Cheating With T-Girls Now Puts You At Great Risk

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If you’re married, trans-attracted, and sexing up transgender women on the side, you might be putting you and your marriage at great risk. That’s because while The Transamorous Network doesn’t ruin marriages, someone in the transgender community does.

Yours could be next. 😱

In the last six months, I got calls from two different people I normally don’t get calls from. The first call came from a distraught father in the midwest. He worried about his estranged son, who went dark over a year ago. Apparently, his son moved to Oregon (where I live), got in trouble with the law and wasn’t in a good place.

I asked the father how he heard about this and why, on earth, he called me…

The other call came from a wife here in the Northwest. She called twice back-to-back during a client session. After my client, I returned her call. She was raging angry. Apparently she discovered her husband cheated on her with transgender women for years.

This call felt more connected with Transamorous Network practice compared to the father conversation. Still, mild surprise had me ask her how she got my number…

Cheating trans-attracted men put on blast

Both the father and wife answered my question the same way. They each got a letter.

Each letter, addressed specifically to the father and wife, detailed the son and husband’s involvement with transgender women. The hand-written letters told, in first person details, about the son’s and husband’s trans-attraction activities. Only someone intimately involved with them would know details shared.

In the father’s case, the letter said something like “your son sleeps with trans women, you need to accept that so he’ll accept it too.” The letter addressed to the wife described the husband in unsavory terms and included details about his dalliances I’d prefer not describe.

Far more shocking though was what both letters shared. Both concluded with references to The Transamorous Network and my telephone number. No return address. Both recipients thought we sent the letter.

We did not.

A Transgender caped crusader or vigilante?

What’s going on here? A transgender woman, or group maybe, outs men to their families and spouses after sharing beds with them. The men seem oblivious, the partners and families feel shocked and saddened. Marriages start unraveling, angers soar (mostly among wives).

I don’t blame the wives. Were I in their shoes, I’d be pissed too!

If you’ve read our blog comments section, you know more wives show up nowadays expressing rage, frustration and judgement about everything about their husbands’ cheating. The good news: these marriages weren’t going to last anyway. The men clearly are trans-attracted. And while a few men can remain cis-married and trans-attracted, most must reconcile their attraction and marital status.

Still, I must ask: Who has it out for these men? Did a group of transgender women start collaborating to out these DL men? Or has one transgender woman resolved to teach them a lesson by destroying their families?

Maybe she or they have had it with DL men. Perhaps they think blowing up marriages creates a big enough shock to get men to own their natural attraction in the open. It’s not an approach I endorse.

And why include The Transamorous Network in all this? For sure, both married men and wives can benefit from what we do. In fact, I’ve already supported one woman (not the one who called recently) seeking advice on next steps with her trans-attracted husband and marriage.

What’s my role in all this?

Both incidences involved men in the Northwest. So it’s likely the trans-vigilantes, fed up with men on the DL and determined to punish these men, operate in the Northwest. Or, they might be nationwide.

Who knows?

One thing’s for sure: Neither me nor The Transamorous Network knows who these transgender women are. We also didn’t give them permission to use our contact information. But we must say two things about this: one, it’s good for business, as the angry wives call us looking for answers. We can help in that regard.

So it was smart referring these people to us.

Second, At least these vigilantes are giving the couple a resource that could dramatically change everyone’s life for the better. Including the vigilantes.

So men – you’ve been warned. Beware. Before you put your pee pee in that hole think about that ring on your finger. Looks like now, if you’re cheating on your cisgender wife, the risks of you getting outed just went up.

3 Replies to “Cheating With T-Girls Now Puts You At Great Risk”

  1. This is an eye-opener. It is not unlike a typical “woman scorned”. In this case, a mistress who, for whatever reason, is fed up with or is hurt by the man she’s seeing. The one who sent the letter to father was way out of line. Who reports their lover’s interactions to their parents? Of course, the transwomen might be horrified if the tables were turned and the men put their lives on blast to whomever. Sadly, these women operate at great risks. Since the men are on the DL in one form or another, they are already in a struggling headspace, an action like this could excite their homophobia and lead them to harm the transwoman.

    The one thing I question is the assumption “… a few men can remain cis-married and trans-attracted,..” I would think based on the Ogas research that there are quite a few trans attracted or trans interested men who have reconciled their interest and marriage through their interest in porn or seeing trans sex workers. Not unlike some poly folk, their marriage is their “primary” and a relationship they want to maintain for many reasons (love, kids, family, position, shared finances, entangled lives, etc). Like some poly situations, they’d like to pursue it but, life circumstances make it difficult. So they find some substitute for a full relationship. Just on the sheer numbers from the research, I suspect this has to be the case. IMHO (and limited experience).

    1. Dang Herb, you totally get it. Yes, the trans woman or trans women taking these actions are doing so at great risk to themselves for the very reason you describe. Such DL men are potential powder kegs. Not all of them, of course, but a trans woman who feels compelled to do such things must believe their acts outweigh the risk. Or perhaps they don’t consider the risks…

      On the quote you gave and the research you cite, I agree with you that “reconcile” doesn’t necessarily mean leaving a marriage. People surprise me how they can live lives happily while also enjoying two subjects that might cause conflict. Your poly example is a good one. One guy who writes The Transamorous Network regularly is one such guy. He’s happily cis-married and enjoys a robust imagination full of trans-attracted fantasies.

      But is that really the ideal life? I would argue that ultimately, it’s up to the individual to say. I for one have found extreme satisfaction with my path of reconciliation towards desires which expand not only who I am, but what I present to the world.

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