I get the fear and don’t blame you

I get the fear that initially comes with transamory. I mean, if you’re a guy who hasn’t come to grips with your natural, normal attraction to transwomen, then that insecurity is sending off all kinds of signals. The likelihood you’d be ridiculed or disowned by your loved ones, made fun of by coworkers…or worse, is high.

But there’s a solution to that.

First, you have to realize there is nothing to fear. Your feelings are real. But once you understand what your feelings represent, it’s easy to get rid of the fear. Then you can step out of your self-imposed exile with confidence and verve…

There’s a beautiful world awaiting you. A world in which you can have your desires and be accepted by friends and family. But more important than that is the joy and freedom awaiting you. It’s just on the other side of the decision to stop letting society, friends, family and your own beliefs about how important these people are, keep you from having that joy and freedom.

I know what I’m saying because I was where you are. I had fear and hesitation about my romantic and sexual attraction to transwomen. I lived a quiet, secret life in addition to my normal “out” one. But it was when those two lives blended that things started happening really quick, things that supported exactly what I’m saying in this post.

Today, I’m living a pretty fabulous life, pursuing all my dreams, including my dream to be with a transgender partner. My wife knows about it, my work colleagues, my family, my friends. This website is a manifestation of what I’ve wanted to do since recognizing my own transamory. I’ve wanted to help the trans community in a unique way. This site, which I’ve created for you, but also for transwomen as you’ll see over its evolution, is my expression to have more of us guys show up in ways which support the people we love, thereby mainstreaming the notion that love of transgender people is natural and normal.

I believe one person can change the world. Every thing that has happened on the planet in terms of human society began with one person. That one person’s courageous action attracted others. As others joined, a movement began. From there, the rest is history.

I also believe each one of us transamorous men, in our own way, have a role to play in the gradual societal acceptance of transwomen as natural, normal people. It may be interacting with one transgender person on the street, treating that person like a human being. It may be dating a transgender person in a way that has her feel honored. It may be sticking up for all transgender people in a group of people who are being ignorant. It may also be stepping out on to the global stage and say “Hey, some girls are born with penises. Get over it.”

Whatever your role, it’s time to start performing it. Not trying to tell you what to do. I’m trying to explain to you that your happiness and freedom is directly tied to doing that thing, whatever it is. The sooner you go for that, the better you will feel.

It’s up to you to make the decision. No one is going to make it for you.

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