How Good Really Is The Transamorous Network’s Advice?

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An Instagram follower offered an interesting perspective. It shows how powerful stories are. She suggested our content was superficial and didn’t take into account “nuance” that comes with being trans, particularly being both trans and a Person of Color (POC).

Indeed, she went so far as to suggest the person writing our content is cis, and being so, knows nothing about the plight of transgender people:

She is wrong on both counts.

Stories matter a lot

It’s interesting when people double down on their disempowerment as a way of trying to show us that what we offer can’t possibly work. “Complications” exist in every perspective. Such complications play no factor in how things happen in life…unless the life-liver invites them to play a factor.

A person invites such complications to have an effect on life by believing they have an effect. Just like this Instagram follower.

If a POC believes their status as a POC influences their life experience, it’s very hard to have an experience where that status doesn’t have an influence. I’m not saying such status doesn’t have an influence. What I am saying is, that influence is inconsequential when one takes control of stories they’re telling about such status, or any other limiting factor.

Results speak louder

The fact is, our clients find powerful lives through following our advice. So powerful is our advice that even POC find empowering lives. Here are results from actual clients, some of whom face the same apparent “nuances” this person suggests invalidates what we offer:

  • One transgender female client, who also is a person of color, credits this practice for keeping her from committing suicide.
  • Another transgender woman of color created a three-year marriage. She’s still in that marriage today, to a cis-gender male POC.
  • Yet another transgender woman is finding her way out of “online dating hell”. She’s discovering more happiness and hope that she can find a lover.
  • Still another created her dream career in photography through what we offer.
  • Meanwhile a trans-attracted guy who tried to kill himself three different times found liberation from suicide ideation. He now pursues his college education, and a career in show business!
  • Finally, another trans-attracted guy found greater peace and happiness within himself. Every week he discovers powerful insights leading to greater confidence and self-acceptance.

Nuance is a story. As is thinking skin color makes a difference in having what one wants. Neither nuance or skin color need determine one’s experience. Unless one believes they do. Everyone can enjoy a life in which everything they want happens. It’s just a matter of telling stories consistent with that rather than stories complaining or criticizing life.

We show clients how to do that. As a result, they become exceptions to the rules. They get what they want and they find happiness. Ready to find yours?

3 Replies to “How Good Really Is The Transamorous Network’s Advice?”

  1. So while I mostly agree, I do take exception to the idea that we are not affected by others. Many POC tried exactly what you’re talking about only to have their houses burned down, cars damaged, pets killed and some losing their own lives. I’m talking about people who were happy and successful living their life. They saved enough to buy the house they wanted only to find violent hostile neighbors. They did not “attract” this. They, like President Obama just didn’t realize how hateful others can be.
    Let me clear about what I’m saying. As a POC, there is nothing wrong with my skin or being a POC. There is plenty wrong with other people who think there is something wrong with me or my skin. To ignore or deny these people exist is dangerous and can lead to your peril.
    Yes I am happy and enjoy my life and most days and times just enjoy being me. Then there are times when others insist on making their hate known. Just as there are times when thieves insist on making their greed known.

    1. Hey Herb,
      Invariably, new clients, whether through The Transamorous Network or through Positively Focused, offer a variation of what you’re offering here. Like you, they initially think there are exceptions to what I teach them. Clients from Dominant culture backgrounds (non-brown people) will use different examples. But they’ll mean the same thing you’re saying. They’ll offer examples such as children being born with terrible deformities. Or those born into drug-abuse, or, worse, born addicted to drugs. Or they’ll offer people living in war zones.

      These are “true”, meaning, the examples are, indeed, tragic…from a human perspective. And yet, every client voicing such objections, after a while, realizes the error of their perspective. Again, it’s not that the examples are false. They’re true. But the reason they are true isn’t because they are exceptions to what I write about. If there are any exceptions to what I write about, then the whole framework of this practice would fall apart. That’s why there are no exceptions. What I write about is how the Universe works. The universe and everything in it, including people of color.

      I’m going to write a blog in response to your comment here, because it deserves a fuller response than I can offer in a reply. And a fuller response than this post spoke to. This post, spoke to a specific person’s comment.

      In short: there are very, very good reasons why POC experience what you’re describing here. Just because you observed them as “happy and successful” doesn’t mean they were/are vibrationally. And I can assure you Herb, a lot of POC have very, very disempowering stories going on in them, specifically about their skin color.

      Everyone is attracting their experience. No exceptions.

      If you’re experiencing anyone expressing their hate because of how you look, you have, in some measure, some of that hate going on in your stories (beliefs). This is so for any POC (for others reading this comment who haven’t checked the about section or seen photos of me here on this blog, I am a person of color).

      So look for that blog in the future. I’m going to lead with your comment here. You may find it interesting. And I can assure you, the clients I work with quickly find themselves free of their version of beliefs you expressed here, because the Universe proves in their individual life experience, that this is how the Universe works, including POC. So these instances you are pointing to aren’t exceptions. The prove the rule.

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