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IN YOUR FACE FACEBOOK LIVE PROMOOn Monday we’re launching our newest show. It’s about you, your deepest desires and how to have them become your reality. It’s called IN YOUR FACE and you can only watch it on Facebook.

We know you want pretty much what everyone else does. You want love in your life. It can be expressed many different ways. But love is a BIG desire in everyone’s life. You want to be loved, which in this case means accepted. Whether that’s a family, or a network of friends or a group of people who accepts you as you. You want fulfilling and meaningful things to invest your time into. Whether that’s a job or a hobby, a vocation or something you pursue for fun, you want to contribute to this world in a way that reflects the unique aspects of you. And you want money. Yes, it’s the nature of our world right now that money makes a lot of things possible. So we all want it. Many of us want a lot of it.

Men, you want a transgender partner you can call your own, on your own terms. You’re

IN YOUR FACE is only on Facebook Live

tired of the games and drama. You’re tired of the gold-diggers looking for “generou$” men. You’re tired of hearing transwomen tell you indirectly that the only reason you’re interested in a “tranny” is because you’re too much of a loser to get a real woman. You’re wanting all the things above too: love, money, engaging work, but you also want self-respect, a sense that you’re desire for transwomen is normal and ok.


There a lot of things people who will watch our new show don’t want too. These are reflections of what you do want. You don’t want skeezer men chasing you. You don’t want men who won’t introduce you to their friends. You don’t want to keep working in the sex industry just to afford hormone treatments. Men don’t want to be humiliated for their desire. They don’t want to be told they’re gay because of their attraction. Et cetera. Et cetera.

For all these reasons, the Transamorous Network introduces our newest show: IN YOUR FACE. Join us for a conversation about you, your deepest desires and our transgender community. We’ll be taking your questions and answering them live.

It’s IN YOUR FACE. Only on Facebook Live. IN YOUR FACE begins Monday, December 12 at 7:30 p.m. Pacific.

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