Get the girl. Easily.

IMG_0762So I’ve launched a new initiative to help trans attracted men get their girl. There are a lot of other results this initiative will produce, all of which will enormously benefit the trans community.

But the result I want to describe here is the one you men are most interested in: getting the girl you want and getting her easily.

I know how fucking hard it is to meet transgender women. I know because I’ve been there. I know all the elements which make being trans attracted hard. I know there is a pent-up demand among us men for a solution that will make it easier for us to get the girl. I know this because pretty much all the men who come on our shows express this desire. The women do too and I’m going to get to them, after I demonstrate success with a number of you guys.

Ok, about the new initiative:

There currently are five or so men who are participating in a pilot test. It is designed to produce circumstances wherein the men easily meet the perfect transgender woman for them.  The process starts by understanding the nature of stories, demonstrating through actual proof how those stories create physical reality, then creating new stories while practicing the art of storytelling so that transgender women come to the men….instead of the men having to go to where the transgender women are.

Of course, this story examination has several other benefits and challenges. It creates a kind of happiness, ease, and general satisfaction with life on earth. It creates better experiences throughout life, not just in the dating world. People who contribute to producing “negative” life experiences and drama naturally fade from one’s life. In their place come people who help create better life experiences, ones more in line with the life participants want. The challenges are that the participants have to confront their old negative stories and be willing and open to trying out something they may believe is bullshit.

All of this comes with a guarantee. It is absolutely guaranteed to work. What online dating site can make that claim? The test participants are not paying for their participation during the pilot, but the guarantee is there nonetheless.

Ultimately I plan to create a custom-curated exclusive community where trans attracted men and transgender women can meet under the best circumstances, circumstances where the man and the woman are on the same page about what a relationship is, what their relationship to that relationship is, an how to dance in that relationship in ways that every dancer gets what they want.

There’s a lot of potential for this to be life changing for participants, as well as life changing for the trans community. It could actually be the beginning of one of the most important changes the community has ever seen.

I’ll be sharing more as the pilot moves forward. Stay tuned.

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  1. I love your response Linden. You has said so many good things in one reply! Online dating can and does work of course. Lots of people hook up and find lasting relationships though that process. Your approach is such a departure from what’s normally there, as you know. So I’m sure your posts occur to women as a HUGE relief and refreshing stand out, right?

    You write:

    “If I could say one thing to other trans amorous men it’s this: if you think she is great your friends will see exactly what you see in her. They will be happy that you found somebody. Some will even be jealous.”

    Absolutely. Your attitude is EVERYTHING. Especially when it comes to how people treat you. I love what you wrote here so much, because it’s one-hundred-percent accurate.

    I didn’t know Lou Reed had a public relationship with a transwoman. You know what’s freaking ironic as hell? It was in the news One of his most famous songs “Take A Walk On The Wild Side” was being derided in the transgender community as being trans-phobic….

    I think people like you and I are going to have far more positive effect on changing people’s minds, than a celebrity. But as Remy says, it’s probably going to take both.

    I’m going to quote you in a future blog post. What you’ve shared is gold.

    1. Thank you Perry. The work you’re doing with this site is a breath of fresh air. This is one of the few sites with content that speaks to my experience.

      From 1975 to 1978 Lou Reed was in a relationship with a trans woman named Rachel. At some point they had a wedding which had no legal standing in the mid seventies. She was the inspiration for Coney Island Baby, Rock and Roll Heart and Street Hassle. In that era few people knew enough to differentiate transgender people from gay people so a song like Walk On The Wild Side offends people in this day in age.

  2. Great idea.

    I have been fairly successful in dating online, mainly because I know that sending unsolicited pictures of my genitalia to a complete stranger really isn’t a good strategy. Also I make it clear in the first message that I am interested in dating publicly someplace other than a gay/drag bar, getting to know the woman before jumping into bed and if the relationship is working introduce her to my friends and invite her into my life.

    If I could say one thing to other trans amorous men it’s this: if you think she is great your friends will see exactly what you see in her. They will be happy that you found somebody. Some will even be jealous.

    One of the biggest challenges is that forty years later Lou Reed remains the only rock star/actor/athlete/celebrity/public figure to have a public relationship with a trans woman. There are plenty of well known people on the down low. IMO, this needs to change. Those of us who have found meaningful relationships with trans women need to get the message across to the rest of the trans attracted men is that the shitty feeling they get after some rushed, anonymous hookup with someone who doesn’t give a toss about you is because of the nature of being on the down low, not because the woman they hooked up with happens to be transgender. You don’t have that feeling in an actual relationship.

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