The latest trans survey is out

Pay no attention
Information contained in this survey is not in your best interest.

If you’re transgender and wanting an empowered, happy life, if you’re wanting to change your life for the better, then pay no attention to this survey published today. I included a link, but suggest you not go read it.

If you’re not happy with “what is” in your life, you’re better off not paying attention to news about this survey or the survey results. There’s a lot of negative information in the survey, information confirming what is in “the transgender community”.

But the “transgender community” is not “your life”.  Your life is an overwhelming flow of  great things happening, things which indicate life is getting better and better for you. Focus on stories about those things and I guarantee your life will look nothing like the lives of people responding to this survey. Focusing stories in those survey data instead of the great things in your life, will blind you to the greatness in your life, the things you want more of, and give you more of what you’re not wanting. You’ll become a statistic in this survey.

So tell stories of what you’re wanting. Wanting a partner and don’t have one? Tell the story of how good it will feel to have a partner. In an unfortunate economic circumstances and wanting more money? Tell the story of how great it will feel to have more money. Homeless and want a place to live? Tell the story about how sleeping in your own bed will be such a relief. Unemployed and wanting work? Tell the story of doing something you love and earning income from that. Then feel the positive emotions of those stories.

You’re far better off focusing on anything other than this survey. Is the weather good where you live? Got a favorite movie or food? Got a pet you adore? Turn off the internet. Watch Nashville.

The survey results aren’t going to make you feel good. Feeling not-good is not in your best interest. Not while you’re unaware of what your feelings are telling you. I know, nearly everyone else is saying exactly the opposite. They are saying you should know this information because there are people suffering. They are saying more attention paid to these statistics will make a difference. But your circumstances won’t change because of this survey or the stories in it.

Only you can change your circumstances. Stories about struggle, pain and fear, disadvantage, poverty and violence DOES NOT serve you. It doesn’t matter what other transpeople are doing. It doesn’t matter what people are doing to those people. It only matters what stories you tell yourself.

Tell stories about the getting better in your life. And the rest of your life will follow suit.


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