Some straight men love transwomen

Youre not gayI came across this article while cruising my FetLife profile. Yes, I have one of those. Doesn’t it make sense? I think so.

Anyway, it’s fantastic. Titled: Straight Men Who Have Sex With Transwomen, it, like many cases of modern journalism, uses a sensational headline to draw you into a story about a man who is TransAm. Through the words of writer Diana Tourjee, This lovely chap – Matt – details his experience coming to grips with his transamory and finally shacking up with his paramour. I loved reading the piece.

What I found interesting about Matt’s story was the unavoidable draw Matt had towards transwomen. I believe this is a hallmark of transamory: It’s not a passing thing. It’s not a fetish, it’s not something deniable. It’s going to get you (whatever that means), so men, you might as well just give in. You’ll be happier.

Way happier. Just like Matt. And me.

When you do you won’t give a fuck when some of your friends drop you like a hot potato (they weren’t your friends anyway). But you’ll be stronger, better and more ready. For you’ll have a new dragon to slay: society’s bigoted underbelly.

I think that’s awesome.

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