A transamorous man tells his story

Version 2When a future podcast guest sent me this story, I felt honored to know him. I want to share it with you verbatim because I think it shows there are really sincere, honest men out there who want you (transwomen) as their partner. I changed his name to protect his privacy at his request. Enjoy…

I’m Steve, I live in Spokane, Washington. I’m 43 years old and have been an Asian Fusion chef for the better of 18 years. My passion is surfing, cooking and hiking. I’m also huge in to foraging for edible mushrooms like Morels.

I have dated genetic girls in my teens up until i was around 25 when I was living in Fresno, CA. I met this Asian girl and we exchanged numbers. I took her out half a dozen times before even kissing her. I’m a hopeless romantic.

Things started to get serious and I was happy to be in a committed relationship. One night we decided to take a cab out to a few clubs where the night turned in to a drunken stupor. Hitting up 3 clubs total and after a dozen or so shots we took the cab back to her place.

The next morning, I awoke with the worst hangover ever. While walking to the bathroom, I glanced over at her on the bed and noticed she had some extra body parts that I didn’t know about.

I panicked, grabbed my clothes and out the door I went. Called a friend to pick me up and take me home. This was a lot to fathom for me because I have never considered myself gay, bi, whatever.

My phone rang off the hook for the next 3 days. Missed calls, voice mails, etc. When I finally got tired of the phone ringing, I picked up. She tried to explain to me how she was gonna tell me but was afraid I wouldn’t like her anymore. I was beyond angry yet listened to her plea. We decided to meet up a week later. I told her I had a lot to think about before sitting down with her.

The entire week I kept asking myself things like “am I happy when we are together?”  “Does she make me laugh?”  “doesn’t it feel right?” My answer to myself on all of those questions were yes. The hardest part is how I was raised. I was raised my a single mother who is Mormon. I went to Sunday school, and everything. I was always taught that 2 men together was a sin and all. I didn’t think of Victoria (a good name to use) as a man, In my eyes, I saw her as a woman.

So the day came and I went to a waffle house to meet her. When I walked in, she was there with 2 of her cousins. She thought I was gonna hurt her. I explained to her cousins and they left.

Long story short, I told her that I loved her for her, who she was inside and out. We were together for around 3 and a half years, we parted mutually.

Throughout the remainder of the next few years, I stayed single. When I moved back to Hawaii, I was sitting at the beach after surfing and this beautiful Hawaiian girl winked at me from afar. Again, long story short, she is my current girlfriend now. We had a very rough relationship. Broke up over a dozen times. But now that we got past our drama, we still remain together. We talk on the phone nightly as she is still in Hawaii. I’m either gonna move home or she is gonna move here. We have been together now for about 7 years and are planning to get married. There’s much more happiness to come.

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