What Happened After This Transgender Woman Told Positive Stories

Any transgender or trans-attracted person can live life with all their desires fulfilling themselves. No exceptions. Transamorous Network Clients know living that life requires attending to what creates life experience: one’s stories.

The good news: once someone examines their stories, while telling better-feeling ones instead of those they tell by default, evidence is immediately apparent. In other words, proof shows up right away, proving that telling positive stories works. You just need to know how to see the evidence.

That’s where we help.

In this video, long-term client Nadia describes what her life is like now after consistently telling stories that feel good. Listen her testimony. Listen how confident she is, how lightly she describes changes she’s made, just by telling positive stories.

You can have this life too. No matter how much your life might suck today, no matter how good your life is now, it can get better. And it’s easy getting there by working with the one thing creating your life experience. That’s the stories you tell.

2 Replies to “What Happened After This Transgender Woman Told Positive Stories”

  1. Hi, very happy to have found you and all your blogs. I have been trans attracted for as long as I can remember back into my early teens. I can remember the first time I saw a picture in a magazine revealling a very attractive trans woman before the internet existed so I am thinking for me it is baked in. My thought on the subject of “tranny chaser” is that it is no different than any other baked in desire for me personally. I work with guys who will drop everything including their jaw when a large butt wanders by, I have a friend who requires nothing more than a large pair of breasts and a pulse. I like legs. A trans woman with great legs is a huge plus and they are quite common. I am married and have been for decades, pretty happy, she has great legs and large breasts. The breasts are nice but down on the list for me behind a great personality and loyalty, honesty etc. The fact that the trans women I have met and dated in the past had a penis was definitly a plus but a penis is quite common and I have one that I enjoy so it has to be more than that for me. Looks are always going to be the first selling point but having dated great looking women and trans women in the past that had unattractive personalities I can state that for me there needs to be more. I discovered that with the right trans woman a true and honest date and meaningful conversation can really bring out the best in a jaded person. Getting to second base has always been after the personality shows up and it is one I can enjoy. I have noticed that even though the trans women I have known well have all had regular everyday office jobs or as a nurse in one instance and that they have a lot to offer in the work place and in a relationship. To be trans is a decision that is not an option, it is also baked in and the problems and speed bumps that are attached to the lifestyle make for a solutions oriented, problem solving, person that has to battle adversity, usually alone. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to have met some very cool trans women and cis women. Luckily for me because personality is high on my requirements, age, height, background, race, wealth, blonde,brunette matter very little. Everything is negotiable in my head. I have some things I find unattractive, smoking, lazyness, lack of independence, but not deal breakers I have discovered. So having said all that, am I still a “tranny chaser”? I would think, no. I think I like women and a woman with a penis is not a problem. I very much like to find what makes a womens engine rev hard and knowing what makes a penis and a prostate work can very much work in my favor. Cis women seem to be a bit reserved sexually in my experience, not so much with trans women who know what they want. Turns out males have no attraction for me, not even slightly as I can attest to having been subjected to gay sex on TV lately. Not a flicker of anything. I like women, lucky for me. Looks like a duck, quacks like a duck for me it is a duck. Thank you for being there for us trans amourous guys.

    1. Well that was a fun read!

      We’re happy you found us too Grant. What a fun perspective you have, open, thoughtful, considered. It’s so fun seeing men like yourself writing us and, in doing so affirming (both for transgender women and trans-attracted people) the validity of being trans-attracted, having genital preferences, body preferences, boob preferences, leg preferences, women, men, tall, short…preferences. Preferences aren’t just good, they’re great!

      The only reason a trans woman labels a man a “chaser” is from their own frustration, bitterness and self-loathing combined with not getting what they want. The problem is the woman throwing that vulgar word around doesn’t know she’s setting herself up to be bitter and alone…or faced with compromising what she really wants for something less than that. Meanwhile “chasers” are getting what they want!

      Everyone can get what they want. The world is big enough, the trans community is big enough. The question is: is any given individual’s stories big enough to include what they want? For most, it’s obvious, isn’t it?

      We encourage people tell stories only about what they want, then watch what happens. We like your comment because it’s a direct response to what we want: more men loving themselves.

      Well done!

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