Better Happy Stories Easily Cure Depression

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Telling negative stories gives rise to all kinds of emotions. Emotions tell people crucial information. So I find it incredibly amazing hardly anyone understands why emotions exist. Especially the emotion “depression”.

Soon though more people will find out how important emotions are.

People struggle believing when I tell them their stories create their reality. Especially when they think about really bad things from their past. No one wants to know they own creating really bad past experiences. But everyone creates ALL their experiences. No one else. When a person understands how, then leverages that, freedom becomes theirs. Even freedom from depression.

Evidence surrounds us all

Evidence proving your stories create reality surrounds you. I assert that everyone wants to know how they can enjoy freedom and happiness. Everyone wants that lover, or that job, or that amount of money they think will make them happy. I find it humorous then when I tell someone how happiness happens, and the explanation goes over their head. Or they think I’m “mansplaining”, even though I’m nonbinary. 🤷🏽‍♂️

Knowing stories create your reality and leveraging that gives you all the happiness you can stand and then some. Such knowledge offers immense power and freedom. For if reality springs from stories, and it does, then you can create any reality you want.

Think about that: any reality you want exists. It can show up as your life. Learning how that happens turns “can show up as your life” to “is your life”. Doesn’t everyone want that? One would think!

A client sent me the following video. Hardly anyone would live without money these days, let alone in a cave like this guy does. But I’d wager everyone would enjoy freedom this guy experiences if giving up things money affords wasn’t necessary.

Negative stories cause depression

His life shows exactly how negative stories not only lead to depression, they also can lead to suicide. At 1:20, he shares how he started thinking negative thoughts about life and society. “Thoughts” and “stories” are the same thing. So he started telling negative stories about life.

In a short while, he went from feeling good about himself and life, into depression. His father thought his son’s concerns about his homosexuality had something to do with it. He said his son feared his family would disown him because of their Christian views. Negative stories about his homosexuality, his family and life in general all led him to suicidal thoughts.

Thankfully, though he thought about killing himself, he never did. Instead he changed his stories.

Now he lives, in his words, like birds. “Birds have no worries,” He says. “I’m employed by the Universe. Since everywhere I go is the Universe, I’m always secure.”

Not only does this guy now live secure, he also lives free. And gets everything he wants.

Free and getting everything one wants. Everyone can live this way.

Getting all you want

Hardly anyone wants to live in a cave and that’s “o-cave”.😊 But pretty much everyone want’s what they want. Not just freedom and fun and all the money they want, but also all the lovers they want. Even if that means just that one love someone pines for. Or that one love one believe does not exist.

But it does exist. So does everything everyone wants. So does everything YOU want. You just can’t see it. The only thing blocking your vision are stories you tell that create realities wherein what you want remains absent.

The video up there ⬆️⬆️⬆️ can inspire. It shows how life shapes to how you think.

So if you think no trans women live in your area, if you think men won’t love you for who and what you are, then your reality shows you that. Then you feel frustrated, lonely, sad and, maybe, depressed. You try doing things like getting on then struggling on dating sites, as your reality confirms what you think. Like this girl:

A trans woman vigorously defending her limiting beliefs.

When you’re finally ready to try a better way, The Transamorous Network will be here for you.

I started The Transamorous Network as and expression of my intent to reduce the number of transgender women murdered by shame-filled trans-attracted men. These days The Transamorous Network shows men and women how to get everything they want.

It doesn’t matter what you want. Whatever it is, have it. Just tell stories consistent with what you want, not what you don’t.

It’s easy really. Depression needn’t be your reality. Or any other negative experience. Live worry-free. Like birds. Then watch how everything you want becomes yours.

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