Why Trans And Trans-Attracted People Are So Scary

Photo by Alexandra Gorn on Unsplash

It’s not about us. It’s about them.

The world is a scary place for most people. Even those who think they’re not scared, are. If they’re not scared of life, they’re scared of their own death. Which makes them afraid to take what they perceive are big risks. Like following their passions or living authentically.

This also explains why people express conservative views. There’s a fear underlying trying to keep things the way they are. Or keeping things the same or stable. Or the way things used to be.

So when a transgender person or a trans-attracted person shows up, that person threatens stability conservative people create in order to feel safe. Furthermore even transgender people can express conservatism. Especially in relationships. Many are unwilling to expand their understanding of trans-attracted men beyond what they think they know about us.

A person who feels they’re progressive can also slip into conservative thinking if presented with something too progressive, for example. Especially if that thing presented has an impact on the person’s view of themselves. Especially if their self-view depends on how others view them. Particularly when “others” means one’s own peer group. This especially holds true for “oppressed” groups and their members.

Black power masking weakness

I once attended a Clubhouse conversation on racism, hosted by a prominent black activist. This prominent person enjoyed notoriety among black people. Especially so on this social platform. Not long into the conversation, another person of color spoke. He said he didn’t think racism was a real thing. He described how, instead, racist views represented a moral injury. “Racists” in his view were morally-injured people. Their injuries sustained from within their families of origin.

When I agreed aloud, the momentum was too much for the prominent activist. She signed off of the conversation. Before doing so she expressed discomfort over the conversation’s direction.

The activist went “conservative” on matters of race and blackness. For her, shibboleths had been violated. She couldn’t bear hearing our perspective. One held by people who looked like her.

Often power masks insecurity, weakness and intolerance. It doesn’t matter if that power is borne from experiencing oppression. It’s a shaky power that crumbles in the face of a divergent opinion. Especially if that power can’t welcome and embrace new ideas. Particularly ideas that may be disagreeable.

Nearly everyone is susceptible to expressing conservative thinking. Especially when it comes to their opinions about life. No one is immune. Not even transgender people. Or trans-attracted people.

We represent possibility

Meanwhile, transgender and trans-attracted people exemplify an expansion of human consciousness. That expansion sometimes even threatens transgender and trans-attracted people! Yes, the same people expressing the expansion!

That’s the divine paradox of human expansion. In all cases, those exemplifying the expansion do it, primarily, for themselves. Which explains why so many trans-attracted men AND TRANSGENDER WOMEN struggle accepting they are trans-attracted or transgender. The story is the same for both groups. Both are learning self-acceptance while offering the same lessons to those around them.

The possibility of expansion is a gift we give ourselves…if we’re willing to accept it.

For non-binary people it’s the same.

We all came to the world to choose freely. We came to create our world and the world around us in our image. Meaning, according to our unique perspective. We came to live our way. Not to regurgitate ways others already explored and express. We are All That Is seeing new and diverse freedoms that push outward our self-imposed boundaries.

And in doing that we help All That Is become more and human expression to evolve in line with that.

Radical self-acceptance is divinity expressed

And in doing THAT we confront those who struggle with their own, personal expansionism. More so for those stuck in lack-of-self-acceptance. Or worse, those trying to create the past out of fear and insecurity of a future that threatens a rigid belief system.

The glorious thing about being WHO we are is the inherent glory of WHAT we are: expression of creativity, moving, living examples of what’s possible for ourselves and for others. It can be hard accepting that others resist what we are. It doesn’t have to be though.

That resistance can be scary for some. But it needn’t be scary either. The answer to the fear is not legislation, or coercing or forcing others to accept us. The answer lies in radical self-acceptance. Then one emanates then attracts acceptance from others. It doesn’t happen overnight. But it will happen, guaranteed.

Some in our community think the world around them objectively presents challenges separate from what’s happening within them. That’s never the case. The outside world is a reflection of one’s inner condition. Figure that out and the world becomes our oyster. Then, everything is possible.

Those who don’t understand this think I blame people for their experiences. Such an expression only shows how little such people understand how the world works and what and who they are.

The good news: Ignorance is always temporary. Choose illumination.

How Toxic Positivity Destroys Life’s Greatest Gifts

Question: Do people who believe in manifestation believe in toxic positivity?

Answer: I cannot speak for all “people”. But I can speak with accuracy for myself.

Anything someone believes will eventually prove “true”. But only for that person. And for those who become a match to that belief.

“Toxic Positivity” is a belief. It emerged only recently. As Law of Attraction gained prominence in recent decades some react strongly to its ideas. “Toxic Positivity” represents a manifestation of the phrase’s creator’s struggle with their Belief Constellation. This person’s pessimism runs so strongly, Law of Attraction’s success prompts this equally strong, knee-jerk reaction.

A person who lives pessimistically, for example, might conclude from that orientation that life’s glass is “half-empty”. They’ll see life as a struggle, risky, inherently random and out of their control. From their perspective you gotta be careful, work hard and even then things might not go your way. Their locus of control is external.

A conclusion is a belief. Again any belief, held long enough, will prove true. So this person’s life will prove their conclusions about life true.

Life always reflects belief

Life experience has influence on belief. But life experience BENDS to belief. It is expectation (belief) that gets “life” going. And expectation determines future experience. However, once life gets going, remembering that beliefs create experience gets shaky. That’s because we focus more on the physical world. We focus comparatively less on our inner world. But again, our inner world originates the outer.

So then, a chronically negative person will attract more negative experiences because that’s how they focus. This includes more negative thoughts and beliefs. They also put more attention on the outside world. They don’t consider their inner world and do something about their negative beliefs. Instead they take them for granted as indelibly true. So life gives more experience consistent with their “truth”.

But truth can change. Truth changes constantly.

Chronic negative focus makes attracting more negative beliefs a foregone conclusion. Same with negative experiences. IT WILL ALSO MAKE IT VERY HARD TO ACCEPT DISSIMILAR THOUGHTS.

Momentum creates more

So then consider when someone tells such a person, they create their reality. “Change your beliefs to more positive ones,” They say. “And you can improve your life experience”. Of course the listener’s Belief Constellation, their dominant negative focus, will vigorously repel such a statement. That’s because the statement confronts existing belief momentum. Momentum that is extremely strong. Momentum with a lot of evidence proving it “true”.

For example, sometimes when I write transgender and trans-attracted people create their reality, I will get verbal lashings from some transgender women and trans-attracted men. They will claim I’m “blaming the victim.” Or they’ll say “It’s not my fault I got evicted from my apartment because I’m trans.”

“Blame” and “Fault” are strong words I never use. That’s because I stand in empowerment. I encourage others through what I share to do similarly. But a person whose locus of control is outside themselves will only hear me “blaming” or “faulting” them. Even if I don’t use those words. That’s their Belief Constellation acting as a filter while they’re reading.

It’s real and worth giving up

All That Is is extremely complex and diverse. It also is very creative. So “Toxic Positivity” is a creative term springing from a small part of All That Is. That small part represents consciousness focused predominantly in a negative orientation. That orientation will not allow the consciousness, nor the intelligence it possesses, from even considering positive orientation. It will strenuously resist….then create a new idea from its extreme revulsion. The new idea will expand and reinforce negative orientation. The idea? TOXIC Positivity.

It will then vastly amplify that consciousness’ attachment to negativity and negativity’s momentum in the process. Then it will attract other people who see the world similarly. So yes, Toxic Positivity is real. But just because it’s real doesn’t mean it’s something to pay attention to.

Racism and inequality are real. Do you want to look at that? If you want the life you want, you’re better off ignoring those things right along with Toxic Positivity. Because what you look at is where you’re focusing. And what you focus on you get more of.

So yes, it’s real. But so is every other thought. Any thought held long enough will manifest corresponding reality, all other factors being equal. So Toxic Positivity is a manifestation. A manifestation of chronic negative focus. A focus held so long it cannot bear to accept what’s at the heart of All That Is: Pure Positive Energy.

I prefer focusing on the positive aspects of life. That way, I get more of that. I suggest you do the same.

My Cheating Husband Betrayed Me With A Transgirl

The Transamorous Network
The Transamorous Network

Dear The Transamorous Network

My husband is trans attracted. I’ve known this for the 6 years we have been together. He has completely broken me. My self-esteem and self-worth are destroyed. My home is broken and I feel he has no remorse. We are getting a divorce. I do not feel that marriage counseling will help because at the end of the day I cannot satisfy my husband. His constant porn addiction and running to grindr everytime we argue shows me that his real desire is to be with a trans women. I feel betrayed, angry and stupid to think that he would ever just love me and want me. I’m completely defeated and spend my days reading articles about trans attraction and cry myself to sleep at night. My husband is so quick to defend the trans community but not our marriage and this is a feeling I cannot describe.

Sad and divorcing

Hi Sad,

I’m curious by what you wrote here. You said in your comment above that you’ve known your husband was trans-attracted for the 6 years you’ve been together. Is this accurate or was it a mis-statement?

Either way, I get your sense of betrayal and anger. But you’re not “stupid”. Men will go to all kinds of lengths to conceal this part of them FROM THEMSELVES. That part of them, if denied, is quite cunning. Such a guy will devise all kinds of rationalizations to keep knowing and accepting themselves out of their conscious awareness. It’s just too much of a threat to their self. I should know. I was once where your husband is. The problem is (as you may have read in your research) transamory will not accept compromise. It will find expression one way or another.

Your soon-to-be ex’s transamory HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU. Again, you’re not “stupid”. You just chose a guy who hasn’t accepted who he is. Had he accepted himself, he would have never married you. His marrying you was a compromise.

His explorations while married to you were not personal either. Well they were, but had nothing to do with you. They are personal to HIM. They are about HIM trying to understand himself.

Hopefully you can love him despite this and despite the fact that you’re divorcing. Love, real love, is unconditional. That means, no matter the conditions love persists. “Conditions” include no longer being with someone you once shared six years of your life with. So I know you’re ABLE to love him even knowing you no longer can be with him. The real question is, are you WILLING to?

If you are willing you can find peace.

Good Luck Finding Love If You Don’t Love Yourself

(Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash)

The trick to finding the love you want, whether trans or trans-attracted, is first loving yourself. Doing that is easier said than done though.

That’s because so many of us loathe ourselves. That loathing happens sometimes even when we think we accept who we are. In other words, it’s easy fooling one’s self into believing they love themselves when, really, they don’t.

Figuring this out as a trans-attracted man is simple. Clues show up readily. Hiding our trans-attraction or feeling shame about it is a clue. Too embarrassed to be seen out with a transgender woman? That person doesn’t love themself. Afraid of co-workers or friends finding out? That’s another clue.

Transgender women have easy-to-see clues too. But such people are less willing to acknowledge the obvious. Refusing to be seen as trans? There’s a clue. Trying to pass or go stealth? That’s a clue too. Hating your penis? There’s another.

If someone reading this is transgender, “hating your penis” could be triggering. Let’s flesh that out.

Just because someone prefers and seeks out a different bottom configuration doesn’t mean they must HATE or feel revulsion over what’s currently there. Hate and revulsion both are strong emotions. When a transgender person hates their body, and for the time being, the penis is part of the body, it’s likely other parts – shoulders, hand size – meet with similar ire.

It’s why many transgender women adorn their bodies with tattoos. Tatoos are like make up for such people. They conceal aspects the tattoo bearer can’t accept.

Lack of acceptance is lack of self love. Unless we love ALL that we are, love eludes us. Or, the kind of love that shows up, reflects our own lack of acceptance of what and who we are.

Finding the easy path to love

We all can find ourselves in love with ourselves. And, it can happen fast and easy. Acceptance is the first step.

Self acceptance means realizing one wants to change parts of who we are, but not being reviled by that thing we want changed. It’s being ok with it being there….for now. Acceptance begins the path to loving ourselves.

In acceptance we’re comfortable in our own company. We don’t need another there for that moment to be ok. Sometimes we might feel negative about some aspect of ourselves, but we quickly talk ourselves out of those negative stories. We use negative feelings as indicators for immediate action, then use them to our advantage to practice self acceptance.

Self love means genuinely loving and enjoying one’s own company as we are. In self love, another’s company is a nice-to-have. Not a must-have. Even among cis people, however, self love is rare.

A higher level is UNCONDITIONAL self-love. That means loving every aspect of one’s self with no conditions dislodging us from that state. That means accepting one has a penis and enjoying it being there, even while knowing one day it may not be. It means accepting one is trans and finding all aspects of that existence enjoyable, freeing and empowering. It means accepting and not caring that people think we’re gay for finding transgender women attractive. And it means knowing our trans-attraction is wholesome, good and appreciation-worthy no matter what others say.

Unconditional self-love can be a stretch for most people. For some, just plain self-love can try our self-image. For most, attaining acceptance is easier.

It feels impossible to love parts of us we don’t love or even hate. But it’s easier loving those parts of us than we think. (Photo by De’Andre Bush on Unsplash)

Why loving self must come first

The problem with trying to find love in a relationship is, if we either stand in lack of self acceptance (at least) or lack of self-love, the odds are very high the people we meet will be in similar places. And relationships between two such people are recipes for problems.

That’s because two people unwilling to accept or love themselves will make their relationship and their partner responsible for their problems. They’ll also make that person responsible for how they feel. Both parties therefore show up needy, whiny and negative. They pick on the other person regularly and anger easily. Such people complain a lot. And, because they blame others for their problems, they feel no agency in making themselves happy.

No wonder so many people think a relationship will make them happy. Most people don’t accept who and what they are. Let alone love who and what they are. The other problem is…IT’S NOT THE PURPOSE OF A RELATIONSHIP TO MAKE YOU HAPPY.

Relationships aren’t meant to make anyone happy. Our happiness is OUR JOB. Ideally, relationships comprise two WHOLE people. They create a relationship from which something larger than either person brings as individuals or as a couple.

Two people coming together who don’t accept or love themselves can’t build something larger than who they are. That’s because neither is brings a whole, authentic person to the relationship. So instead of two whole people making something bigger, you have two incomplete people squabbling and creating all kinds of drama.

Which is why so few relationships last. And why so few trans or trans-attracted people find lasting love. Or love period.

The easiest place to find love

The key to finding love is to find it first in ourselves. Do that first and we can’t help but eventually find love “out there”. When we love ourself, we become matches to the love we seek. Seeking love when we don’t love ourselves just attracts more of what we’re being.

That’s no fun.

It’s amazing so many of us live not loving ourselves. As transgender and trans-attracted people, we sometimes live in dissatisfaction, then blame the world for how we feel. Transgender people even blame being trans on someone other than themselves. But no one else made them trans. That’s a choice they made before coming into the world. Why they made that choice is a topic for another post.

The same holds for trans-attracted people. No one “makes” a person trans-attracted. That also is a choice self-made.

I know it feels impossible to accept that we own creating ourselves. None of us are accidents. We are not some random thing that went wrong. Realizing we choose our status (and everything else about our lives) offers huge rewards. The main ones being a sense of extreme empowerment, satisfaction and eventual impervious joy.

Love we have for ourselves means everything. Especially when it comes to getting the love we want in relationship. (Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash)

It doesn’t have to suck

Transgender women often find a smattering of that when, through surgeries, their body eventually closely matches who they know themselves to be. But as we know, some of those same trans people, even after surgeries, still don’t feel whole. Let alone feeling self acceptance, self love or unconditional love for self.

Any state of non-self-acceptance sucks. That’s because we all came here for the pleasure and joy of expressing our unbounded love to the world, then get that in return. Getting that in return first requires the ability to express it. That expression comes from accepting, loving then unconditionally loving all that we are.

Everyone can get there. And the road to that can be immensely gratifying. Fooling ourselves that we accept who we are when we actually don’t is easy. But life will always show what’s really going on behind our eyeballs, evidenced in the kinds of people and relationships we create.

Struggling with any of that or got a question? I can help.

How To Create Your Best Future

Photo by Hush Naidoo Jade Photography on Unsplash

A transgender client of mine enjoys gambling. She goes to her local casino every once in a while to wind down and play. A couple of my clients do this. It’s not something I find interesting, but what interests me about both clients is how often they win.

This Transamorous Network client’s experience, let’s call her Lucy, shows how looking “positively deranged” by telling positive stories about everything gives one access to powerful insight, insight that reveals the future.

Follow that insight and the future turns out great. You don’t need luck. And you needn’t try.

I found it interesting Lucy’s Broader Perspective used her gambling hobby as the backdrop to an amazing unfolding. Here’s what happened.

Your role in All That Is

One day Lucy headed to her favorite casino with $100 in her pocket. She planned to gamble just that money then head home.

So she walked into the casino, and, the moment she was inside, she got an impulse. She said she heard it as plain as day. The impulse said “put it all on 11”.

As one practices telling positive stories, that person connects with their Broader Perspective. That’s the part of everyone that remains in nonphysical while a portion of that perspective, that eternal, indestructible being, creates then inhabits the physical bodies we know as ourselves.

That Broader Perspective enjoys a birds-eye view of our unfolding life. It sees all  probable future realities that shoot out from us as we observe, interact with and interpret the world around us. From all we interact with and interpret, we create desires. And those desires become the fullness of All That Is.

Our Broader Perspective holds all of that and sends us signals – impulses – that, if followed, draw to us situations and circumstances consistent with fulfilled versions of those desires. Hearing the impulses requires becoming a match to this broader knowing. That’s what being “positively deranged” means: seeing the world the way one’s Broader Perspective sees it.

Obviously, great advantage exists for the person able to hear these impulses. Every Transamorous Network client develops this ability. That outcome is guaranteed as well as several others. And when they do develop this ability, then consistently follow those impulses, their life becomes the Charmed Life I write about.

Everything they want comes easily and effortlessly. It’s guaranteed.

Inner guidance advantage

When her impulse said “put it all on 11”, Lucy knew this came from being positively deranged. So she was excited about what came next.

What’s interesting about that impulse is Lucy’s Broader Perspective knew Lucy enjoyed the roulette table. So when Lucy received this impulse, she knew it meant “at the roulette table.”

But it’s also interesting – and you may know this – that 11, the number her Broader Perspective offered, is known as a powerful numerological number. One signifying a “spiritual message”.

But Lucy is just starting to learn to hear…then follow…this highly advantageous inner guidance. So when she got the impulse, she felt super excited, she said.

“I knew this was guidance from Source or my higher power or whatever,” she said. “It came the moment I walked in the door. It was obvious it wasn’t a passing thought. I knew where it came from, you know what I mean?”

I did know.

Such impulses come to me all the time. My practice includes immediately following such impulses, no matter how trivial they feel. Even if nothing immediately obvious results, I know following as many as possible, as quickly as possible, makes it possible in the future to hear, then response in kind to future, more significant impulses.

Impulses one receives from one’s Broader Perspective is the sign everyone looks for. Follow them and watch the Charmed Life emerge effortlessly. (Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash)

Fear, doubt: buzz killers

Lucy isn’t there yet. As she went from the entrance to the roulette table, doubts about the impulse rose from within her. “Doubt” is not as strong as “fear”, but both indicate beliefs or thoughts that are inconsistent with what one’s Broader Perspective knows about the subject under consideration. 

Every emotion is about that and only that. But doubt and fear say “Hey! Mind your thoughts young Padewan, you’re blocking your connection to the force!”

Lucy feared this impulse might not be what she thought it was, she said. She feared putting “all” her money on one number. If she didn’t win, she thought, her visit would be really short…only a few minutes! In other words, she didn’t fully trust her Broader Perspective guidance.

Little did she know, the doubt and fear she felt was part of a wonderful unfolding underway. An unfolding she couldn’t have predicted.

By the time she got to the table, her doubt had hold of her. But not all the way. Instead of putting all $100 on 11, she reasoned, she decided to put half of it down on 11 and keep the rest. This whole reasoning process happened in mere fractions of a second before she took her place at the table. So for those around her, she looked confident and determined.

To them, she arrived, sat, pulled out $50 and confidently put it on 11.

Numbers and their meanings get introduced to advanced Transamorous Network clients. Some think numerology is hooey. But when one delves deeply into spiritual matters, it begins making sense. (Photo courtesy Pinterest)

Knowing the future

Of course, the wheel stopped…on 11.  Lucy wasn’t the only one surprised. She said the whole table looked at her in shock, including the person running the table. Here this woman just arrived and in a split second put down a bet…and won!

Lucy won $1,500 off of a $50 bet in less than three minutes after entering the casino, less than three seconds after arriving at the table!

That was enough for her. She packed up her things and started leaving. Those nearest her tried to get her to stay, but Lucy had enough. She got what she wanted, even though she didn’t realize it would be so fun.

“I was overwhelmed with how easy it was, Perry,” she told me in our session following that weekend. “It was like I knew before hand what was going to happen. And I did!”

Lucy said, and I agreed, that following the impulse half-way was better than following it fully because she learned something really important.

“If I had put it all on 11,” she explained. “The real gift wouldn’t have sunk in as strong. I followed it half-way and got the half-way result. So now I know I can follow my impulses, no question.”

Indeed. Had Lucy followed completely the impulse she received, she would have won over $3000 off a $100 bet in seconds.

But given the way it happened, Lucy got a lot more than three grand. Next time she receives an impulse, she now knew, she’d follow it to the wonderful, full, delightful and surprising manifested unfolding awaiting her instead of letting doubt kibosh that. In other words, she knew now she could trust her inner knowing.

Still, the partial version was pretty cool.

“I feel so taken care of,” She said. “Everything always works out for me.”

It’s the best future

The Universe ensures everything works out for everyone. And everyone can live the Charmed Life my clients and I do. All it takes is a little practice learning to see the world through “the mind and eyes of god” that Broader Perspective everyone has looking out for them and sending them signals leading to everything they want.

We all came here knowing this. And we all get knocked off course for a little while. We forget how powerful and all-knowing we actually are.

That’s because life experience is bewildering in its real and tangible splendor. It doesn’t help that we come into the world through people equally out to lunch about what’s happening. So few get what you’re reading. That means parents, teachers, bosses and political leaders are all, for the most part, leading people in all kinds of crazy directions.

The best future comes from positive stories you tell about everything. Such stories make you a match with your Broader Perspective. Then everything comes easy as pie. Recover that and find your Charmed Life. It’s easy. Need help? I got your back.