I Violated The Rules. What Happened Next Was Great.

Editor’s note: The Transamorous Network publishes across several platforms. Medium.com is one of those. This story describes what happened when Medium’s lawyers contacted us about last week’s post.

When I noticed the email from their lawyers, a lump formed in my throat. Only for a second though. That’s because I know what I know: I create my reality. So what was about to happen was going to be more of what’s come before: really good stuff.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

I write posts for The Transamorous Network to inspire transgender women and trans-attracted men towards getting what they want. In doing that, I’m doing my part to bring both communities together. They’re really one community. But because both sides vilify one another, they look like two communities. They’re not, however.

Most posts tell how my clients’ lives become happier after practicing what I offer. Their lives become happier when clients learn how stories create reality. Then they learn how to use that knowledge to deliberately create lives in which everything they want happens.

But I sometimes share about my life. For me, life is a living laboratory. I want to see how good life can get. If we all create our reality, I dare to create something never seen before. So I’m pushing this practice to its extremes. I practice what I preach, in other words.

As a result, some posts I write share what’s happening with me. That’s what I shared in a recent post. A post I’ve since deleted.

I deleted it after engaging with Medium.com’s lawyers. They didn’t tell me to delete it. I deleted it on my own.

But again, I’m getting ahead of myself.

My evidence gets me in trouble

Last week I posted a story about a transgender woman who was outing trans-attracted men around the country. She would date them briefly. Then she’d send letters to family members or wives outing the men. I didn’t know who this woman was. I wanted to know her, though.

So I set my intention to discover her. The post described how that happened. It happened in this incredible way. One I couldn’t have planned, because it involved people I didn’t even know.

Previous posts about this unfolding warned men to look out for her and avoid her. There’s a vigilante out there, I told my trans-attracted readers. So when my intention fulfilled itself, by bringing me her identity, I saw it as my role to help men avoid getting into trouble. I therefore included the woman’s first name. I also included pictures of her.

While the story was still published, I received positive reactions. One comment on Medium.com caught my attention though. A transgender woman wrote disapprovingly about me including the woman’s picture.

Now, again, I practice what I share with my clients extensively in my own life. One area I’ve intended deliberately is connecting with people who appreciate what I share. Especially people who are respectful and kind. So it didn’t surprise me, nor did I miss how gentle and kind this trans woman expressed her disapproval. She was firm, but she made a request that I remove the perpetrator’s picture and thanked me in advance. She would check back, she said, and if the picture remained, she would report the post to Medium.com for violating their terms.

Here’s her comment:

The kind, but firm comment I appreciated.

Calling the moderation police

I replied to the trans woman with equal gentleness. Here’s what I wrote:

I think this surprised the commenter. She replied with another really kind comment. It included more detail for why she wrote her first comment. Her rationale made a lot of sense. Much of it I agreed with. Here’s what she wrote:

And, in full transparency, here’s how I responded. We see the world very similarly. Yet, there’s a fair distinction too. Neither is right or wrong.

My message to the moderators got a relatively immediate reply. It said they hadn’t read the post yet, but would. Based on my initial inquiry, they asked if I owned rights to the photos. I did not.

I prepared to remove the photos because of the rights claim. But I also wanted to hear what they thought after reading the post. With all this attention on it, I forgot what the post really was about. It wasn’t about targeting this transgender woman. Instead, it mainly described how my intention delightfully fulfilled itself. And how I resolved the mystery with no effort on my part.

That’s something I promise awaits anyone who learns what I offer: The ability to manifest anything they want with no effort. Including fantastic love lives.

A perspective-transforming email

The next morning, I got an email from “legal@medium.com”. It wasn’t at all what I expected. Instead of saying whether the post violated their terms, it was an appeal employing the Socratic Method. It caught me by surprise. I’ll append a screen shot of the response at the end of this story, followed by their very kind followup.

The email went straight to the matter. It felt like a better version of me was talking to myself. The writer after laying out their perspective asked a question. Upon reading their argument, all I could do is agree: I may or may not have violated the terms. But that wasn’t the point. The question was, do I align with Medium.com’s goal?

Medium.com’s awesome about statement.

Of course I do align with it. But what happened next was transformative.

I felt two powerful emotions after reading their appeal. One was embarrassment. The other: shame. I knew everything the appeal offered. Why didn’t that knowledge keep me from posting those photos?

I’ll answer that in a bit.

Meanwhile, something remarkable happened. Because of what I practice, I knew what “embarrassment” and “shame” were telling me. In that split-second I felt those emotions, I used them to discover really disempowering stories. Stories I wouldn’t have been able to do anything about had this not happened.

In other words, the emotions were good. Not because I should be embarrassed and ashamed. But because they offered tremendous transformation.

The goodness in “bad” situations

My Broader Perspective knew this was a transformative opportunity. One that would benefit me hugely going forward. But stories active in me said “You did something wrong.” “You’re a bad person.”, “You’re a hypocrite.”

Everything happening in life offers extreme value. I wanted to write, just now, “everything happening in life is good“. But the word “good”, for us humans, fouls up our minds. That’s because our concept of “good” is highly restricted.

So “value” is a better word. Everything happening holds great value.

But, humans are free to create any interpretation they want about what’s happening. Interpreting what’s happening as anything other than valuable, however, creates realities matching that “off” interpretation.

This explains why it’s very hard, if not impossible, to find a lover if we believe one doesn’t exist. Or if we believe the target of our affection will never want us. Or if we don’t believe we’re good enough to have that love. Our beliefs are the place from which our reality springs.

Life works that way so we can “true” up our stories/beliefs/interpretations so they match what’s really happening. In doing that, we align ourselves with our unfolding desires. Our life then fills with what we want. It does that with no effort on our part. So when life “goes wrong” or seems “bad”, it’s good. Life is showing us something important so we can do something about it.

The gifts begin rolling in

What you just read comprises the foundation for The Transamorous Network practice. Clients and I take a journey towards getting all we want, effortlessly. It is possible. But that experience requires removing many, many beliefs we have. Many we have created ourselves, but many others we’ve adopted from the world around us. Including other people.

Shame and embarrassment pointed to beliefs of the latter variety. For me, they got started in childhood, with parents, teachers and others doing what they thought was “educating” me. Later, workplace “performance reviews” perpetuated such beliefs. Friendships and lovers perpetuated them too. Registering lovers’ and friends’ disapproval in me often amplified similar beliefs.

But I’m not that child who needed education. I never was. Nor was I what supervisors, past friends or lovers saw. Instead, I’m an eternal, wise, rambunctious being. An eternal being that enjoys total freedom as part of All That Is. An eternal being on a glorious adventure of life in physical reality!

I no longer need to hold onto those bogus stories! But I can’t release them unless I know they’re there. This whole experience showed me where they were!

For ALL it’s worth

That was the first gift of this whole encounter: Recognition and acknowledgment. From there, I saw the transgender woman who commented, and the Medium.com legal team member, were helping me realize something important. They showed me the dominant self-image I hold.

Both people were kind and respectful, loving even. The legal team member, especially, communicated in a way I deeply appreciated. But both reflect back to me my own inner self-concept (a story). One that says “I want to be someone who is decent, loving and kind to all people.”

I hadn’t been a loving person with the perpetrator, I thought. But then I realized the next major benefit this experience offered. It offered the opportunity to serve her in the way the legal person and the commenter served me.

Understanding how this unfolded requires acknowledging the complexity inherent in life experience. But it’s so good to tell. It’s good to tell because it shows how we all are one. We’re all helping one another expand into more of the decent, loving, eternal beings we all are.

Remember the question I posed earlier?

I knew everything the legal team member offered. Why didn’t that knowledge keep me from posting those photos?

The following section answers that question.

One of many benefits

We’re all connected. We’re also all moving through the exact same process: We’re expanding into the fuller nature of who/what we are. Each of us exist in unique “locations” on this expansionary process. But we all help one another as we help ourselves.

Abraham calls this “helping” aspect of life “cooperative components.” In other words, people act as cooperative components to others’ individual expansion. They reflect back to us what we need to expand. Life experience generally does this too. It’s the major “purpose” of life experience. It doesn’t matter that we often are oblivious to these cooperative components. They’re helping anyway.

So Úmi, the woman I “outed” in the deleted post, is undergoing her expansion, as am I. As are you. Úmi has experienced a lot of troubling and traumatic situations. Especially at the hands of men. Of course, she’s creating those. She creates them through stories she tells. As she tells them, she creates situations which reflect those stories back to her.

Úmi, then, is creating experiences with men which reflect her own inner conflicts about her life, who she believes she is and a host of other subjects. Attacking men, their wives and families is a lashing out at that reality. The reality is there to have her see what’s happening inside her, though. She doesn’t know this, of course, so she blames her situation for how she feels. Meeting The Transamorous Network and using it as a tool caused me to rendezvous with her and her stories. I became, therefore, a cooperative component of her expansion.

So me including her photos in the story was a reflection of what she was doing to these men: outing them to loved ones. My act served as a cooperative component to Úmi’s personal expansion.

Multi-layered beneficial expansion

In a crude sense, she got a taste of her own medicine. Me exposing her the way I did served her. But it also served me in the way I described throughout this post, with cooperative components simultaneously showing beliefs in me I must release. I must release them to move forward in my process. In the same way, Úmi must release stories holding her back. Or face increasingly intense experiences until she eventually does release them.

Nothing goes wrong in life. It all serves, moving all of us into greater levels of appreciation and love, especially self-love. Along the way, if we’re aware, we can deliberately shape the process. And in shaping it, we can experience joyful, fulfilling lives. Lives, again, where desires fulfill themselves with little effort on our parts.

So this entire experience was one of profound movement through stories I had. Stories whose time was up. Stories I was ready to release. The experince was totally consistent with many other experiences happening these days.

Looking back, I appreciate everything that happened. Especially the trans woman who commented on the story. I even appreciate Úmi, the woman who terrorized those men, their wives and families.

I equally appreciate the Medium legal team member, who, at the end suggested I could repost the story and just leave out the part that targets the woman.

Good idea. I think I’ll do that.

Now, as promised, here’s Medium’s response email, followed by my and their replies.

[VIDEO] When The Famous Slay Trans And Trans-Attracted Truth

Photo by Michael Carruth on Unsplash

Viola Davis is a diva. Her performances across a host of movies and television dramas make her one of the most under appreciated actresses of our time.

Which is why she shocked me on an episode of Hot Ones I recently came across. It was not because she appeared on the show. It was because of what she said at the end. What she said added more authority to what we assert at The Transamorous Network.

In case you, like me, didn’t know, Hot Ones is a YouTube phenomena. The show features the typical celebrity interview format, but with a twist. During the interview, celebrities feast on some of the hottest chicken wings in the world. That makes Hot Ones interviews internet sensations. Most celebrities can’t keep to their PR scripts when their lips and assholes are burning off. I write “most” because Davis bucked that trend.

While watching Davis devour her wings, I noticed a common refrain in the comment section. Little did I know this foretold of a delightful outcome for me. A lot comments made mention of something Davis said at the end of the interview. Rather than jump to the end, I watched the whole thing. It was inspiring, of course. Obviously, others thought so too:

Above: Commenters raving about what Davis said at the end.

Clarity begets success

What’s interesting is what she did share applies specifically to transgender people and the trans-attracted. She lays it out with such grace and power, making it hard to ignore. Perhaps that’s why so many were touched by it.

And this is the thing. Davis’ success isn’t attributable to talent alone. Primarily, like all success, Davis enjoys her’s as a result of knowing who she really is. Then living from that place. Watching the interview, it’s clear she lives authentically, which I deeply appreciate. It’s the exact same lesson I’m learning through my own practice of what we share here at The Transamorous Network. And, Davis’ example can be a powerful one for transgender women and trans-attracted men.

What she says at the end of the interview though is pure gold. In a few sentences, she sums up exactly what we assert at The Transamorous Network. So, dear reader, if you’re having trouble accepting what we talk about here, maybe you’ll take it from this diva. Here it is, direct from her mouth. We set the video up to start right where she begins sharing her wisdom.

Davis the diva laying down truth.

Clarity is a powerful thing. When a person understands what they really are, they can create anything they want in life. That includes fame as an actress. But first, one must let go of our penchant to compromise who we are in favor of others’ expectations. She calls that “becoming our ideal selves”.

Listen close trans and trans-attracted readers

We agree. And perhaps that’s why her closing statement impacted so many people in the comments. It applies DIRECTLY to transgender and trans-attracted people: “We are born into a world where we don’t fit in,” She says. “Then you answer the call to adventure.” There is a “deep voice” within us, she says. It tells us EXACTLY who we are. “You just have to have the courage to [be] that.”

I love the power and intensity with which she says all this. It’s definitely worth listening to many times. Some commenters agreed:

We say every week exactly what Davis is saying here. We don’t use the word “courage” however. That implies risk and threat. But there is no risk or threat in living authentically. It’s all upside.

I encourage all my clients to live that way. And guess what? As they do, they discover exactly what you just read. That’s because life IS all upside when lived authentically.

Maybe you’re ready to do that, but don’t know where to start. Of course, I can help. Contact me and let’s get started.

Why “Transgender” Will Never Go Away

Photo by Alexander Grey on Unsplash

A very deep, eternal and enduring force drives the increasing number of children coming out as trans. It has nothing to do with “grooming”. It has nothing to do with “indoctrination”. The real reason surprises most people because few understand it.

Transgender people have always been, and they will forever be. That’s because they, and everything else, come from a single Source. That Source has good reasons for the increasing number of transgender children coming into the world.

So the questions we should be asking are: What is this Source and why is it sending so many transgender children into world right now?”

Answering these questions will do something else. It will make judging the phenomena as “right” or “wrong”, “moral” or “immoral” superfluous. Until we answer these questions, transgenderism will confound those unwilling to understand the origin.

So let’s see where we can turn to answering these questions.

The origin of “trans”

Over the last 30 years I pursued such questions, though not specifically about transgenderism. Instead I focused on my trans-attraction. Discoveries I made are startling. But they’re also extremely empowering. Everything told to me by experts who have guided my pursuit has proven accurate. I document my journey in my other blog. My client’s experiences mirror my own documented discoveries. So I know my experiences are real. These experiences form the basis of my understanding of where “transgender” comes from and why.

The reason “transgender” is, is because transgender people represent the furthest forward expression of humanity. It is an expression of spiritual consciousness; a consciousness wanting to go beyond what has come before. So transgenderism represents spiritual consciousness going beyond past expressions of humanity.

While some transgender people want to be seen and appreciated as “women”, being transgender is not a homogeneous experience. Many want to fit in with “women”, but non-binary transgender people exist too. As do people presenting all kinds of combinations of gender expression, yet still calling themselves “trans”.

Evidence backing my claims, again, comes from personal exploration. Much of it defies description. That’s because language can’t adequately express experiences I’ve had. Evidence also comes from my mentors. Beings who have long given up corporeal existence. They once were human, but have now moved beyond that.

“Trans” is a spiritual experience. (Photo by Kyle on Unsplash)

The Source of my knowledge

My mentors are Abraham and Seth. Both describe themselves as “energy personality essences” who speak from “nonphysical”. Nonphysical is the “place” from which all physical phenomena emerges, including humans.

Seth and Abraham are teachers. They enjoy expanded consciousness through which they help beings like me expand my awareness. But only when we’re ready. Until then, what they share is largely unknown. Which explains why few know about them. And why even fewer believe or practice what they say.

YYears ago I asked Abraham directly my trans attraction. I did so at a public workshop they held. They offered an explanation almost identical to what Seth said in their writings.

On stage at their San Diego event, I asked Abraham: “why am I attracted to transgender women?” Abraham’s answer was, to paraphrase: Because you’re here to express a new vantage point for consciousness, one that’s never been expressed before.

Seth expressed similar sentiment, but from a more general perspective in their writings.

The leading edge

Seth when active was extremely prolific in creating content. They went to great lengths to explain, in minute detail, how reality works. In discussing the basic reality behind all physical phenomena, they had a lot to say. Here are relevant quotes hinting at transgenderism’s origins:

“Basic reality cannot know itself without creating diversity. The diversity is the various forms that reality takes, the various systems within which it expresses itself through projecting itself into infinite individualized experience.”

Further, Seth explains that each human possesses an “inner self” then adds:

“Each inner self is a portion of the basic inner reality. It cannot know itself, however, except through experience, and it must create in order to experience. The experience constantly deepens the value fulfillment of basic reality itself. [So] There is no alternative between diversity and nothingness.”

Basic inner reality then has no choice but to create. It must continually do so. Humanity is a product of this inner reality creating itself to know itself. Diversity of creation, taken in total, allows this inner reality a fuller picture of itself.

Seth says this basic inner reality can never fully know itself. Therefore it forever keeps creating to know itself. But in doing so, it creates more of it self that it seeks to know. So diversity of expression then, Seth is saying, is automatic, essential and ever-becoming more.

Basic inner reality is constantly creating more of itself.

The joy of transgender born of basic inner reality

Seth continues:

“That which is, is constantly aware of its growing, surging existence, through the diversity of experience which it creates constantly and simultaneously. You are part of that which is, you are that which is. It is impossible for any part of that which is not to be individualized. Every part of that which is, is alive, and knows itself.”

So it makes no sense for “that which is” to keep creating the same thing over and over. It must, instead, create anew. But it does so with current creation as its foundation. When it does create, that which is created appears to flow from what is.

Biological male and female exist. But those distinctions are superficial in the extreme. They only exist to further procreation, the process by which basic inner reality introduces itself as individualized existence into its creation. Beyond that, gender is meaningless.

That explains why a person can come into the world as “male” but feel they are “female”. The energy that makes the person IS female, or better said, expressing as feminine. It comes into the world in a new, unique perspective. A perspective presenting as “male” physically, but also aware of a dominantly energetic-essence feminine aspect, offers “that which is” a new, unique perspective. One divergent from male/female.

Each expression of “that which is” is individualized. That means each person’s experience is new unto the Universe. So even though many transgender people exist, each individual transgender person is a UNIQUELY, NEW experience for “that which is”.

And so, the reason more transgender people are showing up among young people is two-fold. The first reason is because now is a perfect time for such beings to enjoy the experience. The other reason is because of the focus being leveled on the experience itself.

All That Is loves this

I’ve said before, whatever we focus on gets bigger. Right now, a LOT of people are focused on the trans phenomena, including transgender people themselves. All that focus then is drawing more individualized expressions of “that which is” to the experience.

In other words, the more people push against and revel in transgender expression, the more of it will show up. Until “that which is” fully expresses all it wants to in that permutation of expression. What’s wonderful about “that which is” is, it never can fully express itself. So we can count on “transgender” being here, at high levels, for some time.

As every expression has a corresponding response, “transgender” has a corresponding experience which “that which is” is also enjoying. It’s called “trans-attraction”. In other words, as it expresses itself as trans, “that which is” wants to experience that expression from as many “angles” as possible. This explains why parents are having trans children. It’s why siblings are having trans brothers and sisters. It’s why Christians and Republicans are facing the experience too, from their unique angle.

This also explains “trans-attraction.” Trans-attraction wouldn’t exist without transgender people existing. Trans-attraction is “that which is” experiencing “transgender” from a brand new perspective. One called “romance” or “attraction”.

And this explains why many trans-attracted men are so bewildered by their experience. Most focus exclusively on their “human” experience. They mostly ignore their spiritual experience. Another word for “spiritual” is “basic inner reality”.

But the spiritual experience is always there. And it strongly influences the human one. That’s why trans-attracted people find resisting their attraction challenging. It’s also why transgender people must transition. Their Broader Perspective, that spiritual Source of all they are, craves this experience. It craves the “transgender” experience. It craves the trans-attraction experience. Both cravings are undeniable.

Trans-attraction and transgender are both here to stay

That’s why I say trans-attraction is normal and wholesome. It is a full-on expression of All That Is as it seeks to know itself. And that’s why when trans-attraction is expressed and consummated, we trans-attracted men feel so freaking good. The same is true when transgender people transition and feel the relief in doing so.

If more transgender women understood what I’ve written here, they could enjoy attention such men give them. Some could give up loathing themselves. They could help the men express themselves better. And they could help such men be more comfortable with themselves.

In the process, they can find more joy AND the love they yearn for. For “transgender” and “trans-attraction” are reflections of each other. They are both an expression of All That Is knowing itself. And when that knowing is expressed, great joy results for everyone invovled. Just ask any transgender woman in a long-term relationship with a trans-attracted/transamorous man. Like this couple:

Yes, trans-attracted men and transgender women can find happiness.

As long as transgender women push against such attention, however, transgender women do exactly what conservatives are doing: they just draw from All That Is more trans-attracted men. Just as conservatives are responsible for attracting into the world more transgender kids. It’s a wonderful formula through which All That Is becomes more, and in the process expands its awareness of itself.

“Transgender” as an expression of the basic inner reality is here to stay. All That Is revels in it. It will never go away. And neither will trans-attraction.

Here’s Why We All Want Love So Bad

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

Because it is all that we are. Including transgender and trans-attracted people. And if transgender and trans-attracted people understood this as their life experience, we wouldn’t be so desperate to get love. Love would come to us. With none of the drama, heartache or loneliness.

We want love so bad because we’ve been – as one client put it recently – entrained into bogus stories. Stories that say we’re not enough. Some bogus stories say we’re incomplete if we’re not in a relationship. Others say we should be lonely if we’re not in a relationship. Some even go so far as to claim something is wrong with us if we’re not seeking coupledom.

There are far more bogus stories than these which have us desperately seeking love. The irony of all these stories is how far they’re off the mark. The love all of us – myself included at one time – desperately seek outside ourselves is a lot closer than we think.

And it’s THAT love we all really want. That love is self-love. Self-love is the experience of one’s self as enough. But it goes even farther than that. It is radical adoration for all that we are…and all we’re becoming. Even though we haven’t yet fully become that.

Do you want to be right or happy?

This self-love tangibly expresses the reality that we each ARE love, flowing ourselves constantly into a human body. Clients who stick with me for a while come to this realization. When they do, it’s a profound shift in their life. It usually comes after they create things or “manifestations” consistent with their dreams.

In other words, the shift happens when they create a life consistent with positive stories about their life and what they want. That usually doesn’t happen until they’re ready to give up stories they tell creating a life they don’t want.

Part of that journey requires giving up being right. It’s “true” that many men are chasers, cheaters or won’t date a trans woman in public. It’s “true” that many transgender women are bat-shit crazy, cold diggers or call girl/OnlyFans obsessed. So both transgender women and trans-attracted men get to be right.

I always ask my clients though: Which would you rather be, right or happy? That’s another bogus story we hold tightly to. “I’d rather be right than happy. I must face the facts. I must tell it like it is.”

A lot of people prefer being right. Including trans-attracted people and trans women. I find that a shame when happiness is so easily had.

The problem with telling it like it is is, when we do, we keep getting more of “like it is” than what we want. The same goes with love. Other people, society, social media and our life in general train us into believing this love that we ARE doesn’t exist. So we seek it out “in the world”. But we do that through stories which create less love and a lot of “telling it like it is”.

That’s why so many of us are unhappy, angry and lonely.

Love is good. Even when it hurts.

Love is awesome. It’s so good for us. Being in love with another, whether human or animal, gives us a glimpse of what life can be when we consistently tune in to the love that we ARE.

We as love are unconditional. That means we love everyone and everything. Not so with loving a partner, or even a pet. The split second our love interest does something we at all that disappoints us, we’re out of love. We’re in annoyance, frustration, anger or fear. Or worse…betrayal.

Real love isn’t compatible with those emotions. Real love keeps on loving. Even when the object of our love acts “unlovable”. That’s why the love we are keeps loving us. It is unconditional. So when we fail to love, it still loves us. That’s why it feels so bad when we fail to love.

Abraham saying being in love is key to getting what we want.

Love brings us what we want easily

But that love that loves us even when we’re not loving is more than just a feeling. When a person taps into themselves as that love, not only do they no longer NEED love from another (animal or person), they find a richer, more satisfying, more consistent love. That love, of course, is the love they ARE. It’s unconditional, always there and feels more deep than any love anything outside us can give.

The cool thing about that love, the love we all are, is, living from there, everything else we want comes easily. Partners, lovers or whatever, it doesn’t matter. That’s because our world is a reflection of our inner state. When we’re unhappy or lonely, it’s very hard to get the love we want. Because when we’re unhappy or lonely, we’re not a match to love. But when we’re in the love that we are, then the world must reflect that love back to us.

What does that look like?

It looks like a life where everything naturally works out. Where life just gets better and better.

It doesn’t happen all at once. Change happens gradually. But proof it’s happening is obvious if we know where to look. I teach my clients where to look. Once blind, they now see evidence everywhere. And the more they see, the more they eventually find the love they are. Then they get the love they want.

Want to know more? Let’s talk.

The One Thing That Will Destroy Getting What You Want

Photo by Žygimantas Dukauskas on Unsplash

The best way to a life where everything someone wants happens easily – including lasting love – involves that person realizing they are eternal. Transgender and trans-attracted people especially benefit from this realization. That’s because those two groups come into the world expressing extra-special connections to their eternal natures.

So when I received a question from The Transamorous Network’s sister website, I thought I’d share my response here too.

Everyone’s eternal

The question actually came in three parts:

How do you know a person never dies? Is the soul really eternal? How can you prove this?

It’s so funny so few take the question seriously, including transgender and trans-attracted people. Most think fulfilling their desires, dreams, wishes, involves working hard, struggling and sacrifice. But if one seriously dives into these questions, getting what one wants can happen so easily and so quickly, life becomes the joyful experience it’s meant to be.

That’s because if a person fears death, or what happens after death, life gets colored by that fear. That fear generates much anxiety. And anxiety prevents a life where everything comes easily. Pretty everyone fears death. So much so investigating such questions never arise. Or, if they do, it happens at the very end of life.

Often, that’s too late to do any good.

But answering these questions goes a long way towards seeing life as it is instead of through distortions and fears born of bogus stories. While seeking answers will reveal answers, such answers doesn’t exist in “objective” form. That’s because life (even “after-life”) is 100 percent subjective. So proof reveals itself only in life’s subjectivity.

Which is why at The Transamorous Network, we advise clients cultivate consistent positive stories about life, about themselves and about what they want. That way, their subjective life experience reflects those positive stories.

So realizing you’re eternal involves self-exploration. And when you take that adventure, evidence you find will come through intimate, personal experience. Being subjective, such evidence won’t convince others. Therefore, having someone show you evidence won’t work. You must show it to yourself.

First, some important context

The evidence will literally set you free. I’ll describe how to get the evidence. But you must take the adventure and create the proof you want to see. Do this and you’ll find yourself convinced. It takes patience and practice, but the process works 100 percent of the time.

Before I share the process, let’s look as some context.

Physical life experience – particularly the external-seeming, objective aspects – are projections of the soul’s inner experience onto itself. So the person experiencing physical life experiences an experience of self projected into the awareness of itself. That projection looks and feels as an apparent separate, “objective” reality.

Why does it appear that way?

So the experiencer can experience “more” of itself. It also fulfills “intentions” central to who and what “self” wants to become. Seeing proof of an eternal soul therefore first requires knowing what you just read. That information gives context to proof you’ll find. The proof, in other words, will look like life experiences. Those experiences will accumulate thus “proving” convincing.

You also need lots of patience. Proof rarely comes in a flash. And when it does, it is often missed or it’s bewildering or incomprehensible. Like a barely remembered dream in the morning, if you don’t know how to recall it, or replicate it, you can’t hold onto it.

But with patience, the gradual, unhurried nature of All That Is will reveal everything you’re wanting to know.

Making proof visible instead of invisible

Next tip: you’re surrounded by evidence that you’re eternal. You just can’t see it. Seeing proof requires orienting perception so you can perceive it. The absence of evidence is what you see when you think you’re mortal. Which is why people think death is real.

“Orienting” your perception doesn’t mean “doing something” in physical reality. Instead, it means “allowing yourself to realize” what you want to know. “Doing something” and “allowing yourself to realize” represent two distinct things.

One way “seekers” complicate matters happens when they think or believe in ways making seeing proof difficult if not impossible. The word “soul” for example, generates belief constellations that work against “allowing yourself to realize”. I wrote about this before, here.

Beliefs are communicable too, just like some diseases. They get passed on through language primarily. You’ll notice you talk to yourself almost constantly. Much of that internal dialogue confirms and reconfirms beliefs, many of which work against seeing answers sought. So the next step involves realizing how language and beliefs muddle perception, then cleaning up language and belief.

Practical example time 😊

For example, look at the following two statements:

  1. I want to see evidence that the soul never dies
  2. I want to be the realizer of my eternal nature

Notice the action-oriented nature inherent in statement one. It also presumes no visible evidence. The speaker wants to see what they don’t see.

This statement affirms evidence’s absence instead of affirming evidence’s abundance. The perceiver wants to see something she currently does not, the “does not” component gets emphasized above all else. It creates “disbelief”.

Notice statement two is passive. The speaker speaks to evidence showing itself to her. Further, her statement expresses desire to become something, not see something. It also assumes the existence of what she wants to realize. She understands her eternal nature is a thing and she expresses her desires around experiencing that.

These subtle distinctions make all the difference.

The word “proof” is problematic as well. “Proof” is adversarial. It says “show me because I don’t believe it.” Wanting proof affirms your doubt. It also offers confrontation. “PROVE IT” is the energy of the word “proof”.

See the subtlety?

Let’s put this all together

Ok, so now you have a sense of four important premises:

  1. Evidence you want will occur as 100 percent subjective. It will only convince you. No one else.
  2. Desired evidence surrounds you. Wanting to create or discover evidence distracts you from experiencing it. You’re wanting to realize the already-existing evidence. Or better said: you’re wanting to realize your eternal nature, which already exists.
  3. How you frame your request will either support your intent or defeat it.
  4. Your beliefs will hinder or help you become the realizer of the answer to your question.

So now, the process is simple: you simply ask for the answer in a way that supports getting the answer…then hold to knowing the answer shows itself.

What happens next: you’ll experience events confirming your intent. Things start happening showing that you’re eternal. But you must keep the four points in mind. Also, you must constantly question thoughts and reactions which will stop the evidence dead in its tracks. Or they’ll cause you to miss the evidence.

The evidence becomes evident

For example, one day at a bus stop or someplace familiar, someone you know may join you. You’ll strike up a conversation and this person may say something – mention a newspaper or magazine article, a website, a book, or TV show – that will cause within you an “a-ha!” moment. What they say will sound perfectly timed and related to your intent. Perhaps they will mention the show God Friended Me, for example, or the Netflix show, The Good Place, both having themes in eternal life. And then one of many different things might happen:

  1. You will totally miss the relevance between the shows (and their premises) and your request. Here Universe and All That Is gave you a clue. But your beliefs will block the connection. So you’ll say something like “huh, interesting” and let the moment pass.
  2. Or, maybe you’ll think “hmm, I just read a blog about seeing my eternal nature and here is someone telling me about a TV show about god and the afterlife.” And your mind then might go: “this is a coincidence” and you’ll miss the relevance.
  3. OR….You may feel goose pimples or a shiver down your spine and think “This is no coincidence. This is evidence showing itself….” Then you’ll get excited….You might go home later and watch either show, enjoy the premise offered and then, be inspired to casually research online the word “serendipity”….

Do something like number three and you’re on your way.

Seeing overwhelming evidence

The seeming chance bus stop encounter began the realization. But if you aren’t alert, you’ll miss it. That’s how subtle Universe works. Your job remains maintaining alertness and expectation.

Keep this up and you’ll experience all kinds of evidence. They literally surround you:

  • Someone may start talking about eternity or life extension at a function you attend
  • A dream might happen where you experience events implying an eternal being
  • More events will happen confirming real what science calls “pseudoscience”
  • You may be invited to an Ayahuasca event or a meditation session.

And then, at some point, you’ll notice old beliefs gradually shifting. You’ll move through life differently. Your changed beliefs and lifestyle reveal more serendipitous opportunities making disbelief harder:

  • Dreams will become more and more lucid and engaging
  • You’ll start to want to know what your dreams are about
  • You’ll start playing with this whole idea that “you create your reality” and you’ll start getting evidence of that showing up all over your life
  • Then, really amazing things will start happening. Things that, in the past, you would have said “that’s coincidence” or “that’s impossible” or “random” or “confirmation bias” or some other nonsense. Only now you won’t say those things because they happen so often there’s too much of them proving they’re real.

By then you’re on your way.

The rest of the path is up to your realization. Keep it up and you will eventually realize what every sincere person realizes: life and everything in it, including you, is eternal and death is not the end. It’s only the beginning of more life.