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IMG_0003You make your reality. Here’s more proof.

Last week we posted a blog post about the future that is coming where Transamorous Men would stand up, come out, own what they are and, as a result shift society from their own powerful point of desire (desire is what makes reality).   This shift would radically transform society in much the same way transpeople radically transform themselves to align what they are physically, with what they know themselves to be.

Of course, Transamorous Men are everywhere. And they are good, kind, upstanding, men of all economic backgrounds and ethnicities. If you’re not meeting one, you’re looking in the wrong places.

In that prior post we said “we will be eager to see the day when..” Transamorous Men take their place in mainstream life, showing that loving transpeople is as normal as breathing. That’s powerful desire. We actually wrote that post before we launched The Transamorous Network (we had written 25 posts in advance). Here’s what’s happened since we scheduled the post to go live.

  • We launched this website and immediately began getting readers and comments about the  content, about how much potential there was for the Network.
  • We spoke of launching the podcast, which then manifested Remy, and then Shannon in an effortless way.  No searching, no struggle, they showed up and it’s a perfect match of personalities. We’re still smiling with every episode we produce. Our co-hosts are amazing.
  • Then, we met a man who was interested in being on the show, but for all the wrong reasons. We had him on the show, but the Skype connection was so bad, we couldn’t do the show. Thank goodness! We didn’t let that deter us. We knew he was an indicator of something better on the way!
  • We’ve had six or so lovely interviews with Transwomen, all of these women have thoroughly enjoyed themselves on the show. We enjoyed them too!
  • Meanwhile, we’ve been reaching out to the transcommunity, letting them know about the show on YouTube, Craigslist, and OKCupid.
  • As all this momentum has increased, it was not surprising then that we would meet Micah. You’re going to hear about Micah shortly. Micah is an unassuming man. He’s an executive chef from Hawaii who grew up Mormon and now lives in Spokane, Washington. We’re not going to ruin the show for you, but what’s interesting about Micah is he is out and proud about his eight-year relationship with his transpartner.

We’re looking forward to having Micah on the show. We think our audience is going to love him. We already do.  That’s because he represents to us our desires being fulfilled. As we knew it would.

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