Trans and Trans-Attracted People Rave Over Our Advice

Photo by Usman Yousaf on Unsplash

It’s wonderful watching trans-attracted and transgender clients get lives promised through The Transamorous Network. It doesn’t happen all at once, but every client eventually gets it. I find joy watching clients create such experiences for themselves. 

When such clients write me offering me high praise for how I helped them, it just adds more joy to my experience. Especially trans-attracted men. They often struggle seemingly all alone with their fear. Fear compounded by bogus stories. Stories that create realities which exacerbate their fear.

Transgender women struggle with similar disempowering stories. But these days, far more support exists for them. Still, it’s easy for transgender women to feel alone and unloved. Especially when they create realities in which they meet insecure men. Men unwilling to love them for what and who they are.

So when trans-attracted men and transgender women thank me for helping them change their life it confirms why I do what I do. I know the more people living lives they love, the better the world gets. A better world for everyone is my core commitment.

A trans-attracted client started his new year by texting me how much his life changed since he learned his trans-attraction is wholesome, authentic and something to be proud of. I hadn’t seen in six months. Yet, what we did back then continues making a difference for him:

The “shock and awe”

I get similar comments from transgender woman clients. Every transgender woman and trans-attracted man can enjoy a life in which they get everything they want. No exceptions. Such a life, when it starts happening makes a person “extremely appreciative” for the growth. Such a life is what we all expected we’d enjoy before we chose becoming human.

But it’s easy to get off track. That’s because life experience, from the moment we’re born, is the embodiment of “shock and awe”. The feeling of being limited in a fleshy, bony body is so diametrically opposed to freedom we all knew in nonphysical, we all kind of just freak out.

Insecurity and fear immediately force us into the state of “human”. Then the vast majority of us forget what we really are. From there, that almost always creates a divergence from the path we intended.

But even that divergence represents the path. For in our disappointments and fears and actions we take from those, we create more of what we want. What we want then waits for us until we eventually regain our eternal awareness.

Through The Transamorous Network I show clients how to regain their eternal awareness. When that happens, they also regain their empowerment. Empowerment to follow whatever dream they prefer. When they do, finding love, self-acceptance, freedom and happiness happens naturally. So does “extreme appreciation”.

Everything we want is ours. That’s the life we knew we’d have. If yours doesn’t match that, and you want it to, contact me. I can help.

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