A Transgender Woman Finds Her Perfect Love

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

A client recently had a wonderful experience. She met her perfect match. She marveled that it happened, which set the stage for future such meeting.

Most people reading this account of how it happened won’t believe the person she met is her perfect match. But that’s exactly what happened.

We offer a matchmaking service here at the Transamorous Network. But it is not your typical matchmaking service. You don’t select someone you think is your match from a pool of candidates like people do through online dating. That way doesn’t work all that well. Instead, our “pool“ is the entire planet. And your selection happens by virtue of the stories you tell.

Then the universe coordinates events such that you meet your match effortlessly.

In this way, every client gets bespoke service: their matches come perfectly aligned with stories they tell at any moment. That makes every encounter a perfect match. That means most perfect matches don’t show up with “until death do us part” in mind. More often, they help a person know what stories need cleaning up before the perfect match the person really wants shows up.

In other words, often one’s perfect match in the moment represents a steppingstone to a better, more ideal perfect match coming in the future. So if you’re a transgender woman and you’re meeting shady, down low, or chaser men, they’re a perfect match to the stories (complaints about men) you’re telling yourself.

Creep? Or something else?

Such was the case with this client. She’s soothed many bogus stories. Stories about herself, about dating, about men, stories about relationships, all of which created a reality reflecting these beliefs back to her.

That’s why her dating life filled with men wanting her to top them, men calling her drunk just looking for sex, or transphobic men.

Again, all these men reflected back to my client stories she tells about her reality. And as she gradually did something about that, her life started reflecting back to her her changed beliefs.

Which brings us to the story she told at our session this week.

“I went to a gas station to fill my tank,“ She said. “The attendant came and I told him what I wanted and while my car was filling, he stood next to my car door.”

She said the attendant stood there even though other cars had come to fill their tanks as well.

“My initial thought was this guy’s creepy,” She said. “But then I remembered our talks, and realized that story was from my old beliefs about men and about being worthy of having someone who’s interested in me.“

There are plenty of men who will love you for who and what you are. But if you think all men are just out to objectify you, those are the only men you’ll meet. (Photo by Caleb Ekeroth on Unsplash)

Inspired action opens the door

At that point, she decided to change her interpretation of what was happening. Instead of disempowering conclusions about men who get close to her or look at her, she considered that this guy standing next to her door was something else that what she thinks it was.

“So rather than rolling up my window,” She said. “I said to the guy ‘how are you doing?’ And the guy turned around and looked at me and said ‘I’m doing good’.”

She and the guy then had a brief conversation. Toward the end, the guy looked at her nails and said “I really like your nails”.

“What is this an indication of my beliefs changing?“ She asked.

“Yes!“ I said.

Most people will scoff at reading this. They will say “that’s not a match. That’s just some random event.” But unless you understand how reality happens, how stories create reality and how a person moves from negative to positive experiences through telling better stories, you can’t see this exchange for what it is.

It is a perfect matching up between the client and this guy complimenting her nails. The client knows this because this has never happened for her. She’s never, EVER, talked to a stranger this way beforeNor has a man ever complimented her about anything.

And yet here she was striking up a conversation, i.e., taking the initiative, and getting a very positive result. Needless to say, the client felt quite empowered.

That relationship you want is out there. It’s waiting for you to become a match to it. (Photo by Everton Vila on Unsplash)

This? A perfect match?

But the most important thing is she recognized the experience for what it was: a perfect matching up of who she is becoming, in the moment, with an experience reflecting back that new version of her.

Why didn’t the guy ask her out, or indicate more interest? Why did he only offer a compliment? And how is this a perfect match?

The client still has several disempowering stories going on inside her. Many are about her being transgender. Many are about scarcity in the dating sense. She still believes hardly any men exist who will love her for who she is. As a result, she feels desperate and grasping about love. That’s a problem.

So this experience reflects back to the client the combination of her desires; resistance she still has about those desires, and beliefs which stand in contradiction of her desires. The Universe constantly delivers what everyone wants. But it can’t work around people’s resistance. If it could, then people wouldn’t have free will. Nor can it work through beliefs contrary to the desire. What people get then is a reality in which truncated versions of their desires show up.

The guy complimenting her nails was as close to the full-blown desire for a relationship this client can get given the combination above. That’s OK though, because she sees this exchange as a big improvement on guys asking for dick pics, wanting her to top them, or guys misgendering her.

Online dating can’t get around your disempowering stories. You’ll just hook up with person after person reflecting your stories back to you. Better to attend to your stories then let the universe match you up with your perfect match. Not only is it 100 percent free, it’s way more fun too! (Photo by Victoria Heath)

Getting ready for more

She and I delighted in the story. It was fun seeing all her work culminate in this wonderful experience. In delighting in what happened, the client knows she’s preparing herself for more significant experiences on the way.

As with all things in life, meeting your match this way is a gradual experience. It doesn’t have to take forever though. And it’s for sure way more fun than online dating.

But if you’re telling stories as a transgender woman, or a trans-attracted man, that your match is impossible to find or that men are always a certain way or transgender women are, then that gradual turns into forever. Life’s happiness gets sucked out of life experience. Then you become someone who thinks all men are chasers or transgender women are all gold-diggers.

Sound familiar?

At The Transamorous Network, we show people how to change all of that. Our clients effortlessly discover their perfect match. There’s never just one perfect match. There’s a succession of perfect matches, all cued up to offer delightful experiences like the one this client had. Experiences that will eventually culminate in that one match everyone thinks is the only one that will delight them.

The paradox of that belief is that you cannot have that match until you become a match to it. And becoming a match to it means that the ultimate match that you’re really wanting is the match in which you have with yourself. When you become that match, when your self love, your self appreciation knows no limit, the joy of self exists within you. And when you’re there, then you are truly a match to the love you deeply desire.

We guarantee every client that outcome. The perfect match awaits anyone wanting that. Ready for yours?

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