Find joy in your self-acceptance

Live your life in joyWhether you’re in the closet or not, trans, transamorous or just know someone who is, the Transamorous Network’s first product offering can literally save a life (although that’s not why I created it). The Man’s Guide to Finding Your Transgender Partner,  published just this week, is a tested and validated approach for not only your personal happiness, but for finding lasting love as a transamorous guy.

I’ve created the guide based on my personal experience wading through my own feelings, then successfully coming to acceptance and love of those feelings, then believing in myself (and my transamory) enough to act on them. The process I outline in this guide not only will connect you with the transperson of your desires (guaranteed), it will also help you find peace with who you are as a transamorous person.

Skies the limit from there.

The guide offers background on the important role transamorous men play in the unfolding of human society and why now is YOUR TIME to stand up and own who you are. It then offers step-by-step instructions using a unique time-tested and proven approach for creating a life of greatest happiness, a life which includes living with the transgender partner you’ve been looking for.

Interestingly, the Man’s Guide helps transwomen find their partner too, although it wasn’t created for that purpose. I’m working on a separate guide for that.

At almost 150 pages, the guide goes into great detail guiding you on a path specifically designed for you to step into your authentic being. Interestingly, it’s approach also addresses many complaints transwomen have about us. So it is an excellent guide for transwomen to buy and share with their potential partners.

A workbook with four worksheets accompanies the guide (at a small extra cost). Use it to clarify your desires, and the powerful stories you have created which shape every experience in your life, including your experiences with transwomen. These stories, the stories about you, about transwomen and more, are the biggest thing determining whether you will end up meeting your transgender partner, or miss her entirely.

In the guide:

  • I explain why it’s so difficult to find transgender women in your area – if you’re having trouble
  • If you’re not happy with the transwomen you’re finding, I explain that too
  • I explain why you are your own worst enemy in finding your transgender partner
  • I show you the step by step process you can use to have the transpartner of your dreams…guaranteed

It doesn’t matter if you’re in the closet and single, in the closet and married, or out proud and looking, the Man’s Guide to Finding Your Transgender Partner can work for you.

I’m looking forward to sharing this gem with men like me who strongly desire a romantic relationship with a transgender partner, but are having difficulty finding that special person. Or the transamorous man who is in a relationship and facing difficulties. There’s no reason any more to stew in frustration, act out of your insecurities, or wonder why you just can’t find The One. This guide will show you how to claim your manhood, live your life in joy, and in so doing transform the world for transwomen everywhere.

Find out more here.

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