[VIDEO] Great Futures Come From One Truth: You Create Reality

Photo by Michael Carruth on Unsplash

When transgender or trans-attracted clients really understand “stories create reality” they become unlike the vast majority of people on Earth. For clients, the world is perfect, unfolding perfectly and giving everyone exactly what they want.

Then, finding joy in life gets easier and easier. As that happens, everything they want starts happening. Moreover, it all happens effortlessly, which is what we promise all Transamorous Network clients.

Transgender people find true love that has eluded them for decades. Trans-attracted men gain freedom from shame and shadows, guilt and embarrassment. In time, even they discover their transgender match. But first, both parties discover unshakeable happiness.

After all, you don’t want a relationship with an unhappy person. And, if you’re not happy, you can’t enjoy a happy relationship. Did we say you create your reality? If you’re unhappy, how can you create a happy relationship? Or a happy life?

This segment from a live client session features someone exploring their unique gender expression. While discovering “stories create reality” they also turned desperation and struggle to increasing levels of joy, confidence and freedom. Listen as the client raves about what they’ve learned.

A early-transitioning transgender client gets it.

The upward happy spiral

Such testimonials happen in nearly all sessions. It’s cool clients give permission to share them. This way, instead of asking for a crafted testimonial, I get to share clients raving live, in-session. What’s more, what they say, unscripted, to me offers more convincing proof specifically because it’s unscripted.

Such epiphanies make showing clients how to deliberately create their reality a joy for me. The more they discover their own joy and confidence, the more they inspire me to do more for them.

I also expand my own practice, as I want more just as my clients do. And so, together, we all get more fun, more pleasure, more joy and confidence from within ourselves. Furthermore, life, being the reflector that it is, reflects back to us experiences which match that fun, pleasure and joy.

It’s an upward spiral that’s hard to beat.

The spiral is so good, clients willingly share their joy and confidence, just like this client, as well as the client above.

You can experience the same joy and confidence. It’s waiting for you. Life wants you to have it. Are you ready? Yes? I can help.

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