This Kid Gets It

My Own StoryThis is pretty damn impressive. Imagine where you’d be if you understood this wisdom at the time when your writing was as shitty as this kid.

Yeah, my handwriting is still this bad and I’m 51. But I blame it on technology and keyboards.

That’s besides the point though right?

The point is, your stories are creating your reality. So if you’re a single Transwoman and you’re bemoaning the fact that there are no men in your area (or in the entire world) who will EVER be interested in you, well, this kid knows more than you do. I’ll clue you in though: you’re creating the situation where there are no men in your area or in the world interested in being with you!

There’s more to it of course. Especially if you’re over 10 years old. That’s because you’ve been living your life unconscious of this simple fact. So there is a lot of unlearning to do. Not to worry. It’s easy. You just need persistence. Oh, and you gotta know the clues which show you’re doing it right.

I can help with that.

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