The Best Dating Results Pop Out Of Great Stories

Some people scoff at the idea that people create their life through stories they tell about life. Transamorous Network clients don’t scoff though. Because in a very short time, in some cases immediately, clients discover stories do, indeed create reality.

Once they see evidence, clients want results consistent with what they want. They start small usually. While going after little things in life – feeling better about being single, for example – other things happen too. These other things surprise and delight the client. No wonder then that clients get more hopeful about life.

Maybe, just maybe, they start thinking, life is on their side. Maybe life can be fun, easy and filled with self-fulfilling desires. Perhaps seeing that partner they want come to them isn’t as far fetched as they thought, they think.

In that hopefulness, clients ease into lives they meant for themselves. Lives filled with joy and optimism, hopefulness and eager anticipation.

There, they realize they deserve what they want. And the Universe agrees, then helps them get everything they want and more.

In time, and the length is different for each client, clients come to sessions to revel in the joy, not fix problems. From there, sessions get really fun.

It’s not counseling or therapy

Since no upper limit exists about what someone can get or how good they feel, sessions always contain moments where greater fine tuning happens. But most sessions involve sharing stories – real life examples – where desires just happen in client’s lives. They marvel, surprised that life gets better and better and better.

Then it’s no wonder clients keep coming back. Why wouldn’t they?

Where else in their lives do they find unconditional acceptance and encouragement for everything they want? Does anyplace else exist in their life where people come feeling good, anticipating a wonderful hour, then leave feeling even better, having amplified their feeling good?

Where else in life can a person learn how to see their life giving them everything they want? Then return to their life and see more of that with their own two eyes?

I know the answer: hardly anywhere else.

Some people ask me if this is therapy or counseling. No, it isn’t therapy. It isn’t counseling either.

Clients don’t learn skills about getting people to treat them better. They don’t go back into their childhoods, try to unpack “traumas” or fix things “broken” about them.

They also don’t heal anything because nothing needs healing.

Life is spiritual made physical

The biggest difference between what we do and counseling and therapy is, we come from a knowing the medical and mental health spaces rarely acknowledge, let alone know exists. That knowing says, people are eternal beings here to create the world of their choosing. They enjoy access to the entire power of the Universe, because that’s what they are.

We show people how that power works, then how to leverage it to turn dreams into reality. Dreams are as real as physical matter. We show clients how to make those dreams physical. Including getting that lover they want trans, or trans-attracted. Just a few simple fundamentals makes it work. From there life is fun. Just like this client describes:

What we do works for anyone. But some won’t find it fits their world view. It doesn’t fit because their world view makes it that way. We know a lot of people live life from such world views.

That’s why for those people, including those who are trans or trans-attracted, fail to find love, satisfaction and freedom from self-loathing, shame, insecurity and loneliness. It’s not the world that’s wrong. Nor is it the men they want. Or the women. it’s their world views. In other words, the thoughts they think about the world around them. The world they are creating.

Great results pop out of stories aligned with what one wants. A few basic fundamentals makes that so. Then results consistently happen so consistently, you’d wonder why you didn’t know the fundame to start.

But you did know them. You’ve just forgotten. Don’t you think it’s time you remember?

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