[VIDEO]How To Never Meet Transphobic People Again

Early in his sessions, a Transamorous Network client asked asked “Are you saying that if you tell positive stories, you can never have contact with negative people?”

“Yes,” I said.

It’s hard believing EVERYTHING is possible. Until some things a person thinks impossible start happening. Such is the case with this client. His life filled with all kinds of people connections. Some were positive, cordial, even friendly.

But others were downright hostile. Especially his encounters with people he knew well. This client attributed the latter encounters to the fact that “I basically have been a dick my entire life.”

“Being a dick” though is a story/belief. Everything in physical reality comes to us based on stories we tell. Stories about life, ourselves and others all carry vibrations. So how people react to us – and how we react to them – tells us a lot about what stories we’re telling.

Or rather it can, when one learns how they create their reality.

Evidence comes when invited

That includes meeting transphobic people or people who’ll give you a hard time for being trans-attracted. That’s right. Most transgender people dislike it when people misgender them. Especially when they do it on purpose because they’re afraid what transgender people represent.

But the only reason such people show up in someone’s life is because the “someone” is a match to that experience. No exceptions.

Which is what this client learned. Early on he still kept experiencing less than happy encounters. All the while, I stood steadfast, knowing everyone creates their reality. “Reality” includes people we meet, date, marry. We even create our family members, including our parents and grandparents. And especially our partners.

This client’s storytelling still needs work. But he’s receiving early signs convincing him my assertion’s accuracy. It’s not actually my assertion though. It’s a universal law.

When other people have what you want

How do I know he’s receiving early signs? Because people around him are experiencing what he’s talking about. Including me. So do lives of my other clients. When someone in your life experiences something you want, you must be in the vicinity of enjoying that experience yourself.

But if you complain about not having it, or get jealous about that person, you move out of the vicinity of that wanted thing. Appreciate what another has and you move closer. Then you’ll start seeing all kinds of people’s experience mirroring your desire.

For example, this week, while talking with a Positively Focused client on his 100th session, the client brought up something very interesting. Take a listen:

The moment he said this, I knew sharing this with my Transamorous Network client would be a great idea. I wanted this client’s permission first, so I sent the clip to him asking to share it.

That took a couple days. In those ensuing days, I had a remarkable, similar example. It was as though the Universe was driving the point home.

While walking through my neighborhood park, I passed two people, a man and woman. They walked hand-in-hand immersed in conversation. Even so, the guy looked at me. At that moment, I stood fully in my positive stories. I met his gaze with an ear-to-ear smile and a twinkle in my eye.

I made a lap around the park. Then, as I turned a corner, the same couple approached.

“Excuse me, excuse me,” the guy said.

“Yes?” I replied.

“You have the greatest smile,” He said.

What confirmation! But also, the moment that happened too, I knew sharing it with my Transamorous Network client would make his day.

He creates his own evidence

Sharing these experiences, I knew, would soothe the his negative stories, allowing his life to prove that he too, can create such a reality. One where he never meets negative people ever again.

Little did I know, he already was there. I shared what happened with him via text. What he wrote back didn’t surprise me at all:

This client is on his 35th session. He needed some prompting to realize he already is producing evidence he once thought impossible. How did he miss it before this? His negative stories. That’s all.

And that’s the thing. Some transgender folks and their allies focus on all the negative things happening in the world towards and about transgender people. They think focusing on the negative things is how negative things get solved, But there’s a TON of positive things happening towards and about transgender people. Negative things resolve themselves when human consciousness focuses on the positive things. That’s because human consciousness is an amplifier.

Whatever it focuses on, gets bigger. Remove the focus, it gets smaller.

Everything is possible

Is it possible to never have negative encounters? Is it possible to never get misgendered? Can I really have a life where I meet not a single transphobic person?

Of course! Even better: it’s possible ONLY to have great encounters with people. When you’re a match to great encounters, that’s what you’re going to attract. Living as a match to great encounters means you, yourself, live so high flying you only offer great encounters.

And when you live from there, the only people you’ll meet are those matching that way of being.

It’s lovely knowing this, but it’s even better experiencing it. For in the experiencing, one really gets that if this kind of thing is possible – if you can create other people as the versions of them you want to experience – then ANYTHING else is possible too.

I prefer saying EVERYTHING is possible. Because it is!

Ready to have that experience? Let’s get started!

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