Why Millions Of Men Are Now Trans-Attracted

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It’s no wonder to me that many more men are coming out trans-attracted. Transgender women complaining about the lack of such men can’t see what I see though. That’s because their beliefs about such men make such men invisible. Even though the women are surrounded by them.

Such women are like a previous trans-attracted client. He thought no transgender women existed in his city. That is, until he changed his beliefs. If trans women complaining about finding a man changed their beliefs, they’d find available men everywhere.

Instead, many transgender women go on complaining about their lack of prospects, when there are literally millions of trans-attracted men out there. And more are coming out nearly every year. The data back this up.

That’s what I’m going to talk about in this post. That and why so many men are turning out trans-attracted. By the way, this also means there are more trans-attracted people coming out who are not men. That’s right, more women are declaring themselves trans-attracted too.

What this all means is, transgender women have no justification for complaining about being single or not finding a partner, if they want one. The only reason that’s happening is because they don’t believe having a partner is possible.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

The proof is plain

A Medium.com writer turned me on to statistics showing a massive increase in people – especially men – interested in transgender people. Now, the jaded, the frustrated, the perpetually complaining transgender women are going to read the following and scoff. And when they do that, they’re just amplifying their own beliefs. Not saying anything about what’s really happening.

So if you’re one of those women, dear reader, CHECK YOURSELF! You are the one preventing yourself from finding a partner. No one else. That’s because no one else is creating your reality but YOU.

Ok, here’s the evidence.

According to one of the largest porn sites on the internet, searches for transgender-explicit content is now the seventh most popular content searched for. Searches for “trans” grew by 141 percent in 2021. Views of such content grew by over twenty percent, placing that content among the top ten content viewed on the site.

Dr. Laurie Betito, a clinical psychologist, sex therapist and director of the Pornhub Sexual Wellness Center, says many explanations support the increase.

“Increasingly, marginalized sexuality is coming out of the shadows,” she says. “We are talking about sex more, we are more free to explore our sexual fantasies with less judgment attached. Our sexual curiosity is coming out of the closet. When it comes to Trans individuals, we are now seeing more and more people who are portrayed in mainstream media, thus making trans porn more intriguing, more available and more accepted.”

There’s another reason for the increase too. It has to do with the men.

Burgeoning self-acceptance

More men are discovering their irresistible attraction to transgender people. Some of these men are shocked and dismayed by their discoveries. But that’s no matter. Other men go straight to the transamory phase of the Chaser to Transamorous Journey.

But most of them must go step-by-step through their journey. They must cope with and gradually overcome their initial shock, shame, and embarrassment. Yes, their titillation as well.

For just as many transgender women go through their “slutty vixen” stage, men go through their version of that on their journey. So, yes, many of these men are watching porn. They’re also exploring. They explore just like transgender women who first explore their sexuality as women.

I don’t understand why transgender women don’t understand this, bring more compassion to the table, and thus, find themselves with a partner. Then again, I do understand. Because I talk with such transgender women all the time. It’s hypocritical to negatively judge men for their journey when so many transgender women go through their versions of the exact same journey.

Self acceptance is a problem a lot of humans deal with which keeps them from enjoying what they want. Especially in relationships. (Photo by Caroline Veronez)

The Universe answers all

There’s another reason why so many men are discovering the wonder and beauty and value embodied by transgender women. It’s a reason Dr. Betito doesn’t acknowledge though. Probably because her profession doesn’t consider it a real thing.

When anyone has a desire, the Universe will immediately answer it. It will instantly fulfill that desire. But to receive the fulfillment as their reality, those who desire it must let it in.

Transgender women have been asking for men to love them since they’ve been around. Their asking has increased in recent years. In addition, more people, especially young ones, are declaring their authenticity as trans.

Well, all that declaring and asking, the Universe is answering. There MUST be men willing to love trans women if the women are asking. And the women are asking. Thus, men MUST SHOW UP in response. That’s what we’re seeing.

So, transgender reader. If you’re without a partner, you have no one to blame – if you must blame someone – other than the person in the mirror. Your complaints about the men you meet keep you meeting those men. If you want something different, you can’t keep doing the same things.

I suggest you try something different. If you’re ready, I can help. Did I mention my results are guaranteed?

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