How Life Can Be Great For Trans or Trans-attracted People

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Life is great. Especially for trans or trans-attracted people. That’s because trans and trans-attracted people come into the world with powerful purpose: to create a new reality for humankind and expand All That Is.

I’m here to encourage those trans and trans-attracted people how special they are. My purpose also includes reminding them how powerful they are, how fun life is supposed to be — can be — and how easy it is to get all they want.

After all, we all came here knowing the experience would feel like a glorious adventure.

But, the brilliant “reality”…the real-ness of life experience…stuns nearly all of us out of our knowing. So, most people just try getting by. They compromise on their dreams. Then end up leading mediocre lives.

Mediocre is ok; but that’s all

A mediocre life is fine. Actually, mediocre lives represent “normal” living. So someone living a mediocre life means that person chose what everyone else chooses.

But how many people do you know had the following dream in childhood?

I’ll tell you how many. Zero.

That kind of life can feel ok. Seeing others living that way, most think it’s preferable. But a better life exists. Especially for trans and trans-attracted people. Even if you’re in a mediocre life (or worse) now, you can change it. We talk about that all day every day in this blog. The how is easy. But you must choose it.

A simple process like this gets it going. But understanding WHY it works is as important as doing it. Otherwise, you won’t believe it works. And that story stops the process in its tracks.

It’s easy; life is too

In a short time, anyone can prove to themselves the following:

  • That they are an eternal being
  • Life gives them everything they want, easy
  • Each person lives at the center of the universe
  • Nothing can harm anyone
  • Everyone is invincible
  • Each person creates their experience

With only a little practical application, anyone will see evidence of all this. And, when that happens, a person wants more evidence. The more evidence they see, the more gets created because the Universe wants each person knowing these things.

Trans and trans-attracted people must know these things even more. Why? Because when they don’t, they get lives so many trans and trans-attracted people live.

Don’t be like everyone else. Live extraordinarily. Life gets easy when you do.

Don’t know how? We help people every week learning just that.

2 Replies to “How Life Can Be Great For Trans or Trans-attracted People”

  1. Thats how people should think. I saw a saying on a billboard just yedterday, “If you don’t like where you are, move. You are not a tree.” this applies in all areas of life. I’m older now and hopefully wiser so I have discovered that a great pay check does not make a crap job better for long, family will still love you if you are not close by, sometimes more, and a bad relationship is just a bad relationship, try something else. Procrastinating doesn’t fix the problem. Think about where you are and where you would like to be. A nice house, job, relationship, etc are all possible with the right mindset and some hard work. Nobody else takes care of you like you. Nothing is free, there is always a string. I do people favors with no expectation of a reciprocating favor so I’m never disappointed with them and I have learned with certain people that if I don’t expect much I won’t be disappointed. Doesn’t mean I’m nasty to them, I just don’t expect much.I have had more than my share of fun experiences and feel like I have given everything a decent attempt. I like your teaching and attitude. Works for me.

    1. Glad you like the post Grant. Yep, money can make something temporarily better. But usually, a job that sucks usually sucks because of something other than money. Sounds like we share a somewhat common understating, but I want to clarify some differences for anyone else reading this exchange.

      We don’t condone “hard work”. We assert that those things people “work hard” for can come easy when one tunes into the Universe and lets it do all the work. This applies to everything, including relationships, jobs, homes and other material possessions.

      We also believe everything can be free if a person wants it that way. And there are never strings either, ever. Those two beliefs, that nothing is free and that there is always a string, are exactly the reason people think working hard is a virtue. It’s not really.

      We also say you don’t need people to take care of you because the Universe does that. And when it does that, it usually does it through other people. So yo don’t need other people to take care of you but they do anyway because they, like everyone else, are emanations of the Universe. We also suggest everyone expect the best. The best of what they want. Then tune into the eternal, all-knowing being that they are and watch as all those things come to them with no effort and a lot of fun!

      That’s our philosophy. Still like it?

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