Don’t make them and they won’t

Happiness it the goalWord to this:  “Life is too short to waste while you lock yourself away and pretend your past and your passions never existed. So get out there. Do you. And be a fucking weirdo.

I really don’t like comparing people’s situation, so I’m breaking my rule right now: If you think being Transamorous is scary. Think about being a Brazilian Transwoman. I seriously doubt someone is going to kill you for your romantic attraction to Transwomen. Seriously.

You might lose your job. But if you got balls, sue those bastards for wrongful termination. Your friends might tease you, call you fag or worse. Fuck’em. They weren’t your friends anyway.

In most cases, no one really gives a shit who you love. Really.  Not until you make them.  You make them give a shit when you believe they give a shit.

So love who you want and get over the belief that other people’s opinions matter.  I know, “better said than done when you aren’t at risk of losing your job, man.”  Yeah, that’s true, I’m not. I work for myself.  It’s also fucking irrelevant.  What is relevant is what you want to believe because what you’re believing now is creating your life experience.  Keep believing other people determine who you are.  That’s what you’ll get.  Keep believing being seen in public with a transperson is too much to (emotionally) bear.  It will be.  Keep believing your parents won’t approve.  You’re the one creating that situation, not your parents.


Realize you are the one in control of your life experience.  It’s a simple matter.  But it doesn’t start that way.  You create miracles on a moment by moment basis.  You just don’t know you’re doing it.  Once you do, you’ll discover a whole different world and how easy it can be to live there instead of living where you can’t be who you are.

There’s a world out there waiting for you. It’s a world where you can step out of your limitations and live the life you’re meant to, the one you chose to live before you got here.  That life includes loving transwomen proud and out loud.

The only thing at stake is your happiness.  It’s yours for the taking.  Don’t know how to get it?  I can show you.

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