The men are coming

I know there are men who are married to transwomen. I know there are men who are dating transwomen. I know there are at least two men who are being authentic about their attraction to transwomen without a care for what the world thinks of them. The momentum already has begun. Soon there will be thousands of men, tens of thousands, out and proud about who they love and who they are.

How Many New Yorks are there?

What is your intent, your purpose for telling a story that “all men who are interested in transwomen are scumbags, users or objectifiers”? How about “there are no good men who are interested in me”? What is the purpose in telling the story “I can’t authentically act on my desire for a transwoman because I’ll lose my friends, my job or my current life”? How you experience your life is totally up to you. You CAN change the stories you tell about your life. In doing so, you WILL change your life.

What people say about you is meaningless

...what people say about you, even what they do to you, is meaningless as far as you’re concerned. It only becomes meaningful when you create a story about it. If that is accurate (and it is), then why on earth would you create a negative story or a story inconsistent with the life experience you’re wanting to experience? Don’t bother answering. I’ll answer for you...