What to Know About How Americans Feel About Trans People

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Pew, a large, international opinion researcher, recently polled Americans on their views of Transgender People and the rise of “transgenderism” in the country. The poll didn’t look at American’s views on people who are attracted to transgender people.

In any case, here’s what you need to know from that research: Not a fucking thing!

Why on earth do we need to know what other people think about us? WE DON’T. We don’t need to know anything about what others think about us! And here’s the great news about that: The less we care, the more of what we want we will get. Including that perfect love many of us want.

It’s not our business

When transgender and trans-attracted people care about what others think about them, they unwittingly put the kibosh on everything they want. Nothing we want will come to us if we care about what others think. Doing so makes us feel like shit. And when we feel like shit we’re not a match to what we want.

Caring what other people think about us usually generates negative emotion in us. That’s intentional. Why is it intentional? Because the negative emotion tells us what we’re doing isn’t what we should be doing. Caring about what others think about ANYTHING we’re doing, or anything we want, makes us a match to their stories instead of our own.

And if those people think we shouldn’t exist, or they think we’re going to hell or whatever, then those negative stories instantly become ours. Unless we seek other’s approval – and I don’t know why anyone would want that – adopting other people’s negative stories serves us not one whit. When we do do that, we feel like shit. Feeling like shit tells us something important. It says “what you’re thinking about is going to get you more of what you’re thinking about. So knock that off!”

Besides, what can you do about what others think about us? Nothing at all. So it’s better to focus on our own business and let other people have their opinions.

What other people think about us is none of our business. It’s way better living life focused on ourselves, going for what we want and getting that.

How do we do that?

By telling better and better stories about ourselves. Telling better and better stories about the world around us. And choosing empowering stories about what we want instead of unwittingly adopting ones we don’t want.

Keeping focus pure

Why do we even care what others think anyway? Think about that. I mean, I get it. When little, parents indoctrinated us into thinking we needed to please others over pleasing ourselves. Teachers and education in general did that too.

But we’re not little anymore. We’re all grown. And so it’s time to start deliberately charting our course towards the life we came to live.

That means living our life our way. Not living the way society or parents or Christians or Americans think we should live. Their stories are their business.

It’s way more important that we care about why we care about what other people think of transgender and trans-attracted people than what their opinions are. That’s because the story behind why we care misguides us. It’s time to do something about that story. Start by giving up caring.

If we keep our focus pure, meaning, we tell stories only about what we want and not about what we don’t, things we want come to us fast. They don’t come instantly though. That’s because most of us have been telling stories opposed to what we want. Especially about love.

But over time, pure focus will replace that old momentum. Then, things wanted will start flowing in so fast, it will amaze.

It’s meant to be

That’s already happening. We all are allowing so many things we want, I’m surprised so many transgender and trans-attracted aren’t seeing that. Then, again, I’m not surprised. Because awareness is a powerful thing. If I’m not aware that all I’m wanting flows to me constantly, then I can’t see it flowing constantly. Not seeing that, I get cranky or impatient, which slows things down more.

If I develop a chronic criticism about myself, about life, about transgender women or about being trans-attracted, then life becomes depressing.

Thankfully, my life flows with all kinds of abundance. Which is why I’m sharing this and other posts I share.

LIFE CAN BE FUN. AND IT SHOULD BE. Because that’s the way it’s intended.

That includes every transgender person and every trans-attracted person getting all they want in love. We needn’t struggle with that or anything else. But we do struggle when we tell stories contrary to the story “life can be fun”. Or when we worry about what others think about us.

Everything we want is flowing to us. But if we’re now aware, if we can’t see it, then it appears as though that’s not happening, even though it is. (Photo by Fuuj on Unsplash)

Let life love you

Caring about what others think about trans-attracted and transgender people doesn’t serve us. All it does is put us on a trajectory that includes more crappy feeling experiences.

Aren’t you tired of feeling crappy? How long do you need to feel crappy before doing something constructive about it?

Drinking, smoking weed, or wallowing in complaints about life aren’t “constructive”. By constructive I mean changing your stories. Then being on the lookout for the change your changes stories create. Then celebrating that, thus building momentum in the direction of what you want. Once momentum happens, what you want will come. Including love you think is impossible.

Turn your attention to things you care about. Then tell positive stories about those things. What should you care about?

  • How great it is that I’m transgender or trans-attracted.
  • That it’s wonderful being alive at this time when so many others like me exist out loud. Seriously, have you seen this new thing called Instagram?
  • Care about how fantastic it is that medical technology can do what it does for some transgender people.
  • It’s also amazing that more men and women are coming out as trans-attracted, thereby making the dating field more plentiful for us all.

Find your positivity. Love life and watch life love you back. Give up caring what others think. Then everything you want will flow.

Don’t know how to love life? Let me show you.

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