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Hate and you will experience hatred. Hate enough and you will be hated. Whether you’re trans, non-trans, or any combination. It works the same for everyone. Just because you’re trans, or even trans-attracted and vilified or discriminated against, doesn’t entitle you to hate in return. Hating harms you more than it does those hated.

Discriminate and you will experience discrimination. Discriminate enough and you will be discriminated against. What comes first, the discrimination? Or the stories of unworthiness that match you with those who discriminate? Does your being discriminated against merit you discriminating against others? Not seeing yourself as inclusive does more harm to you than those you try to exclude.

Attack and you will have to defend. Attack enough and you will be attacked back, banned and shunned. The world tells you that you have to defend if you are attack, and, optimally, you should attack back if you’re attacked. But that only increases experiences in which an attack or a defense is necessary. Have you noticed?

Be angry and you will experience anger. Be angry frequently enough and you will not know peace. It’s easy to react angrily, especially if you aren’t clear about what your stories are. Knee-jerk angry reactions are always saying more about the angry person than the person one supposedly is mad at.

There is freedom in loving, and peace in being happy. When you are happy, loving and inclusive, you discover a world that reflects all that back to you. Everything you are wanting exists in the world where you are constantly happy. Freedom from hate, discrimination, attacking, anger and more. All that’s required is that you commit to being happy, then practice that.

It’s not to hard to figure. Unless you’re wrapped up in stories which make the figuring, at least for now, impossible. Eventually, though, you’re going to get it. And when you do your life will give you everything you’re trying to have by hating, discriminating, attacking and being angry.

Life gives you what you are. It makes sense then, to simply be happy.

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