[VIDEO] Results Prove Better Stories Create Happy Lives

When a person consistently tells positive stories, life becomes not only joyful, but the story teller becomes powerful. Sometimes that power overwhelms the person, often moving them to states which further illustrate how powerfully telling positive stories works.

Terryel shared her experience before. But in this testimonial, she really gets to the meat of the matter: through The Transamorous Network, her life transformed so powerfully, she believes she wouldn’t be here if she didn’t encounter this practice. Listen as she’s literally moved to tears by her experience:

We offer the transgender community this material because of its power to transform anyone’s experience. No matter how crappy life may be, whether trans or trans-attracted, that life can get amazing.

Simply by telling positive stories about life, a person can go literally from considering suicide to discovering happiness so profound, they marvel at the shift.

Happiness and love: available to all

Most people, transgender and trans-attracted, come to us seeking the love of their life. Finding that kind of love can happen super easy. But finding it means becoming a match to it. After all, if someone doesn’t love themself, they can’t meet someone who will love them.

Instead, they meet all kinds other experiences. Experiences like terrible relationships, meetings with creeps and gold diggers, give clues about what that person believes about life and about themselves.

But because that person doesn’t know “stories create reality”, they blame the people they meet, or their status as a transgender person or the world in general. Or they feel shame about their trans-attraction and live in shadows afraid of who they are. Both parties end up lonely, yearning for love but not finding it.

Again, finding love comes easy when one tells the right stories. Which is why clients like Terryel find a happiness so deep she teared up describing it.

Everyone can enjoy such happiness. The question is, when will you?

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