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Freak-flag flyThere’s an article on Medium got my attention. Be A Fucking Weirdo, it’s called.

It’s really about creativity.  But it’s so spot on for transpeople.  It totally works for Transamorous Men. The gist is, you’re only going to give to the world what you came to give to the world by being all that you are, not that stuffed-into-a-box person you became after childhood. Let your freak-flag fly because you’ll love your self and give room for others to do that too.

As a creative, I love this kind of messaging. As a Transamorous Male, I love it even more. I love being on the edge, where humanity is taking steps into the known-unknown of its own becoming.  Knowing I create my own reality, there’s no risk, no fear.  Only Joy.

You can live this joy too.  It doesn’t matter if you’re trans, or someone romantically attracted to transpeople.  Joy is there for the having folks.  You just have to apply a little more attention to the life you live in your “head” and a little less attention to the world around you….just for a while.

Then watch your world change right before your eyes.  Promise.

Just love this juicy part. I think it speaks right at us:

If you try and turn yourself into a stranger, someone you don’t truly recognise when you look in the mirror and see grey where there used to be vibrant colour, sooner or later that’s going to hurt you. It will crush you.

You’ll start to lose any kind of value in your life and you won’t feel comfortable in your skin.

That’s no way to live. It’s no way to be. It’s no way to exist. When you start to lose the pieces of you that give you a fire for life, sooner or later that fire goes out.

I don’t want to be there when that happens to you. It’s sad, it’s hard and it’s painful. Hiding from yourself is the surest path to self hatred, self pity and a whole lot of missed potential.

I don’t believe it will actually crush you if you look in the mirror and see grey.  I do believe that “crushing” pressure will – in some way – force you to realize what you really are and get on with being that!  No risk.  All joy.

That is, if you choose.

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