Straight men come in all shapes and sizes

L0058938 Set of 50 artificial glass eyes, all shapes and sizes, by E.
Like an eyeball, you’re unique. Be you.

Especially the ones who like transgender women. For as many kinds of transgender women, there are kinds of men who would love to be with them. I guarantee that. Even those transwomen who are bitter, angry, pains-in-the-ass find matches. Although initially, those transwomen may not like who they match with. Eventually though, even they will find nice guys who will love them.

I’ve had conversations with my transwomen friends and I’ve heard the stories. Men: You’re not alone loving transwomen whether your preferences are for pre-op transwomen, post-op transwomen, trans women who like to top, who bottom or who are vers. Many transwomen I’ve spoken with have eye-opening experiences. The guys they find interested in them, and the things those guys are willing to do behind closed doors shows how much some straight men want to be with transwomen.

Some of the women also said that if some of these guys, just some of them, were willing to tell society to “kiss my ass” and just go for what they want, in the open, the world (for both transwomen and society as a whole) would be a better place.

I agree. What is it about the world outside our heads that has us so afraid of it?

What is it, guys, that has you afraid to confront the fact that you’re not gay just because you are attracted to this particular kind of WOMAN? The real question here isn’t “is she really a woman?” because the answer to that question is “yes”. The real question is “why are you letting other people tell you who you should or should not be attracted to?”

That’s the real question. The sooner you answer that question with “I’m not”, the happier you’ll be. Not only that. The longer you live your life from what you say is right for you, the sooner those people trying to tell you how to live your life will stop doing that.

Your freedom lies in owning who you are. No matter what kind of man you are, you are ok. You deserve your happiness. You deserve what you’re wanting. So go for it. Be you.

When you do, your whole world will change to support you. It won’t be over night. But it will be worth the wait. I can promise you that.

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