The One Thing That Will Destroy Getting What You Want

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The best way to a life where everything someone wants happens easily – including lasting love – involves that person realizing they are eternal. Transgender and trans-attracted people especially benefit from this realization. That’s because those two groups come into the world expressing extra-special connections to their eternal natures.

So when I received a question from The Transamorous Network’s sister website, I thought I’d share my response here too.

Everyone’s eternal

The question actually came in three parts:

How do you know a person never dies? Is the soul really eternal? How can you prove this?

It’s so funny so few take the question seriously, including transgender and trans-attracted people. Most think fulfilling their desires, dreams, wishes, involves working hard, struggling and sacrifice. But if one seriously dives into these questions, getting what one wants can happen so easily and so quickly, life becomes the joyful experience it’s meant to be.

That’s because if a person fears death, or what happens after death, life gets colored by that fear. That fear generates much anxiety. And anxiety prevents a life where everything comes easily. Pretty everyone fears death. So much so investigating such questions never arise. Or, if they do, it happens at the very end of life.

Often, that’s too late to do any good.

But answering these questions goes a long way towards seeing life as it is instead of through distortions and fears born of bogus stories. While seeking answers will reveal answers, such answers doesn’t exist in “objective” form. That’s because life (even “after-life”) is 100 percent subjective. So proof reveals itself only in life’s subjectivity.

Which is why at The Transamorous Network, we advise clients cultivate consistent positive stories about life, about themselves and about what they want. That way, their subjective life experience reflects those positive stories.

So realizing you’re eternal involves self-exploration. And when you take that adventure, evidence you find will come through intimate, personal experience. Being subjective, such evidence won’t convince others. Therefore, having someone show you evidence won’t work. You must show it to yourself.

First, some important context

The evidence will literally set you free. I’ll describe how to get the evidence. But you must take the adventure and create the proof you want to see. Do this and you’ll find yourself convinced. It takes patience and practice, but the process works 100 percent of the time.

Before I share the process, let’s look as some context.

Physical life experience – particularly the external-seeming, objective aspects – are projections of the soul’s inner experience onto itself. So the person experiencing physical life experiences an experience of self projected into the awareness of itself. That projection looks and feels as an apparent separate, “objective” reality.

Why does it appear that way?

So the experiencer can experience “more” of itself. It also fulfills “intentions” central to who and what “self” wants to become. Seeing proof of an eternal soul therefore first requires knowing what you just read. That information gives context to proof you’ll find. The proof, in other words, will look like life experiences. Those experiences will accumulate thus “proving” convincing.

You also need lots of patience. Proof rarely comes in a flash. And when it does, it is often missed or it’s bewildering or incomprehensible. Like a barely remembered dream in the morning, if you don’t know how to recall it, or replicate it, you can’t hold onto it.

But with patience, the gradual, unhurried nature of All That Is will reveal everything you’re wanting to know.

Making proof visible instead of invisible

Next tip: you’re surrounded by evidence that you’re eternal. You just can’t see it. Seeing proof requires orienting perception so you can perceive it. The absence of evidence is what you see when you think you’re mortal. Which is why people think death is real.

“Orienting” your perception doesn’t mean “doing something” in physical reality. Instead, it means “allowing yourself to realize” what you want to know. “Doing something” and “allowing yourself to realize” represent two distinct things.

One way “seekers” complicate matters happens when they think or believe in ways making seeing proof difficult if not impossible. The word “soul” for example, generates belief constellations that work against “allowing yourself to realize”. I wrote about this before, here.

Beliefs are communicable too, just like some diseases. They get passed on through language primarily. You’ll notice you talk to yourself almost constantly. Much of that internal dialogue confirms and reconfirms beliefs, many of which work against seeing answers sought. So the next step involves realizing how language and beliefs muddle perception, then cleaning up language and belief.

Practical example time 😊

For example, look at the following two statements:

  1. I want to see evidence that the soul never dies
  2. I want to be the realizer of my eternal nature

Notice the action-oriented nature inherent in statement one. It also presumes no visible evidence. The speaker wants to see what they don’t see.

This statement affirms evidence’s absence instead of affirming evidence’s abundance. The perceiver wants to see something she currently does not, the “does not” component gets emphasized above all else. It creates “disbelief”.

Notice statement two is passive. The speaker speaks to evidence showing itself to her. Further, her statement expresses desire to become something, not see something. It also assumes the existence of what she wants to realize. She understands her eternal nature is a thing and she expresses her desires around experiencing that.

These subtle distinctions make all the difference.

The word “proof” is problematic as well. “Proof” is adversarial. It says “show me because I don’t believe it.” Wanting proof affirms your doubt. It also offers confrontation. “PROVE IT” is the energy of the word “proof”.

See the subtlety?

Let’s put this all together

Ok, so now you have a sense of four important premises:

  1. Evidence you want will occur as 100 percent subjective. It will only convince you. No one else.
  2. Desired evidence surrounds you. Wanting to create or discover evidence distracts you from experiencing it. You’re wanting to realize the already-existing evidence. Or better said: you’re wanting to realize your eternal nature, which already exists.
  3. How you frame your request will either support your intent or defeat it.
  4. Your beliefs will hinder or help you become the realizer of the answer to your question.

So now, the process is simple: you simply ask for the answer in a way that supports getting the answer…then hold to knowing the answer shows itself.

What happens next: you’ll experience events confirming your intent. Things start happening showing that you’re eternal. But you must keep the four points in mind. Also, you must constantly question thoughts and reactions which will stop the evidence dead in its tracks. Or they’ll cause you to miss the evidence.

The evidence becomes evident

For example, one day at a bus stop or someplace familiar, someone you know may join you. You’ll strike up a conversation and this person may say something – mention a newspaper or magazine article, a website, a book, or TV show – that will cause within you an “a-ha!” moment. What they say will sound perfectly timed and related to your intent. Perhaps they will mention the show God Friended Me, for example, or the Netflix show, The Good Place, both having themes in eternal life. And then one of many different things might happen:

  1. You will totally miss the relevance between the shows (and their premises) and your request. Here Universe and All That Is gave you a clue. But your beliefs will block the connection. So you’ll say something like “huh, interesting” and let the moment pass.
  2. Or, maybe you’ll think “hmm, I just read a blog about seeing my eternal nature and here is someone telling me about a TV show about god and the afterlife.” And your mind then might go: “this is a coincidence” and you’ll miss the relevance.
  3. OR….You may feel goose pimples or a shiver down your spine and think “This is no coincidence. This is evidence showing itself….” Then you’ll get excited….You might go home later and watch either show, enjoy the premise offered and then, be inspired to casually research online the word “serendipity”….

Do something like number three and you’re on your way.

Seeing overwhelming evidence

The seeming chance bus stop encounter began the realization. But if you aren’t alert, you’ll miss it. That’s how subtle Universe works. Your job remains maintaining alertness and expectation.

Keep this up and you’ll experience all kinds of evidence. They literally surround you:

  • Someone may start talking about eternity or life extension at a function you attend
  • A dream might happen where you experience events implying an eternal being
  • More events will happen confirming real what science calls “pseudoscience”
  • You may be invited to an Ayahuasca event or a meditation session.

And then, at some point, you’ll notice old beliefs gradually shifting. You’ll move through life differently. Your changed beliefs and lifestyle reveal more serendipitous opportunities making disbelief harder:

  • Dreams will become more and more lucid and engaging
  • You’ll start to want to know what your dreams are about
  • You’ll start playing with this whole idea that “you create your reality” and you’ll start getting evidence of that showing up all over your life
  • Then, really amazing things will start happening. Things that, in the past, you would have said “that’s coincidence” or “that’s impossible” or “random” or “confirmation bias” or some other nonsense. Only now you won’t say those things because they happen so often there’s too much of them proving they’re real.

By then you’re on your way.

The rest of the path is up to your realization. Keep it up and you will eventually realize what every sincere person realizes: life and everything in it, including you, is eternal and death is not the end. It’s only the beginning of more life.

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