Why “Transgender” Will Never Go Away

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A very deep, eternal and enduring force drives the increasing number of children coming out as trans. It has nothing to do with “grooming”. It has nothing to do with “indoctrination”. The real reason surprises most people because few understand it.

Transgender people have always been, and they will forever be. That’s because they, and everything else, come from a single Source. That Source has good reasons for the increasing number of transgender children coming into the world.

So the questions we should be asking are: What is this Source and why is it sending so many transgender children into world right now?”

Answering these questions will do something else. It will make judging the phenomena as “right” or “wrong”, “moral” or “immoral” superfluous. Until we answer these questions, transgenderism will confound those unwilling to understand the origin.

So let’s see where we can turn to answering these questions.

The origin of “trans”

Over the last 30 years I pursued such questions, though not specifically about transgenderism. Instead I focused on my trans-attraction. Discoveries I made are startling. But they’re also extremely empowering. Everything told to me by experts who have guided my pursuit has proven accurate. I document my journey in my other blog. My client’s experiences mirror my own documented discoveries. So I know my experiences are real. These experiences form the basis of my understanding of where “transgender” comes from and why.

The reason “transgender” is, is because transgender people represent the furthest forward expression of humanity. It is an expression of spiritual consciousness; a consciousness wanting to go beyond what has come before. So transgenderism represents spiritual consciousness going beyond past expressions of humanity.

While some transgender people want to be seen and appreciated as “women”, being transgender is not a homogeneous experience. Many want to fit in with “women”, but non-binary transgender people exist too. As do people presenting all kinds of combinations of gender expression, yet still calling themselves “trans”.

Evidence backing my claims, again, comes from personal exploration. Much of it defies description. That’s because language can’t adequately express experiences I’ve had. Evidence also comes from my mentors. Beings who have long given up corporeal existence. They once were human, but have now moved beyond that.

“Trans” is a spiritual experience. (Photo by Kyle on Unsplash)

The Source of my knowledge

My mentors are Abraham and Seth. Both describe themselves as “energy personality essences” who speak from “nonphysical”. Nonphysical is the “place” from which all physical phenomena emerges, including humans.

Seth and Abraham are teachers. They enjoy expanded consciousness through which they help beings like me expand my awareness. But only when we’re ready. Until then, what they share is largely unknown. Which explains why few know about them. And why even fewer believe or practice what they say.

YYears ago I asked Abraham directly my trans attraction. I did so at a public workshop they held. They offered an explanation almost identical to what Seth said in their writings.

On stage at their San Diego event, I asked Abraham: “why am I attracted to transgender women?” Abraham’s answer was, to paraphrase: Because you’re here to express a new vantage point for consciousness, one that’s never been expressed before.

Seth expressed similar sentiment, but from a more general perspective in their writings.

The leading edge

Seth when active was extremely prolific in creating content. They went to great lengths to explain, in minute detail, how reality works. In discussing the basic reality behind all physical phenomena, they had a lot to say. Here are relevant quotes hinting at transgenderism’s origins:

“Basic reality cannot know itself without creating diversity. The diversity is the various forms that reality takes, the various systems within which it expresses itself through projecting itself into infinite individualized experience.”

Further, Seth explains that each human possesses an “inner self” then adds:

“Each inner self is a portion of the basic inner reality. It cannot know itself, however, except through experience, and it must create in order to experience. The experience constantly deepens the value fulfillment of basic reality itself. [So] There is no alternative between diversity and nothingness.”

Basic inner reality then has no choice but to create. It must continually do so. Humanity is a product of this inner reality creating itself to know itself. Diversity of creation, taken in total, allows this inner reality a fuller picture of itself.

Seth says this basic inner reality can never fully know itself. Therefore it forever keeps creating to know itself. But in doing so, it creates more of it self that it seeks to know. So diversity of expression then, Seth is saying, is automatic, essential and ever-becoming more.

Basic inner reality is constantly creating more of itself.

The joy of transgender born of basic inner reality

Seth continues:

“That which is, is constantly aware of its growing, surging existence, through the diversity of experience which it creates constantly and simultaneously. You are part of that which is, you are that which is. It is impossible for any part of that which is not to be individualized. Every part of that which is, is alive, and knows itself.”

So it makes no sense for “that which is” to keep creating the same thing over and over. It must, instead, create anew. But it does so with current creation as its foundation. When it does create, that which is created appears to flow from what is.

Biological male and female exist. But those distinctions are superficial in the extreme. They only exist to further procreation, the process by which basic inner reality introduces itself as individualized existence into its creation. Beyond that, gender is meaningless.

That explains why a person can come into the world as “male” but feel they are “female”. The energy that makes the person IS female, or better said, expressing as feminine. It comes into the world in a new, unique perspective. A perspective presenting as “male” physically, but also aware of a dominantly energetic-essence feminine aspect, offers “that which is” a new, unique perspective. One divergent from male/female.

Each expression of “that which is” is individualized. That means each person’s experience is new unto the Universe. So even though many transgender people exist, each individual transgender person is a UNIQUELY, NEW experience for “that which is”.

And so, the reason more transgender people are showing up among young people is two-fold. The first reason is because now is a perfect time for such beings to enjoy the experience. The other reason is because of the focus being leveled on the experience itself.

All That Is loves this

I’ve said before, whatever we focus on gets bigger. Right now, a LOT of people are focused on the trans phenomena, including transgender people themselves. All that focus then is drawing more individualized expressions of “that which is” to the experience.

In other words, the more people push against and revel in transgender expression, the more of it will show up. Until “that which is” fully expresses all it wants to in that permutation of expression. What’s wonderful about “that which is” is, it never can fully express itself. So we can count on “transgender” being here, at high levels, for some time.

As every expression has a corresponding response, “transgender” has a corresponding experience which “that which is” is also enjoying. It’s called “trans-attraction”. In other words, as it expresses itself as trans, “that which is” wants to experience that expression from as many “angles” as possible. This explains why parents are having trans children. It’s why siblings are having trans brothers and sisters. It’s why Christians and Republicans are facing the experience too, from their unique angle.

This also explains “trans-attraction.” Trans-attraction wouldn’t exist without transgender people existing. Trans-attraction is “that which is” experiencing “transgender” from a brand new perspective. One called “romance” or “attraction”.

And this explains why many trans-attracted men are so bewildered by their experience. Most focus exclusively on their “human” experience. They mostly ignore their spiritual experience. Another word for “spiritual” is “basic inner reality”.

But the spiritual experience is always there. And it strongly influences the human one. That’s why trans-attracted people find resisting their attraction challenging. It’s also why transgender people must transition. Their Broader Perspective, that spiritual Source of all they are, craves this experience. It craves the “transgender” experience. It craves the trans-attraction experience. Both cravings are undeniable.

Trans-attraction and transgender are both here to stay

That’s why I say trans-attraction is normal and wholesome. It is a full-on expression of All That Is as it seeks to know itself. And that’s why when trans-attraction is expressed and consummated, we trans-attracted men feel so freaking good. The same is true when transgender people transition and feel the relief in doing so.

If more transgender women understood what I’ve written here, they could enjoy attention such men give them. Some could give up loathing themselves. They could help the men express themselves better. And they could help such men be more comfortable with themselves.

In the process, they can find more joy AND the love they yearn for. For “transgender” and “trans-attraction” are reflections of each other. They are both an expression of All That Is knowing itself. And when that knowing is expressed, great joy results for everyone invovled. Just ask any transgender woman in a long-term relationship with a trans-attracted/transamorous man. Like this couple:

Yes, trans-attracted men and transgender women can find happiness.

As long as transgender women push against such attention, however, transgender women do exactly what conservatives are doing: they just draw from All That Is more trans-attracted men. Just as conservatives are responsible for attracting into the world more transgender kids. It’s a wonderful formula through which All That Is becomes more, and in the process expands its awareness of itself.

“Transgender” as an expression of the basic inner reality is here to stay. All That Is revels in it. It will never go away. And neither will trans-attraction.

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