesn’t have to be though.

That resistance can be scary for some. But it needn’t be scary either. The answer to the fear is not legislation, or coercing or forcing others to accept us. The answer lies in radical self-acceptance. Then one emanates then attracts acceptance from others. It doesn’t happen overnight. But it will happen, guaranteed.

Some in our community think the world around them objectively presents challenges separate from what’s happening within them. That’s never the case. The outside world is a reflection of one’s inner condition. Figure that out and the world becomes our oyster. Then, everything is possible.

Those who don’t understand this think I blame people for their experiences. Such an expression only shows how little such people understand how the world works and what and who they are.

The good news: Ignorance is always temporary. Choose illumination.