Being Transamorous Can Be Delightful

Transamorous people can live happy lives.
Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

It’s fun watching my life shape to my stories. It feels wonderful seeing my positive stories legitimize themselves by creating realities consistent with them. The same thing happens with my Transamorous Network clients.

I know all stories do that, of course. Any story told long enough will draw to the storyteller evidence proving the story “true”. When enough evidence gets created, the story no longer is a story. It becomes reality, then a belief. The belief fades into the background of awareness, and life becomes “how it is.”

That’s accurate to say for any story, any thought, that has become a belief. Which is why I don’t concern myself with people who disagree with me about what I share.

Plenty of people out there think “you create your reality through your stories” is hogwash. But they don’t understand the preceding paragraphs. They don’t know their story “it’s hogwash” became a belief long ago, is out of their awareness now that it has become a belief, and attracts evidence of its “truth”.

That’s why I don’t spend time trying to convince someone “you create your reality through your stories.”

Unless they’re a Transamorous Network client. 😊

Transamorous Network clients are different

A client is open. They’re willing to consider new possibilities. They want to believe. Their frustration over their trans-attraction compels them to be open. That makes seeing around existing beliefs more likely. 

What I love about what I do with my clients is this: It’s easy for me to say “you create your reality through your stories” and point to my life, as full of evidence as it is. But it’s also easy for people seeing that evidence to dismiss it.

But as more clients come to The Transamorous Network, and create extraordinary lives as my current clients are, it gets harder and harder to deny that something special is happening.

All my clients are extraordinarily excited about their lives. They’re engaged and happy. They’re having fun discovering what I’ve discovered. And in their discovery I find joy too.

Client work then becomes play, a win-win for both parties. My clients enjoy Charmed Lives. I enjoy watching that. And I grow a larger and larger, undeniable body of evidence that being transamorous can be not only fun, but joyfully filled with fulling desires.

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