The Great Results That Prove Positive Stories Work

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There’s no doubt in my mind positive stories about life get me everything I want in life. Such a life sounds magical, like wishful thinking, as someone once put it.

But when Transamorous Network clients put the practice to the test, they produce exact same results. They’re guaranteed, of course, because nothing contradicts tenets upon which “Stories create reality” rests. Nonetheless, it’s so cool seeing when clients produce results that seem, well, supernatural.

My newest client came to the practice battling suicidal thoughts that had him in a panic about his life. He’d experienced several “tragedies” in the last two years. He also had resisted sexual desires he considered illegitimate. As a result of negative story telling about those things, he wound up considering life as not worth living. That’s when he contacted me.

Now, in only 11 sessions over 5 weeks, he not only is convinced his Broader Perspective is real, he’s creating mind blowing life experiences. These experiences convince him he’s revealing to himself his own version of the Charmed Life. Soon transgender women will show up wherever he goes, proving his Broader Perspective can create any experience. Including having transgender women show up where, apparently, there aren’t any.

My newest client realizing for himself that what I share is accurate.

Creating “supernatural shit”

Meanwhile, my client continues practicing stories which connect him with the Source of his Charmed Life: his Broader Perspective. The results astonish him.

Two days ago, for example, (at the time of this writing) this client and I had a great session. In it we talked about “tragedies” I touched on above. We started picking at them, turning around negative stories he told about them, so freedom from negative emotion could show up for him.

That night he texted me. I didn’t read it until the next morning. His text described quite an event:

My client expressed at the end of his text what many people believe. They believe this kind of thing belongs in the “supernatural” or random categories of experiences. But supernatural just means “beyond the scientific understandings of the laws of nature”. And nothing ever is random.

I say repeatedly: science is very limited in what it knows. But its believers and practitioners believe it is the only source of dependable knowledge. So when something shows up that exists as real, but outside science’s narrow scope, science’s believers and practitioners will assert the thing false because science hasn’t blessed it as true. 🙄

But most of what humans want to know lies outside the scope of science. Why is there so much suffering, why do I seem to not fit in, why do I like this sexual practice mainstream society thinks is deviant? These meaty questions science can’t answer. Or they try by turning things into diseases and mental disorders and then medicate the experiencer to numb them back into the mainstream where they’re less likely to rock the boat.

Experiences like my client had that night may seem supernatural. But they distinguish the Charmed Life from ordinary life. In that life, the Charmed Life, one experiences things like this all the time.

Revelry for revelry’s sake

I enjoy living the Charmed Life. Part of that joy involves showing others how to create their versions of that life. Doing that, clients and I revel in the results. We don’t revel because of the results though. We revel because reveling feels great.

And when we revel, we focus. By focusing on the revelry, we seed future experiences worthy of future revelry. Such as meeting one’s ideal match.

Nothing compares to the Charmed Life. My clients get it and want more. So do I of course. Want to cultivate your own? I got your back!

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