Here’s How Stories Create Reality

At The Transamorous Network we talk about stories – beliefs a person holds – creating reality. Today I’ll share what happened recently that shows how stories work. Once a person learns how to tell positive stories, that person discovers they are blessed by Universe, because Universe fulfills all stories, whether wanted or not.

I wrote an essay for a LGBTQ anthology coming out later this year. My editor asked for a better headline. The original didn’t pop, she said.

Knowing what I know, I first created a story where the perfect headline would come to me. Old habits are just that though, so moments later, I was scribbling several ideas on my note app, trying to coax a good idea for a headline. I was doing life the old way instead of using the power of stories.

Essay Titles I created while putting effort into it, instead of using the power of stories.

Trying to make something happen is the hard way. And it felt hard. So I wrote back to my editor. I told her I’d get back to her. Take some time, She wrote back.

Days later, I created a new story wherein I received what I asked for: a wonderful headline, one my editor would love. One that would pop.

A couple days after that, I re-read my essay. It’s so good. It’s a true story about an adventure a Transamorous Network client and I experienced. My client is a transgender woman. The essay describes how she created stories that allowed her to get several amazing things she wanted in her life.

While reading my essay “Life IS Joy” popped out. I sent that to my editor, even though I didn’t like it all that much.

My feeble attempt. 

That “not liking it all that much” was a clue…a clue I missed.

My editor didn’t like it either, which figured. Her dislike reflected my own. Reality will show you what your stories are, often through other people’s behavior.

My editor suggested something catchier, something with a play on words:

Not so good response…

Nothing came up when I focused, so I just let go. I figured Universe would bring me a perfect headline.

That’s what happened…

Last night I watched a favorite James Bond movie for the umpteenth time. A Quantum of Solace it’s called. I enjoyed watching it. I enjoy luxuries Bond enjoys surrounding himself in. People in the movie are pleasant to watch too. 😊

Then I went to bed, blissful in positive focus.

The next morning (the day I’m writing this), the phrase “A Universal Solace” came to mind. My immediate reaction was: hey that’s kinda good. Then I poo-pooed it as too obvious a play on “Quantum of Solace”.

But then I thought “wait a minute! This is what I asked for!”

Tentatively, I looked up the word “Solace”. It perfectly fit what happens in the essay. The main character discovers comfort and love through telling stories which create several realities she wants.

So “A Universal Solace” came into my reality exactly as my stories foretold: easily, with no effort!

I sent the new headline to my editor. Here’s what she said.


To recap: I wanted a great headline and knew I’d get one relying on stories I created. But then old habits asserted themselves. I tried doing it on my own. I noticed how hard it was trying to do that, then trusted my feelings instead. I trusted my stories would create the reality I wanted, and that’s exactly what happened.

What happened next: even better

Weeks ago I got an impulse that my essay could become a full-length book and/or a movie. I wanted to send my editor a note about that, but held off.

After getting her email above, I sent her two more emails, one replying to her acknowledging the new headline:

and another offering to work together on more projects:

Here’s what she wrote back:

Universe stands ready to do the work for you.

I marvel at this because I love writing. I always have. I love telling stories through various ways; through illustrations, film/video, through speeches and presentations and of course through words.

My life as a story is worthy of being told. And here is my editor urging me in this direction, just as an angel of the Universe would.

This path unfolding before me, filled with so much of what I’m wanting, feels ecstatic. All of it is unfolding aligned with talents and passions I already have, not something I learned in school, but something inherently me.

It’s all coming from my inner knowing, tied to my authentic self. I tell my clients their authenticity is from where their prosperity and joy emerges. My life offers living proof, not only for me, but for my clients too. Universe loves me.

It loves you too. Just as you are.


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