When Great Proof Makes Great Results

Everyone who earnestly tells positive stories in their life produces great results. Those results look like amazing lives. They feel like freedom, joy empowerment and a knowing that they are creating their life experience.

I own a sister blog called Positively Focused. Through that blog, I work with people outside of the transgender community. I share the same information with those people that I share with clients through this blog.

Sometimes, a Positively Focused client will say something so profound, sharing it with my transgender and trans-attracted clients makes total sense.

In a recent, fabulous Positively Focused session, Lisa shared her experience thus far, confirming the work’s effectiveness after 34 weeks as a client.

We all create our reality through stories we tell. When a person tests that theory, proof shows up in abundance, especially when disbelief, but a desire to believe, turns into belief.

Your stories matter

When belief turns to knowing, knowing borne of experience, then things really get interesting.

For when that happens, then one starts shining. From there, life gets better and better. More joy, more fun, more desires accomplished with no effort. But mostly: more joy.

After all, we all chose this experience knowing it offered wondrous opportunity. Expansion, freedom, joy and focus. We came here for that. Getting what you want, even a perfect relationship, just happen as natural byproducts of connecting with one’s powerful, creative knowing.

Life gets great when one tells positive stories as Lisa attests here.

Meaningful life happens when one chooses their life as meaningful. Every life represents meaningfulness, but when negative beliefs, resistance, anger and frustration dominate, finding one’s meaning can’t happen.


All That Is wants us all filled with ecstasy, joy and appreciation for life, for us. Negative experiences pile on the one who sees life negatively because All That Is uses such experiences. Such experiences show the negative person they can choose a better way. One consistent with what their Broader Perspective knows.

Many transgender women and trans-attracted men struggle with such chronic, negative experiences which produce anxiety, frustration, sadness and depression.

Life can be fun

Life can be fun. But that fun exists as an option. People come with free will built in. Everyone stands in freedom so profound, each person can choose shackles inherent in disbelief, anger, fear, insecurity and “traumas”.

In time, everyone releases such shackles. For many, that happens at the death moment. Sleep does it too. Most don’t realize it, but waking from sleep feels so great because a person experienced hours in sleep’s nonresistant state.

Death does the same thing.

But one needn’t die then experience joy, freedom and appreciation life offers. Life features those things in abundance for those willing to put a little focus into changing stories they tell about life.

From there, life’s automatic processes take over. Before long, one finds themselves in perpetual bliss. Just like they knew they would, when deciding living in a body would be a wonderful experience.

Proof waits for your discovery. You discover it first through thoughts you think. Then it shows itself to you constantly, as Lisa here confirms. From there your lover, whoever you think that is, shows up. Guaranteed.

You’re ready. Life stands ready. Your lover stands ready. Might it be time for you to enjoy it as well?

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