Trans And Trans-Attracted People Are World Leaders

A transgender woman shared words of wisdom I impart to my clients around the world. Her words tell what so many trans and trans-attracted people miss about themselves, their relationship to others and the world around them.

While talking about the future, why we met, how we met and more, Jennifer (not her real name) said the following:

Another way to see [life as it is now] is [as] the great split in humanity seeking toward transcendence. One side via spirituality and the other side via science and technology. One side more spiritual/consciousness based and the other more materialist based. They are both seeking… the same thing in many areas. Both profoundly human. In a way the materialist/technological is how the spirit is made flesh – how it is made manifest even to those that can’t see or even want to deal with the spiritual side at this time. I think the two great arms of human yearning/seeking complete and fulfill each other. I think that is one reason I am here – to point to why that is so and some hints as to how to do it. Another bridging.

Just before writing this post I shared similar, destiny-type guidance to a client struggling between their desire to express their non-binary, GenderFuck nature, and stories about their desire that turn their desire into a fetish – something perverse, taboo and scary.

I had a lot to say:

Every trans person (and trans-attracted person) comes into the world with specific, core desires. Every one of these should conjure joy, ecstasy and well-being. Unlike my clients, many don’t get the joy, ecstasy and well-being of their desires.

Instead, they get anguish, frustration, confusion, shame and embarrassment. They get stuck in disempowering stories. Then those stories create realities consistent with themselves. Before they know it, their lives suck.

Since they don’t know what I share with my clients, these people think their reality is objectively real, separate and from themselves. They don’t know they create their reality.

So they point to their reality and blame it for how they feel, not knowing how they feel points to real culprit: their stories.

Jennifer stands out from this crowd. She mostly gets who she is. She’s moving in directions that will change lives for the better, by putting herself out there in the world as the person she knew she came into the world to express. That doesn’t make Jennifer perfect. But it does make her aware of something powerful: her ability to impact the world.

My client sees that opportunity too. Showing them that ecstasy they feel when they feel their breasts growing, or when they put on a dress tells them they are on their path.

All they have to do now is trust their feelings and keep moving forward. Then they will see what’s available to all trans and trans-attracted people: a life of continually increasing joy and….realization that they improve the world in their own unique way by being their authentic selves.

The world benefits with them in the world, just as it benefits with you in the world.

Live your authentic life, change the world. How? Tell stories consistent with your joy. Then watch what happens.

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