Some People Prefer Hard Lives Over The Easy Life

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I wager if a transgender or trans-attracted person wanted to cross the United States, and the options were walking, driving or flying, that person would choose flying. And if instant teleportation were a thing, they’d choose that over flying. In other words, people choose the easy over the hard.

But when it comes to matters of having lives they love, most people, including transgender and trans-attracted ones, choose lives equivalent to walking across the country instead of flying. Then they proclaim how great they are for having made that choice.

I had a trans-attracted client cancel his membership recently. While I remain positive about it, I still recognize old stories I have about his choice. Those stories leave me feeling responsible for his decision. I’ll share why in next week’s post.

That said, his departure confirms what I know: most people remain nearly hopelessly inured to the stories that say success comes form hard work, struggle and sacrifice. So, they’d rather struggle, work hard as hell and “earn” their success whether that be in love or a career. If that success comes, then they’ll act like they did something honorable.

But finding honor in parroting what others do isn’t very honorable. Nor does doing so guarantee success. It’s, as Abraham says, “regurgitation”. The paradox is, so many regurgitate their lives as copies of what others are doing, especially when it comes to dating. Meanwhile, society holds up “original thinkers,” “pioneers” and “people who march to the beat of their own drums” as heroic life examples.

That paradox distinguishes the truly honorable from those indoctrinated into thinking parroting others’ paths merits accolades.

The leading edge isn’t for everyone

This client’s membership lasted over eight months. In that time he realized amazing epiphanies. Epiphanies that created way better life experiences than those he had before learning what he now knows.

So in our time together I helped him tremendously. He said he got all the tools he needs to deliberately create his reality along his desires. I agree.

But he declined to move into the advanced practice, as some others have. Not everyone wants a life proving nothing is impossible.

That’s ok. There’s never a crowd on the leading edge of anything. That includes expanding human consciousness. It also includes enjoying a life in which everything comes easy. Instead of crowds, pioneers populate that leading edge. They show humanity what is possible beyond stories defining things as impossible.

In reality, everything is possible. Including having the love one wants, however that looks. But one must believe that to experience it. And most will not question their stories long enough so that life shows they can have any life they desire. Including anything in that life that would bring them joy.

This client didn’t leave because of his disbelief though. As he put it, he prefers to work hard and earn his success. That sounds reasonable, doesn’t it? But his decision implies a kind of failure on my part.

Living indoctrinated

You see, the idea that one must work hard for one’s success is a persistent distortion of what’s happening on earth. Humans are the only species working hard, working themselves to the bone, their noses to grindstones, earning their living. Meanwhile ALL OF NATURE does exactly the opposite.

My failure is in not inspiring this person to give up his rigid indoctrination to stories that he must work hard for his success. In reality, his success, in everything he wants, including finding his transgender partner already is assured and exists for him. All he need do is line up with that reality and enjoy the fruits of his birthright without exerting any effort at all. But he believes there’s honor and some kind of glory in struggle and sacrifice. Cultural and societal indoctrination holds strong in him.

And so, he chooses to work hard, sacrifice and earn the success that’s already his. But because he can’t see he already has it, he’s willing to do anything to get it. Even if it means struggling.

It’s funny how literally millions of examples show how unnecessary working hard and struggling is. Those examples literally surround us. And every Great Master extolls in their teachings that life, by definition, is one of ease, joy and effortless abundance. That includes having the love one wants, whether one is transgender or trans-attracted.

Abundance is the rule

Animals and plants show how easy life can be. They don’t struggle. They don’t suffer. Everything they want comes to them. That’s why Jesus used examples from nature in his Sermon on the Mount.

In that sermon he extols the abundance, the natural state of being, which permeates all things. And he argues if nature enjoys such abundance, SO MUST HUMANS. So stop your struggle, he admonishes:

Look at the birds of the air, for they do not sow, nor do they reap, nor gather into barns. Yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much better than they? Why take thought about clothing? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow: They neither work, nor do they spin. Yet I say to you that even Solomon in all his glory was not dressed like one of these.

Therefore, if God so clothes the grass of the field, which today is here and tomorrow is thrown into the oven, will He not much more clothe you, O you of little faith?…For your heavenly Father knows that you have need of all these things…seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be given to you. Therefore, take no thought about tomorrow, for tomorrow will take thought about the things of itself.

The Bible, Modern English Version

Struggle is overrated

What so many don’t know, despite distortive interpretations of such wisdom, is we are all God. In that state, we all bestow upon ourselves the plenty Jesus describes here. But our “little faith” keeps us chained to the toil we see others doing then create for ourselves. We memorialize others’ struggles as something honorable. Then we take that example as the way life is. And how our life should be.

That’s why so many choose life as my former client has. It’s the dark side of living. It’s choosing to live in insecurity and struggle. Such struggle needn’t be part of anyone’s life. But it’s easy falling into the trap of other people’s stories. Stories saying life is hard. Stories asserting that success comes through struggle. When we adopt such stories they become our own. Then we lose the grace, the love, joy and blessings Jesus refers to in his sermon.

The Sermon on the Mount Carl Bloch, 1890. Jesus was onto something important.

Culture, family, religious expectations, national expectations, workplace expectations and parental expectations all drive people to such bogus conclusions. Transgender and trans-attracted people should know this already. Because of our trans-status, many of us get guff from those whose stories tell them trans-status is “brainwashing” or some other negative fallacy.

We all create our realities. Such reality stems from our stories. The problem is, when we take on other people’s stories, theirs become ours. Then our reality matches others’ stories. It’s why life looks so similar for so many. It’s why so many trans-attracted men go on dating sites, or try finding their partner in bars and clubs.

That’s how bogus stories become truth. People see what others do. Not knowing they can create any reality they want, then they copy others’ stories. Then they do what others do. Their reality then confirms the stories as true. Finding a partner is hard, for example. Or all men (or transgender women) are so-and-so. But ANY stories becomes “true” because that’s how reality happens: through stories we tell.

Collective reality distortion

Then such truths get perpetuated as parents, teachers, religious leaders, peers and society amplify distorted truths as “the way life is”. It’s why so many transgender women fall into the “tranny chaser” story about men who find them attractive.

My client’s mother urged him almost constantly to get a job, finish his education, stop being lazy and be of value. So few understand what Jesus and all the Great Masters offer us, especially parents. I don’t perpetuate distortion. My life proves what Great Masters tell us. I help clients create similar lives.

But that doesn’t mean I always succeed. Sometimes society, family and other opinionators win.

When they do, I know nothing went wrong. Everything under the sun is good. There is no evil. Jesus talked of evil and hell, but he used those concepts at a time when such concepts resonated. Today’s humanity is ready for more complex and accurate metaphors. But even the old ones contain universal accuracy.

Life can be easy. It’s what all the Great Masters offer. Everything one wants can come with no effort. Especially finding love. Humanity owns vast capabilities people today say are impossible. But they’ve never put their assertions to the test. Instead, what they think impossible is that way because others brainwashed them into thinking they’re impossible. Those stories then create the reality where some things show up as impossible. But they’re not. Including “I will never find a man who will love me for me.”

I choose the Charmed Life

Meanwhile, pioneers stand on the leading edge. They offer humanity new realities. I enjoy playing in my sessions with such people.

Abraham contrasted struggle with the leading edge in a recent email I got from them. The email prompted this post. Here’s what it said:

Most people…equate results with struggle. And so, you sort of wear your struggle like a badge of honor. And all of that is opposite of allowing the Well-being.

There’s nothing wrong with working hard. Just as there’s nothing wrong crossing the country by foot. But wouldn’t you really rather fly? I would. And if instant teleportation was available wouldn’t you rather do that? I sure would.

While I welcome anyone wishing greater joy and ease in their life, I relish working with folks who choose to fly. Flying is the start. From there everything becomes possible. Having a life one loves means not subscribing to stories others foist on us. It’s the life lived according to the Great Masters. A life that can show that anything is possible.

It’s the Charmed Life I write about. The life opposite the dark side.

Which life are you choosing?

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